Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Farm Adventure

Old McDonald had a farm... E-I-E-I-O...  Well, I don't think that it was his farm that I visited in Cody, Wyoming.  But, it was one of the most fun places that I have visited in a long time.  I met up with my new Facebook friend, Mia, who has quite a few animals on her ten acres with husband, Bob.  Let's see, a rooster who was quite proud of his harem.  Twenty hens that belonged to the said rooster.  Three beautiful horses that Mia has taken great care of.  Three cats including one that likes to sit on the roof of the barn and be the watch cat.  Five dogs that were my official greeters.  And last, but not least... Chiquita, the donkey!  Hahahaha.  Why a donkey on the farm?  To shoo away those predators like coyotes and foxes that look for a good meal of eggs a la golden rod.  You learn something every day! 

See the cat?

So, I'm going to try to summarize the four days like this...

I spent two days fishing the Wind River and the North Shoshone with my friends, Larry and Tina...  Larry has a great talent of tying some amazing flies.  You can find him on Facebook.  His page is "Underthebridge Flies".  They both are incredible people.  We had so much fun.

And then, I fished the third day with my friends, Mia and Chaz on the Shoshone.  I put in a hour or so the night before on the Big Horn (In WY), but it was so mossy and low, that we decided to head to the Shoshone.  One run in particular, was money.  These two are so awesome to hang with...

Yes, my friends in Wyoming have quite the fish!  

And no adventure is complete unless you throw a damsel in the mix.  Ha!  On my way out... I found a few rainbows of my own.

Yes, there were great fish.  Yes, there was great scenery.  But, most of all... there was camaradarie like no other.  These friends are special.  They went over and beyond to make my trip so enjoyable.   And the fresh farm eggs were the icing on the cake.  =)  

Please take a minute or two to see what I am talking about!  
The Farm Adventure...