Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shenanigans!! Even Between Bloggers...

                               Definition:  "Shenanigans" ~ mischief; prankishness.  A playful, secret prank. 

Yes, even here in Bloggerland, "Shenanigans" happen.  Let me start by saying that I really have wonderful blogger friends out there.  They support my writings, for whatever reason...And they extend their helpful hand or advice when needed.  But, just when you think that you know your online friends, "Shenanigans" happen!!!  I'm sure that you will recognize these little pranksters that felt like monkey'n around a bit.  Yep, they sure pulled one off on good ol' RD!

1st Culprit...

Now, everyone knows the Midgeman, over at the Poudre Canyon Chronicles...He's that guy who has been fishing all of his life.  And who is the fly tier extrordinaire!  BTW, his pal, Mr. Gibbs was not involved in any of this mischief, I'm sure!  Just look at that adorable little face...I'm thinking though, that he is trying to figure out a way to have a carp dinner.


2nd Culprit...

Then, there is our "new to fly fishing" gal who catches whatever swims in front of her!  Stephanie from Antlers and Gills has that infectious smile that makes everyone feel good.  And  what makes you think that a girl that can catch pike doesn't have just a little bit of spunk in her!  Maybe enough to pull off a few pranks?? Ha.  

Well, as most of you know, we are gearing up soon for the Rocky Mountain Frenzy in Fort Collins, CO...Only 20+ days and RD will be blazing across the sagebrush and cowpies of Wyoming!!!  As a reminder, it is August 11-14th.  Anyway, Stephanie and I have been doing a little planning each week and there has been a concern about the water levels from all of the snowpack this year.  So, Stephanie emails me to tell me that she heard from the Midgeman and forwarded his thoughts about the trip.

A few excerpts from Midgeman's email:

One of Stephanie's packing trips!!

"In giving this some thought I'm not sure but what you might look at making this more or less a high country trip and look at fishing the smaller streams that are clearing up high.  If you guys were to take Emily and whoever else wants to go up to the park I've confirmed that the Devils Spine trail (Is there a reason for the name?) is open all the way to Boulder, there's several fishable little streams up in there and the lakes at ten thousand feet and below are clearing of ice.  It's a hell of a long walk and would require leaving the morning after the dinner and having two full days to cover the 23 miles. (How many days?)  I can't make the first day as the climb out of the park is too tough, but Lisa and I can catch up on the second morning by riding in on horseback from the Eldora Ski area. (Are we filming this?)  I also talked to a shop in Boulder today and they will donate snowshoes, a fleece suit  (How high are we going???) and heavy hiking boots for Emily at no cost.  I have an extra expedition pack she can use in addition to a zero degree rated sleeping bag and pad as well as a one person bivy tent and I know from experience that we can reduce the weight of her pack to something in the range of just below 30 pounds so long as she doesn't mind dehydrated meals. (Euell Gibbons had a problem with wild hickory nuts...lets skip those)  I've also got a first aid kit and a couple of cans of bear spray that I can throw in. (Thanks! I feel much better now!) We'd have to keep an eye on the bears as they have come out of hibernation late this year and are trying to make up for lost time by feeding heavily! (How heavily?)  Should be able to seriously fish five or six of the smaller streams and take in two or three of the lakes over two days and other than having to heat water to take cat baths it would be a little strenuous, but fun trip! (Well, I'm all about fun!) Let me know what you think!  (I will...)  I'd suggest all of us going horse back, but I've only got access to two good mounts and the first five miles of that trail is too rough for the horses anyway (Maybe me too?)  Think about it and let me know what you think!" 

Well, I thought he was serious...and I got a little freaked out, to tell you the truth!  30 + lbs on my back (chiropractor would love that), walking 23 miles in two days, "Devil's Spine Trail" (now, there's a winning name),  a fleece suit in Aug.?, and of course, the word "BEARS"!!!  Nice.  Can't wait to get there...haha.  I'm all for adventure, but this seemed a little much.  Maybe my posts need to reveal the other side of me...not the girl who wants to experience everything the great outdoors has to offer!!  Like playing marbles, chess, and...yeah, nevermind. LOL.

Then, Stephanie writes to me.  A few excerpts:

"We haven't hiked the area that Rod talks about, but if we can get your pack to 30lbs that would be nice.  I did some hiking with a pack last year that weighed 73 lbs and it was rough.  It really made me channel that "iron will". (Ahh...she reads my Tippets!)  Carrying weight always sucks because it makes you feel so top heavy and unstable."

"Having the stability of snowshoes might be nice in some of those still lingering snow fields. (What happened to the trail?) You know how the mountains are, so bring lots of layers.  The fleece suit will definitely help.  With Rod loaning the one man bivy, and zero degree bag, you should be nice and warm at night." (I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy now, thanks!)

