Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WHAT Yesterday Brought!

Well, we haven't had a "stupid pet trick" by RD in here's one.   What can happen the day after you go "live" with a new url and receive recognition from the OBN?  Let me tell you...I was warned by a few fellow bloggers that I would be wading deep into a swamp.  That my next few days would be jinxed...

Yesterday morning started out as a beautiful, cool summer morning.  A nice stack of brown trout in my favorite recent find...Big Cottonwood.  A few caddis flying around my head and a chance to catch on the dry fly...Caught a couple on an Owl's caddis and RD's special Key Lime caddis. 

But then, my luck ran out...or the "Swamp Thing" took over.  Not quite sure.  I was putting back a beautiful 11 in Brown, which I believe is the biggest trout I have seen in this little creek.  And as I raised up my rod to get my camera out of my pocket, the fly rammed itself into the crease of my index finger...full on!  Ok...three years in and I haven't ever had a real problem in getting out a barb.  But, this one was different...It wanted to come home with me!!  I instantly thought of the blog that I had just read before I headed out that morning...  It was a guest post on Owl one of my faves, D. Nash of My Leaky Waders.  Coincidence?  Here's an excerpt:

"1. Make sure you are up to date on your tetanus boosters/immunizations. (I wasn't...but now I am!)
 2. When the conditions arise for difficult casting, stay focused. (Or pay attention and know where that fly is!)
 3. If the hook goes past the barb, be prepared to either pull very hard, get something sharp, or go to the   emergency room or your primary care specialist." (And down the road I went!)

So, down the canyon WE drove...a 15 min ride.  And then on to the Instacare...yeah, my favorite place.  Not!  Well, for today, it was anyway.  I felt pretty stupid walking in with the Mr. Caddis attached to my finger.  They just looked at me in bewilderment!  I don't think it was like they never saw a fish hook in a finger before...but, it was more like...Who is this fisherwoman with the waders and boots on???


After numbing my finger with a shot (deep enough to probably make that fly pop out on its own), the toughest part of the journey was over. OUCH!  A nice, young doctor took some dental floss and placed it under the bend in the hook and pushed down on the head of the hook and pulled...wallah!!  I was free of my little friend...  Oh, maybe not...they put him in a "specimen" bottle for me to bring home.  Haha.

How would you take a barb out that is run deep?  I will take suggestions now... (Remember...I have a low threshold for pain)  If I hear of a different way for this removal process that wouldn't have shortened up my fishing day...comment away!

Oh, and by the way, you are now on  There was only one little glitch with the transition.  I did lose my blog roll. (Like others that have done this)  So, back to the drawing board to make a new list.  If you would like to be included on my side bar...just let me know.  Let's hope the swamp jinx is over...  

Monday, August 29, 2011

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Once upon a time...a flyfishing crazy kind of girl...
Today was an exciting day, here on The River Damsel...You see, I found myself reading an email that I was picked to join two other bloggers and be featured as a "Blogger of the Week" on the Outdoor Blogger Network!!    Now, this is really an honor.  So many talented bloggers out there.  And it got me thinking... Did I think that I would still be writing on this blog after 9 mos?  Mmmm...Not sure.  I honestly didn't know if this would take off at all...I knew that I had some interesting adventures in the past, but what would I write about after those were posted?  Well, after 125 posts and 1400 comments...I guess that I'm still on my feet!  (Which is good, considering my sense of balance these days!) new boots are WONDERFUL! 
Turned into a flyfishing-blogger crazy kind of girl...
(My last blog header was a creation by Owl Jones and Cofisher!)
Well, it's a funny thing...this blogger network of outdoor enthusiasts.  You see, we find all sorts of things to write about...although our blogs are still  centered on our favorite outdoor pastime... With fly fishing twice a week, it isn't hard to find something to post after my adventure out.  But, what about the rest of the time?  That's what I had to think about...What would interest readers other than that?

That's when Sunday Tippets came to play.  I wanted to write about something that meant something to me personally or something that I had been thinking about that might get others to think and ponder.  Some kind of topic that would be an uplift and a positive experience.  A post that would start off the week right!  I hope that it has been that.  I sure do enjoy sharing random, but serious thoughts besides funny ones!

(The Flower is the River Damsel)
Now, it seems that everything is happening all at once!  You see, The River Damsel is going to make a few changes around here pretty soon.  Maybe by the weekend.  It could get interesting... Hopefully everyone will be re-directed straight to my new website starting tomorrow...   We are expanding and going to have some fun in the very near future!  There will be a couple of extra tabs up at the top that will link you to a new and exciting format...that is, well...a secret for now.  Rebecca and Owl are both worried that I might get the "Swamp Thing" when OBN bestowed the "Blogger of the Week" honors to Owl at the same time that he was changing his website address awhile back.  So, let's hope that "Swampy" will stay away!

