Monday, November 29, 2010

What's in a "Smidgetoe" ???

A "Smidgetoe", you ask?  What does that have to do with fly fishing?  Let's begin with a trip out to the river.  As we approach the beauty that lies beneath, above, and around the water...we do not see any type of hatch to speak of.  Now, this is not an uncommon occurrence. It happens!  So, we start digging around in our bag of tricks...(chest pack or lumbar pack) and find our favorite fly box.  Such an assortment, it takes our breath away!  (At least mine)  I love the magic that surrounds each one.  They are all special in their own unique way.  So, what fly would you choose as your "go-to" fly when there isn't a hatch to help you out?  Some would say, the Copper John, the Hares Ear, or even the Pheasant Tail...Well, for me, it is the Chironomid Midge...aka: the "Smidgetoe". (There was once a little kid that couldn't say "mosquito", so he called the gnatty fly, a "Smidgetoe"!)  Here is where I keep my little "smidges"... Because they are so special, they have their own "small" flybox that I tuck away in one of my pockets...


Now, there is a mighty power behind each one of these "Smidgetoes"...You see, Chironomid Midges are a major component of the fish's diet. In fact, there are reports that show that at least 40-50% of the trout's daytime feeding consists of these insects.  So, it only makes sense to me, to try one of these little guys who resemble mosquitoes which don't bite. This fly seems to work well all year round as the midge throughout its lifecycle provides a staple diet for the trout.  And when a midge hatch is the only thing happening, you will be thankful for having the right fly in your fly box.  I just had one of my better days on one.  What a thrill!!  Yes, it is a little more involved with the rigging...but, its  worth the time.  I like to put a 6X or 7X fluorocarbon tippet on, which makes a nice presentation and looks more free-floating.  I like using sizes 16-20 most of the time.  So, when I'm fishing waters where nymphs are not producing or there isn't a specific hatch going on...I tie on one of these incredible, little "Smidgetoes"!!  And I usually have a productive and rewarding experience... <"(((><<

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Favorite River Friend...Mr. Brown Trout

Oh, my first blog has to be about my speckled friend, Mr. Brown Trout.  There's just something about his personality that brings a smile to my face everytime he comes to visit my net!  Maybe it's the special "hello" tug that he pulls as he grabs his lunch at the end of my line.  Or maybe it's the little lap dance that he shows off as he enters my grip.  All I know, is that he is always a very happy guy when he greets me and sometimes he even has something to say!!