"As for the bears, there have been some getting into trouble in the Wild Basin area this year (not to far from where we will hike, camp and fish).  A lot of sightings and camp robbing shenanagins. (Hmmm...Shenanigans?) Silly bears.  With the bear spray, we should be okay, but we'll definitely want to take all the bear precautions.  It really could be quite the adventure! (One that I would never forget!)  I think it will be a challenge, but I definitely think the challenge would pay off with some great fishing.  You know those guys at high elevation will be HUNGRY! (I won't comment there)  Let me know what you think about his proposal." 
Ohhh, you don't want to sleep with BEARS??!!
Hmmm...There's that word again...  Ok guys, I'm not amused.  You know that many of my posts have been about running from bears, bison, snakes...etc. etc.  So, I'm shaking my head and wondering what in the heck have I gotten myself into.   Maybe my online blogging friends really think that I seek out my wildlife encounters...not really!!  Believe me.  So, I'm thinking that maybe I better give Stephanie a call and see what this is really about...if we really have to hike up high to find low, clear water to fish.  All I heard on the other end of the line was laughing...HAHAHA!
Ya know, I have always been a trusting soul and to some extreme, yes.. gullible.  And I got snickered into believing a great "Shenanigan" that was put together by Midgeman and Steph.  Thanks, my friends.  I was laughing for a few days and shaking my head.  How bloggers can get bored by fishing carp and such when there is heavy run-off!!!  You guys are great.  I know that the blog love is there because you wouldn't have gone to all that trouble making up such a story...ugh...right???  So, haha on RD and wait until I arrive in Fort Collins!!  : ) 

PS:  I hear that the river flows are slowly getting better and there are some really nice lakes to fish too...!!  (Carp...? I have never caught one yet)   And I can't wait to meet everyone signed up so far...It's going to be a great weekend.  The "tall" fishtales will be very interesting at the group dinner...I'm sure.  Well, at least mine... : ) 

PPS:  Yes, Rod did write to me and told me that his email was TOTAL "bull...."!!  Thanks, Rod. 
All is forgiven.  I'm a good sport. 

And I will tell OWL the same thing as Rod told me..."Take good care and watch out for those damn bears!"



  1. Ha - what a great prank! Really enjoyed the post with your interjections dispersed throughout. And might I add excellent use of monkeys.

  2. You were a great sport! I knew the bears would get you. Glad you had fun with it as we did. See you soon!

  3. I could just see your eyes getter wider and wider as you read the "shenanigans." ;)

  4. ha- the truth emerges. I thought 23 miles through the mountains was a bit much, and who wants to hike to Boulder? Also, if it's possible to get your gear down to 30 lbs for a back country trip you're better at this than me by a long shot. I'd like to know the true weight that Stephanie packs, cuz 65 lbs just about killed me. Good one, everybody.

  5. T! - Sometimes bloggers and monkeys have to be they can be one in the same!

  6. Glad you took it all in stride as when Dustin called and said "you'd bought in" on the little joke.... I began doing that evil little happy dance that only pranksters know! You're a good sport Emily!
    Truth is with the fishing being so fouled up on the rivers I'd imagine you'll get to see a little of that high country, but packs and bear spray won't be required. As to messing with you...... Sorry, but the rivers are out of shape, I was bored and Stephanie has an evil little glint in her eye that just said she might just go along with this little prank.

  7. Priceless...I'm still laughing...ha!

  8. I have never found a moment in life yet that demanded or really required being serious. Glad Im not the only one...

    Funny stuff!

  9. Stephanie - AHHH..It's all good. NOW! You can make it up to me by finding a two mi walk in..._

    EMB - You've got that right!

    FR - Steph definitely has the "iron will" or the "iron back"!

  10. Midgeman ~ You are just a little stinker! But, I still like you.

    Sanders ~ I'm afraid this is just the beginning...I have a feeling that your face will hurt from laughing all day when we all get together!!

    Will ~ Thanks, buddy. Looks like you have made the #1 spot on my sidebar...!!!

  11. Awesomely good prank...But what comes around goes around! I'd keep one eye open if I were Midge Man or Stephanie. Perfect pics for the story too!

  12. Taking 80 through Wyoming? Hmmm...well, here's a suggestion (if there's not a reason for taking 80):

    Take 70 - through Price and Green River. Not only is the drive far more scenic, but you'll also be passing by some great fishing.

    Just outside of Glenwood Springs is the Frying Pan. 25 inch fish in crystal clear water? Yup.

    Silverthorn - the Blue River. The section under 70 is a great place to fish - plus it's literally right next to outlet shops and food. Seriously...shoppers will stop and watch you fish, its that close. Makes a great place to stop for lunch...just sayin.

    Also, let's not forget the Roaring Fork and the Colorado (provided the run-off settles down in the next few weeks).

    Sure, you'd still have to head North to Fort Fun at some point (Steamboat / Estes perhaps?) but just throwing out a suggestion for ya, since I know both the 80 and 70 routes all too well.

  13. CA ~ Do you care to join us? Let me know and I will add you to the party... ; ) I only chose 80 over 70 because it is maybe an hour or two shorter...and I was still thinking of taking 70 home to go past some of those spots...maybe I will reverse my plans now...hmmm