In closing, I would like to thank a few of those that have helped me thus far to make this whole blog work...and who have had faith in me along the way.  I know that it wouldn't have been the same without you...

My internet advisors:  You know who they are!  When I have technical questions...they have the answers! : )
(There's only ONE Owl!)

My Comic Relief:  The Ones that keep me laughing and realizing that life is just too short to worry too long!

My Inspiration to become a better writer...                  My Inspiration to become a better fly fisher...        

So, what will tomorrow bring?  Hopefully, more laughs, amazing stories, and more sharing of my love for fly fishing... (Oh yeah, tomorrow is Fish Tuesday!)   Thanks Rebecca, for starting all of this. : )  Thanks to all of those who provide enjoyable reading for me each day.  You are all an inspiration and are so very talented in your own special way.   

Cardboard Kirk "tries" to hang with us...haha

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Too Hot To Trot" Or Fish!...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Goodness!  I got out of bed yesterday morning, all excited for my fishing day.  I knew that it would be on the warm side.  So, I planned on leaving early...about 7 am.  It wasn't early enough.  By the time I got there and geared was 8:30.  (Yes, took me 30 min at the car)  Got that out of the way...haha.  So, I'm looking at the temp in the car and it says 65 degrees.  A smile comes to my face.  Only a handful of cars in the parking lot.  Yep, all is good.  I put on my sunscreen, even though I plan on leaving before noon.  The frozen bottle of water is added to my pack. I just don't do well in heat.  In fact, let's tell the truth here.  If I could live in Alaska, I would.  


The grasshoppers are out!  So are the caddis...It is definitely a top water morning.  Cast after cast, I come up with nothing.  Before I know it, I am getting a little warm...I'm thinking that it doesn't feel like 65 degrees anymore!  It's time for action... The frozen bottle of water which is still 2/3 frozen, goes down my shirt.  There we go...feeling much better!  I sat down in the shade and watched and listened.  Never saw a fish rise.  Not one.  Too hot for them too!  I don't usually throw in the towel after two and a half hours...but, that is what I did.  I was just not feeling good...kinda dizzy like. ( comments!)  I had another bottle of water that I drank to make sure that I wouldn't get dehydrated.  So, I knew that wasn't effecting me.  I just don't like heat. So, I walked back to the car.  The temp now at 11:30 am was 92 degrees.  What?  You tell me how it goes up 30 degrees in 3 hours?...No, nothing wrong with the car electronics.  After the car was all loaded up, I knew where the next stop would be... 


 If you must be out in the heat:
  • Photo of woman relaxing in the shade.Limit your outdoor activity to morning and evening hours.
  • Cut down on exercise. If you must exercise, drink two to four glasses of cool, nonalcoholic fluids each hour.  A sports beverage can replace the salt and minerals you lose in sweat. Warning: If you are on a low-salt diet, talk with your doctor before drinking a sports beverage. Remember the warning in the first “tip” (above), too.
  • Try to rest often in shady areas.
  • Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat (also keeps you cooler) and sunglasses and by putting on sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher (the most effective products say “broad spectrum” or “UVA/UVB protection” on their labels).  I go with SPF 30+.

Talking about is a video that cracks me up...check out the yellow sunglasses.  And here's hoping that all of you stay cool out there!  Find a lawn chair and a tall, cold glass of lemonade and a shady tree! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Night "Grab Bag"!

I pulled a fishing song out of the bag tonight of one of my favorite country singers, Trace Adkins.  I have "brushed with greatness" once with this tall gent and all I can say is WOW!  He puts on an awesome perfomance and has so much feeling in his is one of his latest singles.

And one song that was played on FB the other day that just struck me and can't get it out of my head...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Celebrating By Throwing A Line In!

And CELEBRATE I will!!!  Because, well you's a special day... 

For some unknown reason, I look forward to birthdays more than Christmas.  Why?  Why do I want to celebrate getting a year older when I should want to be a year younger???  Hmmm...good question.  And here's the answer.  You see, first of all...I'm all about the older you get the wiser you get!  (Well, I'm still hoping!!)  Do I still believe in Santa Claus...of course!  Ha.  

