Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being Stealthy...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

This looks like the level of water Troutrageous guided in!

Have you ever heard anyone say that you should be as "stealthy" as an elephant when you go fishing?  No, I didn't think so...There's something about being "stealthy" when you are on low, clear water where every fish can see you as you approach.   When I went out to Georgia this past Spring, I met Mark at  He wrote an exceptional article on the subject at hand.  When I fished the Smoky Mountains, it was the first time that I had to really learn what was involved with close-in fishing...Mark and Owl both had experience with this...I did not.

Woah, Nelly!  Practice makes perfect!

First of all, there wasn't as much room to maneuver my fly line and the limited space probably "spooked" me more than the fish!!  Haha.  Many rock formations to stumble across, as I am not the greatest balancer on the river...I kind of feel like these guys to the right sometimes...Like "Oh, do I really have to go over there to get a better view"???  Encouragement always helps...practicing helps even more.

First item of business to prepare for this "stealth" day...the proper flies.  I just happened to get a special package in the mail from B-Fly...(Thanks, Much!!)  Now, Brian knows how to catch W. NY browns!!!  So, I picked up the secret prescription for a successful day and put it away in my pack.  The next item was to purchase some 6X I usually use 4X or 5X... It was going to be a dry fly and dropper kind of day!!  : )

Being "stealthy" hasn't come easily for me, and so I decided that it was time to get over my insecurities yesterday.  I wanted to  head up the Big Cottonwood Canyon, 15 min. from my house.  I usually pass it by for fishing, as I know that the creeks coming down are a little "Troutrageous" errr...treacherous in places.  And that you are a lot closer to fish that can spot you at the same time you spot them!!  So, I put on some of my most greenish/brownish (ugly) clothing like Mark said to do and headed up the canyon.  It was time to "fly" like a NINJA!!!

It was to be a dry fly day...ugh.  Small, clear creek...very beautiful.  But, you see, I have only caught one fish on a dry fly in the three years that I have been fly, my confidence isn't real high there...  I am a full time nympher/czech nympher and higher water beckons me! LOL.  (why do you think I'm going to Colorado next week??  Ha)  Seriously, I knew that it was time to change up...

The Honey Hole is in the sunshine...
 As I got closer to the water, I was amazed at how close the fish would be...and I would be standing pretty much on top of them...Oh boy!  I walked two different stretches and with my super duper polarized lenses, I couldn't see a fish in sight.  I drove down the canyon aways...just had an inkling to stop and get out...looked kind of interesting over there...As I approached, I could see the ground around me was a raised, soft mound of soil that the water had been soaring down a few weeks ago...yes, the water was about two feet higher as I could see the water line.  As I looked below, there were a bunch of branches, kind of an obstruction which I don't like, as I get tangled up pretty easily!  But, a few feet beyond that was MONEY!!!  Not the green stuff (that would be nice), but about 8-10 brown trout just stacked on top of each other in a holding hole...Couldn't believe my eyes.  Now, if I didn't hook into a few of these...well, then I should hang it up! No joke. So, down on my knees (yes, even the one that landed hard over barb wire the other day...)  Don't ask.

A B-Fly creation in the corner of the mouth...
Here was the real to LIGHTLY drop the line in the water without disturbing...I will admit that this is the hardest part of the game for me.  I tend to come down a little hard on the water with my tippet...I knew that this would have to be the best presentation and the lightest if I wasn't going to spook them after the first cast!  Lo, and behold!!!  Incoming!  And another, and another...Ahhh...Life is good.  Even through the trials that we endure...It might sound a little out there...but, dry fly fishing has been a trial of sorts.  And yesterday, I felt a total different level of satisfaction and self-confidence.  As in life, if we persevere and keep going strong in believing that we can accomplish what is before us, it usually works out.  Never give up!!

" Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before. "-James Buckham   If this applies to you...then you are like most of us that learn though trial, how strong we can be!!  It takes mind over matter and a strong will or desire to overcome or achieve what is before us. And then, enjoy the end result...
FOOTNOTE:  A special thanks to B-Fly for the fly of the day which was the trico emerger/adult pattern that he sent out.  About a #20 with white hackle fiber for a tail, black super fine dubbed body and some light dun colored snow shoe rabbit for a wing tied in as a post!! (his description, not mine..ha)  IT ROCKED!! 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 DAYS...Colorado, Here I Come!

