Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Why Fly Fishing???

The year 2018 is behind us.  There are great memories. Many good friends were visited and fished with in other states around the West.  I put on a few more miles, ugh,,, like 20k on the fishmobile.  I would say that my biggest thrill of the year was standing at the Bow River in Calgary.  It was the color of the water that put chills down my spine,  Oh, you thought it would be the fish?  Sure, I go to catch fish, but that isn't why I fly fish.  See these guys?  It's just about getting outside and chilling.

 It is the whole experience that surrounds me.  It's the beauty of every stream, river, and lake that I fish.  It's the solitude when taking a solo trip and needing to unwind and have some meditation time.  Other times, it is the companionship of a few friends and to share laughs, fish in the net, and good food.  It's about flies that I tie up at midnight the night before and then seeing those same flies devoured by a hungry fish.  Yes!  I guessed right!  Or was it an educated guess?  After all of my years on the water, I would hope so.  Lol.  Flyfishing is a grand sport, pasttime, and relaxer.  It's a way of life that I have been accustomed to for the last 10 years or so.   Yes, to say that I am an avid fly fisher would be correct.  But, I am also a nature lover and a conservationist too.  

This past year was tough healthwise, but I perservered and got out there anyway.  Don't ask how I felt the next day.  I know that it makes me feel better to be in a river with the cold water rushing around me, even though it does tire me out pretty good.  I work hard, I play hard.  That's just me.  2019?  I will venture to say right now that it will be a little slower one for me.  But, I plan on a few good trips with special friends that I have made.  My "friends of the fly" have a special place in my heart and we have shared great times together.  Fly fishing invigorates your mind.  There are things to figure out and I like that!  You can always improve.  I have a long time friend that teasingly yells out "mend!" when you fish in front of him.  That got me to mend a whole lot better over the years.  It's a mindset.  And this year, I am going to be working on my casting and my double haul.  I don't think that you ever stop growing unless you stop trying and I'm not there yet!

This 3 min video will show you why I do what I do.  =) 
RD & Friends 2018.  

Enjoy and Happy New Year!