Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Step Behind...

So, Howard has called me out.  He says that it's time for a blog post.  I have lots of excuses. But mostly, this winter has consisted of a few cold outings to lakes and rivers without much fanfare. 

 A fish here and there and a cup of hot chocolate waiting for me when I get home.  

December and January are always challenging fishing months. 

First, to find lakes with open water or rivers with deep pools and possibly a midge hatch to fill up a winter's day.  Second, to find fish that are willing to move a little in their deeper winter homes.

Today started a little later than usual.  Waking up early to meet up with friends, my body just wasn't wanting to move.  So, I sat down to tie a few flies.  Then, I threw a batch of cookies in the oven.  I figured that I might as well have some trail food for my friends.  I then started packing my gear.  It was 9:00 am.  I was supposed to meet up at 8.  Well, better late than never, I guess.  But, I was still feeling a step behind the whole way.  Maybe the fresh 
air would do me good.

It was fishing.  Not catching.  And the still air had no sounds of fish rising.  It happens. Sometimes you have to dig down deep to get what you are after.  A stick of TNT might have helped.  Just kidding.  At least there wasn't any wind... Ha!  So, fishing became more like casting practice.  I casted out, waited ten seconds for the weighted wooley bugger to drop, strip... strip... strip.  Wait a few seconds.  Strip, strip, strip.  Repeat.  

Then, all of a sudden, a grab of my fly and poof!  I stood there dumbfounded as to why I didn't set that hook!  Was I asleep?  I guess so...  There wasn't a fish to the net.  There wasn't a streamer at the end of my line either.  All that was left was a River Damsel standing alone shaking her head for having slow reflexes on this cold winter day...  

Sometimes it is better to stay in bed.  =)