A few people have convinced me to take a different route than I was going to as I journey out to the Rocky Mountain Frenzy...Gosh, I really wanted to take the scenic route of sagebrush and cowpies through Wyoming!  Haha.  So, I-80 is out, I-70 is in... Yeah, it will take a little bit longer to get there, but if I leave early in the the middle of the night, I should be able to enjoy a few hours in the Basalt area.  And there is nothing more beautiful than the Snowmass/Aspen area nearby...

And if catching fish is like in these videos...I just might stay the night...who knows!  Enjoy the two vids of the Frying Pan River...It comes highly recommended by the Midgeman and the Colorado Angler.

I got your toes tappin' there, didn't I?  Ha....Do I really have to go to work for another week and a half???  Really???

Ok...I'm ready.  The question is... Is Colorado ready for the River Damsel?!!  : )

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Little Bit Of Country Fishin'...

I have a great day planned you can see above, I will be fishing some little Brookie creeks nearby...and enjoying the scenery for sure!  (And the cool air!)

Here's a little salute to fishing songs done country style!  Enjoy, (I know Troutrageous will...) while I go get packed up for my little adventure...   < " (((((( ><<  Yee Haw!  Up the canyon to fishy awesomeness...

Oh, and this first title...well, has nothing to do with my day tomorrow!!!  Nada.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How About Them Apples?

I know, the toy is the best part...
"Happy Meal change: McDonald's on Tuesday said that it would add apple slices and reduce the portion of French fries in its children's meal boxes this fall, effectively taking away consumers' current choice between either having apples with caramel dip or fries as a Happy Meal side." 

Wow...did I read that right?  McDonald's force feeding apples to children?  What's this world coming to...???  Ha. The next thing you know...they will deny your child the toy in the bag if you don't take those dang apples!!!  And doesn't the promo picture here with the article, make you want to jump out of your seat and go get some...errr...apples???  Have potatoes gone up in price?  I don't think so.  Hmmm...Seriously, I'm all for healthier snacks and nutrition for children.  Kids eat a lot of carbs and sweets.  That's for sure.  I guess that health officials had an influence here.  Giving an option wasn't good enough, as only 11% took the healthier side to the kids meal.  It would be interesting to know how many actually eat the apples now that they are included automatically...I guess that I just believe in freedom of choice.  Combo A vs Combo B...

All I can say is people don't go to McDonald's to eat APPLES!!!  And if they do, I bet that the caramel dip is more of the reason..  : )

As for me, if I want fries...I will head to FIVE GUYS !!!  They have peanuts with there fries...and they are an option.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Staying In The Loop - Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

TIPPET #1 - No, I'm not a spring chick, but, I can and will try my best to hang with the younger generation.  I have a teenager at home!!  That will make you older or younger, it just depends on how you play it.   Sometimes, I must learn new things to keep up...aka:  music.  I was reminded of this from Clif at Lunker Hunt  on Friday night...seems that he and Ivan at Yukon Goes Fishing, are doing a trial posting of sorts to see who is up and reading/watching vids on a Friday night!  Well, I was this weekend.  And I turned on the vid and enjoyed the beat and rhythm of the music.  I don't always like Rap or G Funk, but there are a few songs that get me pumped up to go fishing! (I know, you didn't think that I needed that, huh?)   And Ivan's video post really made me will have to go over there too.  I really don't know how he found this one...Both outstanding blogs.

TIPPET #2 - Can someone tell me why Subaru Outbacks seem to come with a common attachment...errr...accessory?  A BIKE RACK!!  No kidding.  At least around here in Utah, they are the main ride for the cyclists to get to their starting point.  The parking lot at the bus stop in the canyon today had more Outbacks then any other model of car...So, I'm thinking that this could be the #1 "outdoor enthusiast" vehicle on the road.  Am I right?
More Subaru Outbacks @ Solitude...wishin' I was skiin' again!  Oh, forget that.
TIPPET #3 -  If you are patient enough, the Spring run-off will eventually end...before the next snow.  Ha.  We found the last bit of snow in the mountains today.  The creek running alongside the canyon road was still rushing pretty good.  But, it looks like there is an end in sight. :  )  Maybe before August! 

Now, I usually just go up the Big Cottonwood Canyon to ski during the winter...but, today, my son and I ventured up to Silver Lake and found a few interesting spots to fish in the creek that I had never noticed before...So, once things settle in a few weeks, I'm back to find a brookie or two!  It is quite picturesque and how I love pines!!  And it is only 15 min. from the work at 3:30 ...hmmm.