Then, there's the double party thing...with my daughter who was born a day before my birthday.  We always have fun sharing our party.  I love celebrations...  Ok...I must confess.  Not just a week, but well.. sometimes a couple of weeks!  I told the hubby that I would admit that I celebrate my birthday more than once during the month.  There.  I said it!  He thinks that it is fetchin' hilarious that everytime I go out to shop during the month, I come back with the excuse..."It's for my birthday!"  Sometimes, I am known to have said it a few months before. Ahhh...The funny thing is...I really hate to shop.  The only stores that I go into are fly shops and grocery stores...honestly. 

Anyway, I guess that I think that he will forget that I had my present a couple of months ago...right?  Hahaha.  Let's see, when I picked up my new fly rod, "Blue",   I did say it was "part" of my birthday.  Just part.  (Just in case I saw something else that I reallllly needed!) could have all been for the June anniversary...yeah, that's it.  Let's go back a few months...

Then, a couple of weeks ago, there was a swell deal on a new plastic net that wouldn't catch all those darn hooks in it!  

And finally last weekend, I guess that I forgot that my birthday was over (before it started) and I tried on a pair of boots that fit me to the tee!  And would prevent me from falling on the ice this winter. (Could I have purchased them closer to when the snow flies???) Maybe. But, they really did make my feet feel better.  Ok...I told my hubby that they weren't from him...they were from his mother.  There!  Problem solved.  Heehee  :  ) RD always has the answers. 

Then, there is the "dinner" out with a free birthday dessert.  I always do that!!  Last year, I was reminded that I did it twice in the same birthday week...oh, birthday spank me for that!  : )  And yes, RD did get a bull ride at Texas Roadhouse.

Today, I have to go to work until 3:00 pm...Then, it is off to the canyon to find a brookie or a brown...won't be choosy.  Then, to Lake XYZ on my way home to catch hopefully a tiger trout to make my B-day a perfect one.  No birthday party tonight, as my daughter and I will celebrate Sunday night together with the family.  Let's look forward to making two casseroles and a half sheet cake for twelve!  Yeah, we will.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catch Of The Day!

                       A beautiful morning to head up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City. 

Interesting how I got both flies in the picture...huh?  Owl's fly on the top kinda looks like his new ab-do hairstyle! : ) 

A big picture of a small fish...heehee.  The "Catch of the Day"...almost makes me feel "unaccomplished" like Mr. UA!!!  Mr. Mini Brown Trout looks nice in my new net!!  And the fly didn't get caught in my netting for a change!  Oh...I'm going to like this net.

A friend joined me today...Brian Schiele from mtbbrian.  Brian is an awesome photographer...check it out.    He thought that he was getting a qualified "guide"...I really tried to warn him.  I told him that I knew of some secret holding spots for some nice little brookies and browns up the canyon.  From there, well...he was pretty much on his own...and he did come up with a brookie, which he was happy with.

Here are the magic flies of the day for me...Runner Up goes to Owl Jones (bottom fly in pic) which had about 3 or 4 hits, but I was just a lazy set each time I guess!  The winning fly of a 5 (maybe 6 in) brown trout pictured above goes to Brian over at brianonthefly (top fly in pic)...I hope that I am keeping everyone's flies separated still!!  You were all so wonderful to help me out with replacing my lost fly box.  Thank you!

           The canyon was beautiful as always...I love the pines and the foilage.  And it is so peaceful...

But, look at all of the...ugh entanglements!!  I bet Howard would have a great time with this little creek.  If you can fish this, you can fish in North Carolina...just sayin'!

And the day would not be complete without making a stop at the fly shop and getting my little early birthday present .... I can never wait...!!!  I am just so tired of slipping on ice in the winter with those felts!!  And no more frozen laces!  Ahhh...

Simm's Rivertek BOA's   Thanks, family!
(they get tired of buying Cabela's gift cards, anyway...)

A Very Good Day!

Footnote:  The newest of the T! stickers safely put into shoebox until I affix them to the proper home.

Friday, August 19, 2011

"What Is Your Quest?" Friday's Grab Bag!

What we have out of the Grab Bag tonight are my favorite clips from one of the zaniest and funniest movies ever made.  And probably made on one of the lowest budgets for a film.  But, it sure has had the views since it came out in 1975...One of my favorite British comedies ever...Stupid, but is  


Good memories of watching this at the midnight show!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Too "Up Close And Personal"...

We have the Outdoor Blogger Network to thank for today's photo prompt.  I'm going to take a slightly different angle on this prompt.  We are supposed to post up a picture of some little object that perhaps no one gives much thought to when we are walking past.  How about a big object?  Like a tree???!!!   I got a little too "up close and personal" with this tree...Helmets are good things.  The adventurer and skiing enthusiast that I am, went a little bit too fast down through the trees at Deer Valley.  My friends thought it was hilarious because they are always telling me to slow down.  The picture that I can't find unfortunately, is after they took this one of me, they took branches off the tree and stuffed "antlers" in my helmet!  Ha!  I wore them all the way down the mountain..."Powdergirl" as I'm called in the winter, always has to be the life of the party...                                                            


                                                MY SKIIS !! standing upright...


