Sunday, May 31, 2015

Don't Fall Short ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

So many times in life, we fall short.  Whether it is that latest diet, weeding that flower patch, or saving enough money for that last bill of the month.  We all have challenges that require patience, planning and some expertise.  We must spend the time at that given task.  Sometimes we need to take little steps before we can accomplish that goal.  In the end, we hopefully see a positive outcome.  If we don't, we should not give up, but try again.  I know for a fact, that sometimes the best laid plan can fall through the cracks.  Or comes up short by a few inches.

On the fly fishing side of things, I have fallen short on becoming more accomplished in dry fly fishing.  It might be that I lack the patience of trying to follow that very small, minute object that looks like the actual hatch that is on the water.  It could be that my casting needs better accuracy or distance at certain times.  Or it could just be that I feel more familiar with nymphing, so I continue to do what feels comfortable.  Do you often take the easier way of doing something?  We all do.  

So, my latest journey required me to take that extra step.  When I got to the river, I could see that this would be definitely be more dry fly than nymphing. 

The water was slower, the fast water runs were far and few between.  The fish were looking up.  You say that the fish were looking up?  Well, put on a dry fly you crazy woman!!!  I would have to conform.  Yes, I can catch a fish with an emerger underneath with my nymph rig.  But, I could see that the odds with the hatches that were out, would be fishing dries.  So, out came the box to make it all happen.

I would join my Idaho fly fishing friends for a couple days of practicing and making perfect, my dry fly approach.  I was determined.  Ahhh... That is the word that makes things happen, isn't it?  If you have a goal, you must have determination to see it through.  This was merely the side story to this adventure.  The main reason for going on this trip was to fish with old friends that I had missed last year after going up on an annual trek to this river.  So, it was great to have a few days to reaquaint and have some fun times together.

Yes, Patti, Aileen and Rachel joined me for some fun times on the water.  And we had a night of camping to boot!  Oh boy...  

Aileen is one great tent builder...

And she makes one mean prime rib in the dutch oven...

And Rachel can cook up one awesome lemon pie from her kitchen on the farm...

Ok. Ok.  So, I'm kidding about the that stuff... 
But, the trip into town was way worth it.  =)  

But, I'm not kidding about the beauty of the river.  One of the most beautiful places that I have fished.  And where it all started 5 or 6 years ago and actually started this blog.  If you are one of the old-timers over here, you will remember Rebecca who took me to River X for the first time. 

Yes, when you see 50 slurpers of 16-22 inches in front of you, it's time to practice your dry fly casting.  Heck, maybe you could get lucky and just put it out there and hope for the best!

I like luck.

With a little bit of determination in the mix, anything is possible.

And who knows, someday I just might add skills to make it a little easier...

Thanks to the girls for hosting me once again and renewing our friendship and camaradarie.  And a special thanks to Michael, Patti's hubby who joined us one afternoon and gave me some great dry fly pointers to add to my knowledge of this great passion of mine...  <"((((><<

Enjoy the short slideshow, The Rising Browns Adventure!
Click on 720 hp for clarity in the settings.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Once Upon A Time...

There lived a River Damsel who had a fly fishing blog.  And had quite a few readers who interacted on somewhat entertaining posts.  Well, this was two months ago...  Now, here we sit wondering what happened to RD?  Did she fall in the river and get swept away?  Did she have one last, great fall and end up in the hospital with two broken legs and a broken hand? (hence she couldn't write)   How about a case of sore stripping fingers?  I know, I know... not good enough.

I kind of wish that I had a decent excuse.  But, maybe I just needed to rest a bit more because five hours of sleep a night just isn't going to cut it.  So March was a catch up time to preserve one's health and April was time away from home on several fishing adventures.  Yeah, I am thinking that is how this story is going to go.  Ahhhh.,,.. I ask forgiveness my friends.  But, sometimes life has a way of running you around in circles and before you know it, yup... it's a couple of months later!  

I wonder if this guy still remembers who I am? Oh, I hope so...

So, how have you all been since we last met?  I'm thinking that I need to hurry up and play a game of catch up on my blog buddies tonight so that I can connect with you again.  It has been longer than I had expected.   Time to plug it back in...

So, as I said, April was a month of adventure.  Even the hotels that I stayed in were... ugh, interesting!  The River Damsel Adventure Train hit Wyoming several times and Utah fly fishing was stellar as well.  I got myself involved in a Facebook group contest and I was the captain of a team.  There were three teams and I was allowed to draft 11 others for my "posse".  Well, I traveled all over to find the biggest trout since it was a total of everyone's best fish.  I had my chances, but ended up with a rainbow of 21 inches.  I've done better, but fortunately my teammates came through!  



My top dog, Joey had a 30.5 steelhead trout and Justin turned in an awesome 27" rainbow.  So, my "posse" did great!  When all was said and done, we won the competition.  And all of those miles are now being felt.  At the end of the month, I fished for 9 days straight.  Yeah, someone put me in a "straight jacket"!  Geez... I'm not that young anymore!  The things I do.  

Here is a fun video that I made with all of my April pics put together...  You will see that I was really busy...  Probably one of the fishiest months that I have ever had...  Enjoy!