Sunday, July 24, 2011

Staying In The Loop - Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

TIPPET #1 - No, I'm not a spring chick, but, I can and will try my best to hang with the younger generation.  I have a teenager at home!!  That will make you older or younger, it just depends on how you play it.   Sometimes, I must learn new things to keep up...aka:  music.  I was reminded of this from Clif at Lunker Hunt  on Friday night...seems that he and Ivan at Yukon Goes Fishing, are doing a trial posting of sorts to see who is up and reading/watching vids on a Friday night!  Well, I was this weekend.  And I turned on the vid and enjoyed the beat and rhythm of the music.  I don't always like Rap or G Funk, but there are a few songs that get me pumped up to go fishing! (I know, you didn't think that I needed that, huh?)   And Ivan's video post really made me will have to go over there too.  I really don't know how he found this one...Both outstanding blogs.

TIPPET #2 - Can someone tell me why Subaru Outbacks seem to come with a common attachment...errr...accessory?  A BIKE RACK!!  No kidding.  At least around here in Utah, they are the main ride for the cyclists to get to their starting point.  The parking lot at the bus stop in the canyon today had more Outbacks then any other model of car...So, I'm thinking that this could be the #1 "outdoor enthusiast" vehicle on the road.  Am I right?
More Subaru Outbacks @ Solitude...wishin' I was skiin' again!  Oh, forget that.
TIPPET #3 -  If you are patient enough, the Spring run-off will eventually end...before the next snow.  Ha.  We found the last bit of snow in the mountains today.  The creek running alongside the canyon road was still rushing pretty good.  But, it looks like there is an end in sight. :  )  Maybe before August! 

Now, I usually just go up the Big Cottonwood Canyon to ski during the winter...but, today, my son and I ventured up to Silver Lake and found a few interesting spots to fish in the creek that I had never noticed before...So, once things settle in a few weeks, I'm back to find a brookie or two!  It is quite picturesque and how I love pines!!  And it is only 15 min. from the work at 3:30 ...hmmm.

TIPPET #4 - The most important one today...Look over yonder on the top right hand corner of my sidebar...There is a new contest that my buddy Will, from The Riparian Corridor has posted.  And he has a terrific idea for everyone to get involved with cleanup in their own neighborhoods and waterways...Let's haul some trash and get involved in a good cause!  There are also a couple of great prizes.  So, give it a look!  I have been involved with a Clean and Cast program.  Picking up a bit of trash in the morning definitely gives you the Zen for a better fishing day afterwards!

Help Keep Our Waters Pristine, Catch A Limit Of Trash Everytime Out!


  1. Ah the Tippet, becoming my first read of the week. Love the photos; most people in the midwest think nothing is in prove us WRONG! Nicely done.

  2. RD
    Tippet 3 would cause me to bring along my wading staff, I am into the staff after what happened to me after last Saturday's dunk. Tippet 4 My home waters of Smith Lake is a prime example of clean waters, once a year we have a clean bank project and everyone who fishes the lake brings in trash in their boat to be hauled off---hats off to Will for this project.

  3. Why don't you post a song from your teen years?

  4. Will ~ There are even better pictures on FB and Google + of yesterday. Nothing in Utah...very funny!!

    Bill ~ The creek is definitely not ready to fish for a couple more weeks. But, there is slower water in a meadow area that I am going to check out tomorrow. Yes, clean up is important...but, I think that prevention is also something that needs to be taught! Let's not dirty up in the first place...

    Clif ~ You just gave me an idea!...Check out Google + ... I will post up one of my favorites. Don't want to scare off anyone! Ha.

  5. Subarus are taking over the world. Its the All Wheel Drive I guess, that's why we're considering buying one for the long winter commutes.

  6. TIPPET #4- Great idea, hate it when you get to your favorite fishing spot only to find trash everywhere

  7. I predict the runoff will end in Colorado on August 32nd. Mark it on your calendar. Too tired...

  8. Tippet #2. Both my daughters have Outbacks and they love them. My wife has an Outback...and doesn't like it. The seats are not comfortable and I agree. Even though they are quite adjustable, it isn't long before the back ache sets in. And two of them have bike racks!

  9. RD, sorry I missed this Sunday. Kelly and I love our Outback. Our rack is for kayaks, but we may get the bike rack soon. We actually didn't get the factory kayak rack. I made my own. Anyway, the Outback has all wheel drive, good ground clearance for what it is, and it gets good gas mileage. We've gotten close to 35 mpg on the highway (28 or so with kayaks up top). There isn't another vehicle with off road capabilities that gets that kind of mpg. It also has a great safety rating to boot. Simply put- it's an ideal vehicle for the outdoor lifestyle. Get one and you'll see.