TIPPET #4 - The most important one today...Look over yonder on the top right hand corner of my sidebar...There is a new contest that my buddy Will, from The Riparian Corridor has posted.  And he has a terrific idea for everyone to get involved with cleanup in their own neighborhoods and waterways...Let's haul some trash and get involved in a good cause!  There are also a couple of great prizes.  So, give it a look!  I have been involved with a Clean and Cast program.  Picking up a bit of trash in the morning definitely gives you the Zen for a better fishing day afterwards!

Help Keep Our Waters Pristine, Catch A Limit Of Trash Everytime Out!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shenanigans!! Even Between Bloggers...

                               Definition:  "Shenanigans" ~ mischief; prankishness.  A playful, secret prank. 

Yes, even here in Bloggerland, "Shenanigans" happen.  Let me start by saying that I really have wonderful blogger friends out there.  They support my writings, for whatever reason...And they extend their helpful hand or advice when needed.  But, just when you think that you know your online friends, "Shenanigans" happen!!!  I'm sure that you will recognize these little pranksters that felt like monkey'n around a bit.  Yep, they sure pulled one off on good ol' RD!

1st Culprit...

Now, everyone knows the Midgeman, over at the Poudre Canyon Chronicles...He's that guy who has been fishing all of his life.  And who is the fly tier extrordinaire!  BTW, his pal, Mr. Gibbs was not involved in any of this mischief, I'm sure!  Just look at that adorable little face...I'm thinking though, that he is trying to figure out a way to have a carp dinner.


2nd Culprit...

Then, there is our "new to fly fishing" gal who catches whatever swims in front of her!  Stephanie from Antlers and Gills has that infectious smile that makes everyone feel good.  And  what makes you think that a girl that can catch pike doesn't have just a little bit of spunk in her!  Maybe enough to pull off a few pranks?? Ha.  

Well, as most of you know, we are gearing up soon for the Rocky Mountain Frenzy in Fort Collins, CO...Only 20+ days and RD will be blazing across the sagebrush and cowpies of Wyoming!!!  As a reminder, it is August 11-14th.  Anyway, Stephanie and I have been doing a little planning each week and there has been a concern about the water levels from all of the snowpack this year.  So, Stephanie emails me to tell me that she heard from the Midgeman and forwarded his thoughts about the trip.

A few excerpts from Midgeman's email:

One of Stephanie's packing trips!!

"In giving this some thought I'm not sure but what you might look at making this more or less a high country trip and look at fishing the smaller streams that are clearing up high.  If you guys were to take Emily and whoever else wants to go up to the park I've confirmed that the Devils Spine trail (Is there a reason for the name?) is open all the way to Boulder, there's several fishable little streams up in there and the lakes at ten thousand feet and below are clearing of ice.  It's a hell of a long walk and would require leaving the morning after the dinner and having two full days to cover the 23 miles. (How many days?)  I can't make the first day as the climb out of the park is too tough, but Lisa and I can catch up on the second morning by riding in on horseback from the Eldora Ski area. (Are we filming this?)  I also talked to a shop in Boulder today and they will donate snowshoes, a fleece suit  (How high are we going???) and heavy hiking boots for Emily at no cost.  I have an extra expedition pack she can use in addition to a zero degree rated sleeping bag and pad as well as a one person bivy tent and I know from experience that we can reduce the weight of her pack to something in the range of just below 30 pounds so long as she doesn't mind dehydrated meals. (Euell Gibbons had a problem with wild hickory nuts...lets skip those)  I've also got a first aid kit and a couple of cans of bear spray that I can throw in. (Thanks! I feel much better now!) We'd have to keep an eye on the bears as they have come out of hibernation late this year and are trying to make up for lost time by feeding heavily! (How heavily?)  Should be able to seriously fish five or six of the smaller streams and take in two or three of the lakes over two days and other than having to heat water to take cat baths it would be a little strenuous, but fun trip! (Well, I'm all about fun!) Let me know what you think!  (I will...)  I'd suggest all of us going horse back, but I've only got access to two good mounts and the first five miles of that trail is too rough for the horses anyway (Maybe me too?)  Think about it and let me know what you think!" 

