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Windknots Profile: Emily "The River Damsel" While browsing through blogs and reading past things I have written, it occurred to me that #1 it had been a long time since I've done a Windknots Profile. I like to do them because it gives me an opportunity to learn more about the profilee. After that, I disengaged the hamster wheel and let the cogs start rolling to come up with someone interesting. Not having much luck, I decided to give some blog love to Emily Blankenship, The River Damsel. Actually I'm kidding. I knew I wanted to do a profile on my buddy Em. I think I've been following The River Damsel since the beginning...about 500 B.C. I have to say that even though she was new to fly fishing and blogging that I had confidence that she was at least going to succeed in the fly fishing part. Her computer savvy at the time made the blogging questionable. I'm extremely happy to say that Em has succeeded at both in a big way. I don't think Troutragous or I receive the number of emails that we used to get from her, in a panic, trying to solve a computer/Blogger issue. The blog is doing very well thank you, Em is making a slew of new friends and she's catching bigger and better fish as time goes on. Em goes fishing A LOT to some great places so I suggested years ago that she start tying her own flies. I never thought it would happen, but she has started to successfully tie and fish her own flies. She ties flies, drives great distances to fish, all while taking care of her family. What a trooper! I've had the pleasure of meeting Em during our first Colorado Frenzy...named by The Damsel. I got out of the hospital just in time to meet many of the participants after the fishing was over. We've been trying to hook up to fish ever since and this year may be the year. Emily has turned into a die hard, real deal fisherman and I couldn't be happier. Well, except for those fingernails! If you haven't checked out The River Damsel, you really should. - See more at:

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