Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reelin' Back 2012 ~ Damsel Style

Ahhh...  "Memories.  Like the corners of my mind...  Misty water-colored memories..."  Oh, hello there.  Don't mind me, I'm just rehashing reflecting back like a lot of bloggers do at this time of year.  Whew! Yes, the RD Adventure Train was on the fast track.  If I was to post up all of the places that I have journeyed to in 2012... Well, let's not go there.  That's 100+ days on the water!  We just don't have the time or space.  And we surely don't want to bore you with a lengthy recollection as "Troutrageous" has written about.  No, let's just keep it...  

First of all, I don't have just 5 memories favorites... 

Or 6 (Don't go to sleep, Mike!)  I have the lucky #7.  But, hey, you just can't cut off the last two because they came late in the game...

 1. Wayne  2. Alan  3. Jimmy  4. Donny 5. Jay  6. Marie 7. Merrill 
Ok, now that I have impressed you with my vast knowledge of The Osmonds...

RD's "Fab 7" Fishin' Trips in 2012
(In no specific order...Because all my trips kick...a#*!)

7.  The Ruby River, MT. ~ My first arctic grayling... Yes, it was a big deal.  Only a few rivers in the U.S. have this species...

Thanks, Maynard...  For helping me find Mr. Grayling instead of Mr... ???

6.  The Madison River, MT. ~ I can always count on a nice brown on the Maddy... Hence, it is always on my list each year to search and destroy revisit. 

5.  Yellowstone River, YNP, WY. ~ I wasn't sure that I wanted to make the climb down... But, the fat rainbow was worth it and that bear spray gave me all the confidence in the world.  Ha.  Yes, I did carry it on me throughout the park.


4.  The Beaverhead, MT.  ~  This became a semi-annual trek for me because I had such a great trip the first time.   Maynard and Ernie were great fishing buddies!  And the taco bus was "muy bueno"!

3.  Flaming Gorge ~ Green River, UT. ~ A river only four hours from home and now becoming one of my favorites...  Not only does it have scenery maximus, but the bruisers that lie beneath are second to none.  Incredible...
Just ask my friends, Jeri and Willis (aka: Big Will) !! 

Talk to me...  Mr. Brown Trout!

2.  River X ~ Somewhere out of state, out of mind!  Another great journey to find big, brown trout that taunt like no others...  Always a great time fishing with Rebecca each year.  This time, I even got to be the "net gal" for the biggun' because of the strong current... Screams?  YES!  It was a hoot...        

Was I happy to find this guy on my last
 cast at dusk?  Heck, YES!!!

Is everyone still with me?  Squatch, are you awake?  Certainly hope so... because

1.  Ham's Fork, WY. ~ With none other than Mr. Troutrageous (aka: Tenkara Sasquatch)  You know, when you get to host someone from back East, you try to find water and scenery that will be different...  Well, we certainly found a beautiful spot with a lot of fish (Bonus!)  I thank T! for joining me on his "off day" while attending the Tenkara Summit in Salt Lake City.  We even had a bit of Smokey and the Bandit action at the end of the trip... Haha.

Now, roll your R's..."Tenkarrrra"!

Yes, there will be a lot of great memories from 2012.  The River Damsel visited many beautiful locations and fished with a lot of just "down to earth", fantastic people!  What more could you ask for?  The only thing left to do this year is to attend Howard's New Year's Eve Party. 

Bwahahaha!!!  Fly Fishing Bloggers do the craziest things...

              And Howard, I'm afraid that I will have to wear my Halloween costume...  = )
It's all that I have on short notice!

Ok... It's getting late and it's time for you to read another 2012 blogger's recap.  Just remember... It's all about making the MEMORIES!!  Here's to 2013 and many more...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Good Tidings Of Great Joy

From my house to yours...
mend a quarrel.
Seek out a forgotten friend.
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with
trust.  Write a letter.  Give a soft answer.
Encourage youth.  Manifest your 
loyalty in word and deed.  Keep a promise.
Forgo a grudge.  Forgive an enemy.  Apologize.
Try to understand.  Examine your demands on others.
Think first of someone else.  Be kind.  Be gentle.
Laugh a little more. Express your gratitude.  Welcome
a stranger.  Gladden the heart of a child.  Take pleasure in
the beauty and wonder of the earth.  Speak your love and
then speak
it again.