Well, I thought he was serious...and I got a little freaked out, to tell you the truth!  30 + lbs on my back (chiropractor would love that), walking 23 miles in two days, "Devil's Spine Trail" (now, there's a winning name),  a fleece suit in Aug.?, and of course, the word "BEARS"!!!  Nice.  Can't wait to get there...haha.  I'm all for adventure, but this seemed a little much.  Maybe my posts need to reveal the other side of me...not the girl who wants to experience everything the great outdoors has to offer!!  Like playing marbles, chess, and...yeah, nevermind. LOL.

Then, Stephanie writes to me.  A few excerpts:

"We haven't hiked the area that Rod talks about, but if we can get your pack to 30lbs that would be nice.  I did some hiking with a pack last year that weighed 73 lbs and it was rough.  It really made me channel that "iron will". (Ahh...she reads my Tippets!)  Carrying weight always sucks because it makes you feel so top heavy and unstable."

"Having the stability of snowshoes might be nice in some of those still lingering snow fields. (What happened to the trail?) You know how the mountains are, so bring lots of layers.  The fleece suit will definitely help.  With Rod loaning the one man bivy, and zero degree bag, you should be nice and warm at night." (I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy now, thanks!)

"As for the bears, there have been some getting into trouble in the Wild Basin area this year (not to far from where we will hike, camp and fish).  A lot of sightings and camp robbing shenanagins. (Hmmm...Shenanigans?) Silly bears.  With the bear spray, we should be okay, but we'll definitely want to take all the bear precautions.  It really could be quite the adventure! (One that I would never forget!)  I think it will be a challenge, but I definitely think the challenge would pay off with some great fishing.  You know those guys at high elevation will be HUNGRY! (I won't comment there)  Let me know what you think about his proposal." 
Ohhh, you don't want to sleep with BEARS??!!
Hmmm...There's that word again...  Ok guys, I'm not amused.  You know that many of my posts have been about running from bears, bison, snakes...etc. etc.  So, I'm shaking my head and wondering what in the heck have I gotten myself into.   Maybe my online blogging friends really think that I seek out my wildlife encounters...not really!!  Believe me.  So, I'm thinking that maybe I better give Stephanie a call and see what this is really about...if we really have to hike up high to find low, clear water to fish.  All I heard on the other end of the line was laughing...HAHAHA!
Ya know, I have always been a trusting soul and to some extreme, yes.. gullible.  And I got snickered into believing a great "Shenanigan" that was put together by Midgeman and Steph.  Thanks, my friends.  I was laughing for a few days and shaking my head.  How bloggers can get bored by fishing carp and such when there is heavy run-off!!!  You guys are great.  I know that the blog love is there because you wouldn't have gone to all that trouble making up such a story...ugh...right???  So, haha on RD and wait until I arrive in Fort Collins!!  : ) 

PS:  I hear that the river flows are slowly getting better and there are some really nice lakes to fish too...!!  (Carp...? I have never caught one yet)   And I can't wait to meet everyone signed up so far...It's going to be a great weekend.  The "tall" fishtales will be very interesting at the group dinner...I'm sure.  Well, at least mine... : ) 

PPS:  Yes, Rod did write to me and told me that his email was TOTAL "bull...."!!  Thanks, Rod. 
All is forgiven.  I'm a good sport. 

And I will tell OWL the same thing as Rod told me..."Take good care and watch out for those damn bears!"


Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Getting Jiggy With It" - Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style that wasn't quite the "jiggy" I did yesterday.  Yes, the Damsel went "outside the box" yesterday...and learned something new.  The fly rod was put aside for just a few hours while the spin rod was put into action and placed into the pvc pipe on my float tube.  I know, I know...this is not a usual thing for me to do...but, when frustration happens like I have been feeling with my still water fishing lately, a call for change occurs...and I knew who could make me a believer of jigging with a spin rod.  My friend Craig.  A group of us left at 3:30 AM  yesterday in search of tiger trout, cutthroats, rainbows, and brookies in the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

One of the few roads that doesn't have road construction in Utah!

After 3 hours or so, we made it to our first destination.  Duck Fork Reservoir is located in a meadow near the head of a glacial valley in Ferron Canyon, high on the east side of the Wasatch Plateau...9500 ft high.  You can see the, while those in the Salt Lake Valley had a 90 degree day, we enjoyed the 70 degree temps...

Duck Fork Reservoir
The water was beautiful and clear.  The alpine setting was breathtaking!  I love my mountains.  That's why I live in Utah, truth be told.  So, we unloaded and set up the float tubes and journeyed out on our kicking adventure.  Tiger trout were abundant. My friends were catching awesome numbers.  Me, well, I was still waiting for my fly rod to come to life!!

