Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Taste Of High Water Fly Fishing

Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style...

There is always a moment that every parent waits for...when a child, errr...teenager...,  decides to take you up on an offer to share a day trip somewhere.  Much to my surprise, my son, Ryan, who turned 16 Saturday...asked me if I would take him fishing yesterday.  I have asked him many times before, but you know...not cool to go with your mom!  Well, I knew that there was a reason why I bought my new Patagonia waders one size too big and too long!!!  Very handy today indeed!  Silly RD bought XLong Mens waders a few months back because they were the last pair at a half off sale!...Can you say "clown feet"?  Ya.  Anyway, it worked out fine today, as my son is 6'6 and 250 (Offensive Lineman and just a little bigger than Rufus T.)  And one of my good ol' fly shops that I visit often, loaned me some Size 15 hopes that this will stick and we will buy some down the road.  : ) Very nice of them too.. Now, the only drawback Saturday was that the freaking water was the highest I have ever seen the Provo River get...1400 cfs.  The average is 400?  And I fished two weeks ago in the 700 range, which wasn't too bad.  But, this was incredible to say the least!

But, it was his birthday...and this is the only thing he wanted to do.  He could have spent the day with friends and hung out, but he chose me.  So, we packed up and headed out.  I had looked at the river reports the night before and I knew the challenge that we were facing, as they did another dam release.  I thought that we might find some slower water along the banks to practice in, I told him that we would give it our best shot.  We had our gear lesson and put on our a few pictures and took the long walk to where I thought we would have our best chance of hooking into a fish.  Ryan is a pretty athletically gifted kid and learns very fast.  In fact, his casting was pretty darn good for a new student.  He will show me up in no time!  Haha.

Raging Waters...

Calmer waters, but still high...
About an hour and a half passed and we could see that the challenge was not just tough fishing, but there was also a safety factor involved.  We did get in some practice which was good though and hopefully Ryan's small taste of fly fishing will beckon him back to try it again.  And so we decided to pack up and have some lunch down the road at a Mexican restaurant with a huge salsa bar!  And then, to get the best ice cream to cool us off on a scorching 95 degree day...Yummy!...Got to feed a growing teenager, you know!!  Lol.

Sunday Tippet:  Even in the worst of conditions, you can make some good things happen.  Quantity time is always good, but Quality time is even more important.  Make the most of your family time together...And NEVER give up on a hunch or a hope that something might break through with one of your children.  Kids are sometimes as unpredictable as "high water"... Just be there, ready for them!  


  1. Ok, I don't want to go all mushy, but this post made me feel good. Good for Ryan for stepping up and stepping out with mom. It makes more than size (which he surely has plenty of)to make a man and Ryan passed the man test.

  2. RD
    Anytime you can get your kids out on the water with you it is a plus. I can remember when both my kids were teenagers and like you I was always surprise when one of them went fishing with me---of course I was always pleased to have them hang out with me on the water. Like you said in your post there is always ways to spend quality time with your children and just eating out and hanging out with your kids is always quality time spent. I think you are going to have a true fishing partner here with your son. Thanks for sharing

  3. Cofisher ~ It's ok go mush...thanks, buddy.

    Bill ~ You know, we go to so many sporting events together...(he is in 3 sports) and maybe he thought that this was "Mom's time"...but, hopefully, it can now be "our time" too. : )

  4. I know exactly how your feeling. All three of mine seeming over night, went from Dad is a super hero to Dads an idiot to maybe dads not so bad after all. When my oldest out of the blue ask me last year to go fishing I nearly feel out of my chair. Now see has her own fly rod. Recently my youngest ask me why we never go camping any more. I immediately planned a trip. Life is funny but it's hilarious with teenagers. Very nice post!

  5. Kevin ~ Oh, yes you do know what I am talking about!! Children are funny...they don't always say what they feel...but, it's in there.

  6. That's awesome! I try to fish with mom at least once a month. She's been taking me fishing ever since I was young enough to walk (and get a bluegill put in my diaper). Good times!

  7. That kid puts Rufus T. to shame!!! Rufus would probably thank you for the link, but I don't think he understands links yet. ;)

    As for the fishin' - I thought that czech nymph thing was supposed to be good for that? Maybe that was just too much water, even for that method?

    And finally, the phrase " not cool to fish with mom" - whoever invented that didn't have you for a mom RD. :)

  8. Funcfish ~ Good for you...making time for Mom...fishy diapers??? Lol.

    Owl ~ Tried the Czech method...but, the real problem was that the fish hadn't settled in from the dam release yet...Oh, and be sure Rufus T. doesn't put those fried pies in the suitcase!! Ha.

  9. Any mom who fly fishes is my book.

  10. Congrats RD! The new header is terrific...ya done very good.

  11. That's at least 2 high water trips I've seen you make the best of. There's something familiar about that new header.

  12. Cofisher ~ I must thank my Aunt Julie who's "artsy" expertise helped me sharpen up my original picture! Now, I must see if I can continue on!!

    Mark ~ Yes, I'm sure you know exactly what water I am wading in...I love the North Carolina Amazon Jungle!!! :)