Sunday, February 26, 2017

Home Water ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

February was a month of staying close by and fishing home water.  As I have had friends come into town on a few occasions the past few weeks, the normal choice was to hit the "infamous" Provo River.   Between record snowstorms and low temps, we found a few decent days.  Oh, wait.  one day was a little windy,,, 
35 mph winds, but the fish did not care.  And I just added a 
few weights on the line.  =)

My friend, Holly, from up north of about an hour and a half, came down for the day and we put on a "clinic"!  So much fun.

Then, Jose and Whitney, from Nevada, came to town.  It was time for them to escape from all of the high water and Pyramid Lake opening up late.  They were in need of some good fishing!  It was good to see Cheris and Giezi too.  There was plenty of room for us to fish as the winds kept people home.  Their loss! 

We all had a great time on the water.  Many fish to be had.  And the fun part of sharing your home water with others is that they usually return the favor,..  So, my "Sunday Tippet" is this...
Be a trusted friend and a good fishing buddy.  Share your rivers and lakes with others.  Learn from your friends, as they also learn from you.  Share a good meal.  That's a must!  Haha.  And always have gratitude in your heart for the times that you can spend with your friends.  Near and far...  Have a great rest of the month, y'all!