This is beauty...
There were several lakes in the general area.  We moved on to Ferron Reservoir for a quick lesson in casting jigs.  Now, I wasn't quite sure how this was going to feel with a spin rod in my hand.  But, I was willing to learn, as I was finding that the fish were slow to go after the flies that I was putting out to them.  Jig casting...very easy technique and setup.  Ok...I was good with that!! : )  So then, we moved on to take a look at Willow Lake and Wrigley Springs...weren't quite impressed enough to fish there, so we got back on the road...

The Road To Happy Trout!!

 We arrived at Grassy Lake.  Rainbow, Tigers, and a surprise species!!  I was ready to test out my newly found skills as a spin caster...Ha.  The "jigging" was a success.  Some very "friendly" tigers and one with kind of sharp teeth...Did he really want me to leave the hook in his mouth???

Surprise!!  20 inch brown trout...Sorry, camera went into B/W mode by accident on a few pics!

"Incoming" was starting to be a common word...what great fishing to be had.  "Pop", "Reel"..."Pop", Reel" went through my head for the last part of the day.  I hooked into Tiger Trout and Rainbow Trout.  Then, came the surprise of the day...what in the world???

Holy ALBINO!!!  A nice, healthy 16 incher...My first!

It was hard to decide when it was time to leave...but, as dusk approached, we packed things up and headed home.  Nothing like getting home at almost midnight after a full day of fishing...Tired?  My best day of still water fishing yet.  With a spin rod and a minnow...who would have thought that RD could be "converted" into a lake "spinner" gal!!   We had about 50 fish between (Of course, my coach had the main part of that!) 

Holding the "golden" minnow...
So, my advice today would be to keep your mind open to new methods and ideas that might embellish your fishing knowledge and skills.  Don't think that one way is the best way.  It might be your "preferred" way to fish, but there are other techniques that can provide enjoyment on the water.  I never thought that I would be a Czech nympher on the river and now it looks like I might be holding that spin rod and "getting a little jiggy with it" on the still waters...All is well! As long as you are having fun...(And catching a few fish doesn't hurt either!)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Iron Will...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Sunday Tippet:  Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY!  This would be my most common train of thought throughout my life!!  If I really want to do something, I find the path or method to make it happen...that's just me!  I'm not one to roll over and say to myself  "Maybe it just isn't supposed to happen".  I guess it would be a lot easier that way, but, where does that get you???   Nowhere.  If you really want to go on that vacation, then get a second job temporarily to cover it. think that I must have a strong will. Maybe in some things.  I have never accomplished anything without trying.  But, this past month with a few health complications, I have had to acquire, let's call "Iron Will".  And I have learned a lot about myself.  Without having my full eyesight for a few weeks was a scary time.  I am happy to say that after treatments, I am pretty much good as new.  I thank the Lord for that.  And I thank all of those who had me in their thoughts and prayers.  And the excellent doctors that have been a great support.  Sometimes your world might feel like it is stopping, but life goes on.  And it's YOU that chooses how to go on with it.  Which I have...I guess that I am always ready for another journey. 

So, Let's talk fishing...yesterday, in fact.  Didn't go too far away, as the rivers were still running high.  So,  I journeyed over to Mini Lake XYZ as I call it...

And on my first cast...wallah!!  (Honestly, this is the first time that a first cast produced this kind of fish!  I was a very happy girl)  And the friends watching were quite amazed also...heehee.  

There was a mingling of blugills that I tried to get later on...but, they just scratched and sniffed...haha
We will go back to them next time...  : )  I wanted to just reach out and net them as they slurped towards the top of the water!

Some beautiful foilage next to Mini Lake XYZ...

Lastly, there is another "Will" that you need to check out...Will King is one of my newer reads on the OBN ...The Riparian Corridor...Stories From Home Water.  A pretty well rounded blog that includes rod building posts, contests and entertaining fishing adventures.  You will enjoy the read.  He is also on Facebook.  So, stop by and add a "follow"!!  He's had a pretty busy past week with a new baby and all, but I'm sure that there is a great post just around the corner... : )

Well,  I had better get back to planning for my Rocky Mtn. Frenzy adventure coming up...If anyone else wants to join with us in the Fort Collins, Co. area from Aug. 10-14th and you are not on the list to the right...just  email me and I will add you on!   Hope EVERYONE has a great week...Keep smiling! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"BAT-errr...Up" !!!

