Sunday, May 2, 2021

Adventures With Friends

Sometimes I wonder how long my body will withstand my fly fishing days.  I work hard when I am out there.  It's never been something that has come easy.  What fun would that be?  Haha.  It's something that I love immensely though.  Being laid up after surgery, I was finally given the doctor release to fish again.  I packed up my bags and headed to Montana to fish the "Three Amigos" trip the second week of April.  Every year, we have this annual trip on the Beaverhead River and surrounding areas.  Last year, I did not attend due to my accident and back injury and the Covid 19.  So, I was more than anxious to see my buddies again and get on the water with them.  Our time together was fun, but catching fish was not like previous years.  Next year might be at a new location. Stay tuned.
  Here are some pics of the trip.

My best catch was the first day.  A beautiful 24" bow.

It's always good to have buddies that carry tools in their truck.  
Wading sticks that "stick"!!!

A couple weeks later, I hit my favorite Wyoming fishery with one of my best buddies.

Back to baking cookies for family and friends.

Then, out to visit my favorite brown trout and colorful cutties in my home state.

And back to Wyoming this past Saturday to fish with an old friend of twenty years...

Adventure in every riffle.  Now to rest up a bit and leave those fishies alone for awhile. 

I have work to do this week.  =)