Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dog Days Of Summer ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

When I fish a tailwater, I have an army of sow bugs in my box.  It's my go-to fly.  And it doesn't happen too often that I don't catch on a sow bug.  Well, yesterday was all pale morning dun nymphs.  I thought that the brown trout would get tired of those little PMD's, but nooo.  They kept chasing those size 18's and 20's and giving me a strength test down river.  Who needs to go to the gym to lift?  These browns had shoulder strength that left me sitting on the bank taking a rest after they were netted.  But, I'm not complaining.  I will always welcome a good fight and my arm feeling like jello afterwards.

This summer heat has me fishing in the morning hours and getting off the water earlier.  It's not good for me or the trout.  I'm about ready for winter again.  I'm a girl that would rather fish with snowflakes falling on my nose than brushing off horse flies.  Haha. 

One thing about summer heat, it has helped my diet.  You don't feel like eating as much when you are hot.  You tend to drink more water and stay hydrated.  I've been drinking 3/4 gal of water each day and since Feb., I have lost 34 lbs.  Lots of watermelon, cottage cheese, and fresh veggies lately.  Doesn't that sound yummy?  Lol.  Well, we are getting it done anyhow... Downside of weight loss... Baggy waders!  

The dog days of summer.  Keep em' wet.  Send em' off quickly.

~ Sunday Tippets ~

When you find a fly pattern that undeniably works, put on two of them.  Double your chances!  I just had a friend put on two dries, same pattern.  First time ever, she had a double catch on two dries!  Crazy stuff.  When nymphing, I use a slightly larger attractor ahead of my end fly.  But, if I am constantly catching on that end fly... Heck, double it up!  No need for the attractor.  Two PMD's was all I needed.  And my line often has two sow bugs, one tan and one grey.  If that bug is what they are taking... Give it to them!  =)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bringing Up The Rear ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

As a long month of packing up and moving has come to an end, I finally can sit here and write.   Moving is never fun.  And when you have collected items over the years, it makes it all that much harder.  So, two dumpsters later... Yes, here we are.  Same town, just a different view out the window.   I certainly could never have done it without some special kids and neighbors who helped us out moving the big stuff.   A big thank you to them.  Wow, I don't know if I have ever gone this long without fishing.  I can tell you though, I certainly hope I don't have to do it again soon!  Just like fishermen get cabin fever in the winter, I got packing fever in the summer.  So much worse, let me tell you!

So, I finally got out this past week or so to see if I could remember how to catch a fish.  And with some good friends joining me, it made for a very memorable trip to the river.  I had a special invite to float some big water in Wyoming.  Who can say no to that???  So, off we went.  Dark thirty in the morning, but so worth the lack of sleep.  I am a back seat person.  Don't know why.  But, I like to climb in the back seat of a truck and the back seat of a boat.  Haha. The back seat in church too!  Maybe it's the birdseye view over everyone that I like.  Hey, it's much easier than turning around and carrying on a conversation.  See what I mean?  Or easier to sleep till we get to the river...  Haha.

Yes, these were made the night before...  Why I didn't get much sleep.  Oh well.  They were enjoyed.

Bingo.  I remembered how.  Just put on a sowbug.  =)

Our friend, Griff, in the other boat with a nice bow...

And a nice cuttie for Mark!

Charlie and his dad, Chuck, getting into feesh!

Charlie always showing us how it is done.  =)

Maybe It's the hat.

All in all, we had a stellar day on the water.
Friends laughing, catching fish and enjoying the outdoors.
Thanks to Charlie for putting it together...

And I did just fine sitting in the back.

~Sunday Tippet ~

Sitting in the back allows more perspective on what's going on.

Sitting in the back gives you time to put on your make up.
Sitting in the back allows one to get some shut eye.
Sitting in the back lets you eat your pb m&m's.

See... There are some advantages!

Have a great week... =)