Saturday, August 13, 2016

As Summer Rolls On... Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

As August has begun with her high temperatures, I have not ventured out on the water as of yet.  But, cabin fever has caught up with me and so I will find some stream to dip my boots in this week for sure.  Fish don't like the heat either and so you can often find better fishing early in the day and again in the late afternoon and at dusk.  Here are some tippets on how to stay cool while fishing.

Well, first of all... Stay in the water!  If you are river fishing, the coolness of the water alone will help.  And if you have a leak in your waders, instant cooling!  = )

Stay hydrated while out in the heat of the summer.  It's a no brainer, but we often know we should be drinking more water and don't.  Keep a couple water bottles with you at all times.  The sickest day that I had on the river this summer was when I only drank half of a bottle of water.  Leg cramps that night.  It will catch up with you!  Trust me.

Protect your head from the heat.  A wide brimmed hat is a good option.  Also, wearing a buff will help out a lot.  Just remember that the neck and ears also are vulnerable to the hot rays of the sun.  And I've known a few people that have had skin cancers removed from their ears, nose, and top of the head... So sunscreen if you are going to have them exposed, at least!

The right clothing will keep you cooler and protect you from those

UV rays.  There are many lines of shirts and pants made for the fisherman.  As I am on a budget, I like the line that Cabela's has.  Of course, you can find some great end of the season sales on Simms and Patagonia clothing and pack it away.  Just remember that you want moisture wicking clothing and quick dry is also nice.

Lastly, take cover when possible.  Even, if it is for just a break.   Remember what your mother told you when you were a teenager.  Stay out of the sun between 10-2 on the hottest days...  Yes, during that time, if you can fish under or near a bridge or a group of trees for some shade, do it!  You might find some nice fish holing up in that shaded area too.  And if there is a massive hatch, bonus!

Lastly, look for deep holes where cooler water resides.  You will be cooler and you will probably catch more fish too.  

Just a few ways to stay cooler in the heat. 
 Happy trails and fishy waters,,,