                                                            Howards Bats of Colorado

Oh...aren't they cute??? Something to take home to Mother...  : )

So, what are my chances of catching a bat instead of a fish (accidently of course!) when I head out to Colorado in August?  Howard says that there are a few bats out there.  Is it possible that when my fly rod gets cast up into the air, that I could end up with a bat at the end of my line instead of a brown trout??? Hmmm...Are these legends or truths?  I thought that maybe it was time that I check things out...and here is what I found.....

Does it mean anything that this guy has a smile on his face???

Myths and misconceptions aside, bats are astonishing animals. They are the only true flying mammals. Unlike "flying" squirrels and "flying" lemurs, which merely glide, bats are capable of powered flight. And they are remarkably adept at it, surpassing in many ways even the considerable skills of birds. A bat flying at 40 miles per hour can make a right-angle turn in little more than the length of its body.  That means one thing to me...GET THE H...OUT OF THE WAY!!!

MIAMI, FL USA - APR. 22: Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez bats during the ninth inning of the Colorado Rockies vs. Florida Marlins game April 22, 2011 in Miami, FL. Stock Photo - 9386754Now, chances are, that I will more likely find a Colorado "bat" of this sort while I am there... : )   I could easily take in a ballgame one night!!  Go Rockies!!!

What do you think about RD being a college "Batgirl"?? 


                   Ok.  Back to those other bats for a minute.  How do you like my new t-shirt for the trip? 

And for wading in those Colorado rivers...some new neoprenes with boots!...

                                               No...that's just not me...Sorry...Let's try again.

                                       Yep... Watch out Owl Jones!!!  Camo is out...RD fashionware is in!

                Lastly,  here is my favorite role model of them all (j/k) ...the one, the only..."Batgirl" herself!!
                                                               Extra bat points for watching...        

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Taste Of High Water Fly Fishing

Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style...

There is always a moment that every parent waits for...when a child, errr...teenager...,  decides to take you up on an offer to share a day trip somewhere.  Much to my surprise, my son, Ryan, who turned 16 Saturday...asked me if I would take him fishing yesterday.  I have asked him many times before, but you know...not cool to go with your mom!  Well, I knew that there was a reason why I bought my new Patagonia waders one size too big and too long!!!  Very handy today indeed!  Silly RD bought XLong Mens waders a few months back because they were the last pair at a half off sale!...Can you say "clown feet"?  Ya.  Anyway, it worked out fine today, as my son is 6'6 and 250 (Offensive Lineman and just a little bigger than Rufus T.)  And one of my good ol' fly shops that I visit often, loaned me some Size 15 hopes that this will stick and we will buy some down the road.  : ) Very nice of them too.. Now, the only drawback Saturday was that the freaking water was the highest I have ever seen the Provo River get...1400 cfs.  The average is 400?  And I fished two weeks ago in the 700 range, which wasn't too bad.  But, this was incredible to say the least!

But, it was his birthday...and this is the only thing he wanted to do.  He could have spent the day with friends and hung out, but he chose me.  So, we packed up and headed out.  I had looked at the river reports the night before and I knew the challenge that we were facing, as they did another dam release.  I thought that we might find some slower water along the banks to practice in, I told him that we would give it our best shot.  We had our gear lesson and put on our a few pictures and took the long walk to where I thought we would have our best chance of hooking into a fish.  Ryan is a pretty athletically gifted kid and learns very fast.  In fact, his casting was pretty darn good for a new student.  He will show me up in no time!  Haha.

Raging Waters...

Calmer waters, but still high...
About an hour and a half passed and we could see that the challenge was not just tough fishing, but there was also a safety factor involved.  We did get in some practice which was good though and hopefully Ryan's small taste of fly fishing will beckon him back to try it again.  And so we decided to pack up and have some lunch down the road at a Mexican restaurant with a huge salsa bar!  And then, to get the best ice cream to cool us off on a scorching 95 degree day...Yummy!...Got to feed a growing teenager, you know!!  Lol.

Sunday Tippet:  Even in the worst of conditions, you can make some good things happen.  Quantity time is always good, but Quality time is even more important.  Make the most of your family time together...And NEVER give up on a hunch or a hope that something might break through with one of your children.  Kids are sometimes as unpredictable as "high water"... Just be there, ready for them!