Sunday, July 10, 2011

Iron Will...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Sunday Tippet:  Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY!  This would be my most common train of thought throughout my life!!  If I really want to do something, I find the path or method to make it happen...that's just me!  I'm not one to roll over and say to myself  "Maybe it just isn't supposed to happen".  I guess it would be a lot easier that way, but, where does that get you???   Nowhere.  If you really want to go on that vacation, then get a second job temporarily to cover it. think that I must have a strong will. Maybe in some things.  I have never accomplished anything without trying.  But, this past month with a few health complications, I have had to acquire, let's call "Iron Will".  And I have learned a lot about myself.  Without having my full eyesight for a few weeks was a scary time.  I am happy to say that after treatments, I am pretty much good as new.  I thank the Lord for that.  And I thank all of those who had me in their thoughts and prayers.  And the excellent doctors that have been a great support.  Sometimes your world might feel like it is stopping, but life goes on.  And it's YOU that chooses how to go on with it.  Which I have...I guess that I am always ready for another journey. 

So, Let's talk fishing...yesterday, in fact.  Didn't go too far away, as the rivers were still running high.  So,  I journeyed over to Mini Lake XYZ as I call it...

And on my first cast...wallah!!  (Honestly, this is the first time that a first cast produced this kind of fish!  I was a very happy girl)  And the friends watching were quite amazed also...heehee.  

There was a mingling of blugills that I tried to get later on...but, they just scratched and sniffed...haha
We will go back to them next time...  : )  I wanted to just reach out and net them as they slurped towards the top of the water!

Some beautiful foilage next to Mini Lake XYZ...

Lastly, there is another "Will" that you need to check out...Will King is one of my newer reads on the OBN ...The Riparian Corridor...Stories From Home Water.  A pretty well rounded blog that includes rod building posts, contests and entertaining fishing adventures.  You will enjoy the read.  He is also on Facebook.  So, stop by and add a "follow"!!  He's had a pretty busy past week with a new baby and all, but I'm sure that there is a great post just around the corner... : )

Well,  I had better get back to planning for my Rocky Mtn. Frenzy adventure coming up...If anyone else wants to join with us in the Fort Collins, Co. area from Aug. 10-14th and you are not on the list to the right...just  email me and I will add you on!   Hope EVERYONE has a great week...Keep smiling! 


  1. Waking up on Sunday morning with no tippets is like walking outside and finding the paperboy missed your house...glad you're back to "normal".

  2. Howard ~ How funny...That paperboy needs to stop throwing it next door!!! Maybe next week, he will get it right... ; )

  3. RD
    Of all the senses I would hate to loose the sight. I am really glad you are back on the water and landing some nice trout. Awesome first cast, I haven't been there as of yet.

  4. Bill ~ Maybe it had something to do with the "black gnat" at the end of the line...yep...I forgot to mention that!!

  5. Nice full belly on that there trout!

  6. Glad to hear you are able to see again! YAY!

    I need to shoot you an email about our might end up being a super frenzied frenzy! :)

  7. Bigerrr- This secret water produces some fatties...that's for sure!

    Stepf- Hmm...sounds like something is up! Email...

  8. Scratch and sniff bluegills...that is funny! Good job on the first cast "Shrek" like rainbow...that thing is a monster!

    Glad to hear that your eye is better, that is great news for the CO adventure!

    You have a great attitude towards life, thanks for sharing your tippets :-)

  9. Sanders ~ Let's just hope the Colorado rivers settle a bit! And if they don't...well...lakes anyone?

  10. Love it when a big boy hooks into your tippet. Great post