Friday, December 27, 2013

A River Damsel Christmas

So, another Christmas Day has come and gone. Hoping that all of you wonderful readers had a special day.  It's been clear skies and a bit warmer, but with all of the festivities with friends and family, I didn't even think about the river on Christmas.  Ok... I have to admit it, I did go out for a little Christmas Eve fishing...

A few browns and a few rainbows, while in my Santa hat and we called it good.  I only had a couple of hours before I had to head home and prepare for the crowd the next day.

Then, I  put out a little Christmas card for my Facebook page...

Christmas Day was a day for sitting back and being grateful for what I have. Sometimes when our day to day life gets so cluttered with work and lack of sleep, we don't appreciate all that we have.  So today was a day of contemplation.

First thing in the morning, the monkey bread (cinnamon pull-aparts) was put in the oven.  Then, the traditional Christmas breakfast at our house with the devouring of the hashbrowns, sausage, and egg casserole.  And for me, blueberry pancakes which are my favorite!  After that was all cleaned up, we headed to the computer for a Skype visit with our son, Ryan, who is on a church mission in Arizona.

Yeah, a happy mom, as we only get to talk to him on Christmas and Mother's Day.  A great hour and a half.  So, what did I get for Christmas, you ask?

Well, my family knows me well...

Daughter Diane, thinking that some "fishy" earrings would be appropriate.  Ha.

Then, I turned on Facebook and found out that a dear, blogging buddy and friend was in the hospital.  Howard has not been feeling just right for a couple of years now.  And he is a guy, you know... and guys tend to pass off health things.  Well, he just got to the ER in time.  They performed heart bypass surgery and I'm sure he isn't quite himself yet to be teasing the nurses and using that wit and charm... haha.  So, my thoughts and prayers have been in that direction for a few days...  And in a few more days,  I will direct my prayers for the nurses.  = )

The day after Christmas brought me to a river of my beloved brown trout.

I just love those black, brown, and red spots...

So, that is my Christmas vacation week...
And this bunny was the only house guest that didn't  make a "peep"... = )

Hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookin' On Home Waters

Ok... So, I don't say much about fishing around the hacienda here in Utah.  Most of the adventures that I post up are about "out of state, out of mind" places!!  I have been very fortunate to fish some of the most prestine and most beautiful places that one could find.  I love to travel and see new water.  Being an all year round flygirl, I tend to spend more time around home when the snow starts flying.  Out come the neoprene gloves and handwarmers, the wool hat, and three layers of fleecy warmth next to my body!  And honestly, I haven't been all that cold so far this winter.  Until... Oh, let's talk about that later...

It's especially gratifying to find a new river and a few holes that produce time after time after time...  I guess that you could call it the "secret place" that you kind of want to keep to yourself.  A place to go to when you need a "pick me up".   A place that isn't crowded with other anglers.  A place that can take two or three flies without having to put the guessing game into play on what the finicky fish are going to take!  Oh, I'm sure that most of you have one of these type of places!

 Non-Finicky Brown Trout #1 on tan sow bug

Non-Finicky Brown Trout #2 on tan sow bug

Non-Finicky Brown Trout #3... what's your guess?

The ice breaker... goes after a pink sow bug!

That is how the day went.  And then, I got out something that I wanted to try, just for the heck of it.  A Facebook tier and friend, George Benavidez, tied up some sweet Czech nymphs for me recently...

Yup, his Copperback Nymphs Size 16 worked like a charm...  = )

So, I have my homey brown trout water.

Next, I have found a little spot that gives me my share of rainbows...  I mean, I am an equal opportunity angler.  The first time out, I got a little excited about what I found there.  And the fish were excited to see me too!

Just don't ask me to do that again... Ha.  No way could I get an action pic like this one with my fish flying out of my hand while the camera snapped as it went down my waders... Lol.  

This little getaway place has a lot of rainbow "planters".   But, it keeps you busy catching as they are very hungry little varmints!  And then after maybe the first dozen of those, you just might get lucky and haul in the trophy of the bunch.  

I was just about to leave, when my buddy insisted that I give it one more try... Never say never. (And I didn't believe him when he said that there were BIG fish in that hole earlier... teaches me!)

So, I think that I'm set for the winter months.  I have a couple of places to go to get my fish fix for the week.   New "home water" has actually surprised me.  I have put my go-to river on a temporary hold while searching out new places to fish.  New water is fun and exciting!  

Just keep me from falling over rocks.  Oh, that is how I became so very cold on brown trout day...  An awesome day ended with me trying to hold onto the "whopper" (no, not the one in the photo above) at almost dusk.  After tripping over some large rock  and leaving me with a tight line high in the air while still on my knees... that darn trout took off across the pool and wrapped my line around something down under.  Fish gone, Flies gone, A cold, River Damsel!  It was epic.  And since it was in the twenties and at the end of the day, this "snowman" headed for the car.  Sorry... no vid.  = )  It was one of my better moments... haha.

But, I had a great time, none the less...

Till next time...

Stay dry.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Brown "Magic" Bug Adventure

When I went down to New Mexico this past weekend, I loaded up with flies in size 20-24, thinking that was all that I was going to throw.  Sure, I had my spare back up boxes just in case I wanted to throw a streamer, copper john, or a prince nymph.  But, I knew in the back of my mind, that it was going to be a weekend of "small stuff".  This river is just well known for tiny midges and annelids.  I had my red larvae ready to go too, as this is a staple down there.  I still had half of a box of flies that someone nice had tied up for me back in Feb. when I headed to NM.  So, I was in good shape.  Little did I know that there would be a new favorite bug on this river.  But, there will be no photos of the Brown "Magic" bug, as it is a creation of this guy... but, just trust me... it works!

Thanks David, for sharing your expertise on the water...
I learned a lot and "mending" is my friend!!

We had two half days with traveling and two full days.  Two rivers to experiment with and find the "trophy" fish.  As I went down thinking "BIG FISH"... I was pretty much like a hound dog... searching for holes that would hold fish down deep.  I don't normally care how big the fish is that I catch on a typical day... But, I got myself into this darn Facebook contest and had to come up with something respectable to submit.  It had to be tape measured for the entry.  I will tell you know... that is the last time that I try to measure a fish.  It was ridiculous!!  For me and the fish...  Even with David helping me out with the tape... I just don't like keeping out the fish out of the water for any length of time.  Usually a quick 10 sec grip and grin photo and back they go.  Here are the results... No, I couldn't beat a Pyramid Lake fish from Nevada.  Whitney had that one made in the shade. Sydney from MT and I tied with a 20 inch fish...  All said and done, I believe that we were all winners.  Wouldn't you agree?

I definitely can't complain about my netted beauties.  In a river of 150k of planters this past year, (yes, I said 150k),  I did find some nice fish with one common denominator.   Almost all were caught on the Brown "Magic" Bug...  = )   Barbless and 6x is the requirement down there... but, I cheated opted out and put on a 5x.  And sizes 20-24 all weekend long.  Darn fish!  Don't they know that my eyes are getting old!!!

So, thank you New Mexico and Colorado... I love your rivers and beautiful trout!  Even your friendly trout that never leave your feet!

This will be my last journey out of state for awhile.  Now, it's time to fish the home waters for the winter.  Until we meet again...  
Brown "Magic" bugs and all...