 Howard W. Hunter

May all of my dearest friends and family have a joyous holiday season... 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

With Love,


Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Simply Call Her "Mom" ~ Sunday Tippets, Ryan Style

Born in Glendale Memorial Hospital (CA.) in the late part of the Mesozoic era, comes the woman many of you know as the River Damsel. I simply call her mom. As well as being an "amazing" fisher (her self-title) she is an "amazing" mom (my title). The River Damsel is like a two sided coin. On one side, there is a fishing pole with flies, tippet, and falling down in the river. But on the other side, there is a woman who has cared for 4 children most of her life and is very good at doing it. Most of you know the side of fishing like the back of your hand, but I'm here to show you that this crazy fishing lady doesn't just live on the river!

Since the very beginning, she has been a strong and amazing woman. At my birth, I was 10 pounds 1 ounce and 23 inches long! That in itself shows her super courage and strength, considering that I am now 6'6" and 265 pounds! The first sport I ever participated in was skiing with my mom. It was a fun time with her, but eventually she knew that we'd both have more fun if she put me in a class to learn the right way, and she would do her double black diamonds. I have hung up my skis since then, but I did enjoy that time with her!

Her support in my athletics is second to none. I attribute all of my accomplishments in my sports to her. Even though she doesn't understand my sports, pay attention the whole time, or know how to get to them she always comes to my games. Back in the day when I couldn't drive, is where she would shine the brightest. Rushing home from work to get me to practice just so I could be on time! My life did flash before my eyes a few times....

Not everyone is able to say that they are a mother. I feel like it is an honor (and a burden depending on the children) to be one. I feel like I don't give her too much stress, which is good! No matter what anyone says, my mom is the best. She'd do anything for anyone especially me. Is she the greatest fisher in the world? Definitely not! She would be the first to tell you that! But, the greatest mother in the world? Definitely yes! One thing is for sure, I would not be able to survive without this woman. She is the greatest. Love you Mom! 

-Ryan Blankenship

Wow...When Ryan came up to me the other day and said that he wanted to write on my blog...well, I wondered what was up... I promised not to edit because he wanted to do this all on his own.  I think that he might have aspirations of being a writer someday!  We don't know how long on this earth we each have... Give all the hugs and kisses you can to those you love.   Appreciate the times you have together.  And be a best friend to your children to keep that communication open.  I am truly grateful for the little things in life that make up the big picture...  A blessed mother I am.   = ) 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who's "Fish Crazy" ???

From my buddy, Howard at Windknots and Tangled Lines, comes this posting on Facebook regarding my recent fishing trip... "If you can't say anything else about the River Damsel you have to admit she's dedicated to being crazy. Just sayin' Great photos Em."  Now, knowing Howard like I do, I'm sure he meant this in the kindest way and totally tongue in cheek.  (He just hates the cold)   And the "crazy" part... Well, he had to mean "fish crazy", right? 

Because I am one of the most level headed, hard working, every day gals that you could ever meet.  That being said, if Howard means that it is crazy to go to the bank, the doughnut shop, a doctors appt., lock my keys in the car (for the 2nd time in my life...really) and wait for the locksmith, then head up the canyon to fish at 1:00 pm when the planned road trip was supposed to be 11:30 am... and finding it still a nippy 28 degrees with snow on the ground, well my friends... you decide.  But, I would like to think that I am well organized (except for the keys) and I know how to prioritize and get things done...

So, I had two hours to fish.  El Provo was the designated spot.  I already had my rod set up to save time.  On the water at 2:00 pm.  Fortunately, I already had my homework done on what flies to use.  Put on a wine San Juan worm with a black zebra midge 22.  A half hour went by and it was time to change up.  I really wanted to keep that midge on, but since they weren't biting, I had to go smaller.  Now, how does a gal with long fingernails hold a 24 midge in her fingers?  It was a struggle, but we got it tied on.  A few casts later, BOOM!  "Incoming"!!!   A small fry, but a fish none the less.  The skunk was off...  And we like that!  = )

A gorgeous day... A few inches of pow pow two days before...

And the San Juan and the Zebra midge were my friends for the next hour.

Yes, there was new snow in the Park City area and the air was brisk.  Yes, I had to make fresh tracks where no one had ventured out yet.  And yes, I had three layers on and neoprene gloves to stay warm.

But, if you know how to dress in the winter, you can stay warm enough to fish for a few hours.  I'm not saying to stay out there all day like you would in the summer.

It's just good to get out and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, catch a few fish and call it a day after two hours.   
Now, what's crazy about that?


Who's maybe a little bit "Fish Crazy"?  Ok... I admit it.


And who was the hero for the day?  Definitely, this guy.