                       No, Owl...I'm never getting rid of the yellow pants...they are who I am! 

                I'm feeling the summer ending...could the fall and winter be around the corner???!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Rhythm Around Us...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

One of the most amazing elements for me in fly fishing is watching hatches.  To truly appreciate fly fishing, one must learn to "match the hatch" ...But, in other times, finding the trout's "feeding rhythm" is duly as I have learned in the recent weeks. 

Here is a trailer of a summer film that Fly Fishing Frenzy is putting out soon... 

HATCH - Fly Fishing DVD Trailer from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.

When the surface is covered with insects, you must do better than "match the hatch" to draw the trout's attention to your fly.  The secret is matching the trout’s "feeding rhythm" instead of matching the hatch.

I like to use patterns that imitate as closely as possible the food the trout are feeding on. Matching the hatch is a game that most of us experienced anglers play.  There are times, however, when it just isn’t practical to match the hatch. Trout will thumb their noses at you, when there is too much of a good thing.  Sometimes the best way to deal with such a simple creature is to simplify things.  That’s when you need to convince the trout to play your game.  When they get into a tight "feeding rhythm", they usually don’t scrutinize their food before they take it.  So, if you see a trout starting to poke his nose up, and there are ten naturals in the area, you might get better results if your fly looks different from the naturals. Not only is the fly easier for you to see, it is easier for the trout to see.  Try it next time...

A brown trout is sipping along the bank… it seems to come up every 14 seconds… fish rises, and you cast two seconds later… it often doesn’t matter if you make a perfect shot; that fish is not ready to eat.  But then, fish comes up… you make your cast 12 seconds later… you find your fly in the right place, at the right time.  Bingo.

Rhythm...go catch some!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's "Grab Bag"...

Let's reach deep into the "Grab Bag" ... and what do we have for you?  Sit back and relax...and enjoy your weekend!  Here's a little tribute to none other than, Johnny Cash.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Last 48 hrs...

Well, I'm here...You're obviously here.  But, I'm supposed to be, I didn't get lost.  I guess you could say I got re-routed.  Isn't that the darndest thing.  Let me go back two days ago.  So, I'm feeling pretty chipper after getting off of work and knowing that I was now on vacation for almost a week!  As I am driving actually to a fly shop downtown, I start getting a little toothy ache.  You know...the kind that you want to brush aside, but they gradually don't get better kind of ache.  After a few errands for the trip, I'm ready!  I'm going to pull the car out of the driveway at 4 am...or am I???  It's now about 4:30 pm the day before and if I want to get some help for this ache, I had better call now!  My dentist is out of the office, but calls me back with an antibiotic prescription to get me by for a few days...hopefully.  I'm thinking that I will have so much fun on the trip, that I won't even be bothered by it.  I mean, I am Superwoman!!  I have a knack of overcoming the obstacles of life...kinda like this guy to the right...!!

I get home and my hubub is sitting with his face in his hands and tells me he is in pain.  After evaluating,  I tell him that I have a few things to pack and I know how ER is...we won't be back for another 3+ hours.  And I still plan on going to the Rocky Mtn. Frenzy at this point.  So, in my head, my thoughts are that it is better to come back, plop into bed and sleep a few hours rather than pack when I get back.  He says that he is ok with that.  It seems more like a needed doctor visit, but too late for an appt.   Twenty minutes later, we are headed out the door to the hospital.  And three hours later (ha, how did I know?),  he is admitted to the hospital.  Ok.  I'm now thinking that the stars are not aligned.  At this point, we don't know how long the stay.  It is an infection that needs to be attended to.  The next day, I figure that my place is here for this week.  I get in to see the Endodontist and have a revamping of a previous root canal yesterday.  Ya, ouch.  And the hubub came home today, but needs the nurse (me) to tend to his back and forth kitchen duties.  Haha.  Oh, you know I'm just kidding. : )  He is doing much better.

So, as I look at it, The Rocky Mtn. Frenzy was actually in a "Pre-Phase" (like in Real Estate) and the "Actual Showing"  will be upcoming...  What should we call it now...Rocky Mtn. Frenzy Part Deux or The Great River Damsel Do-Over (done the right way!)  haha.  My sincere apologies to Stephanie and all the others that were so excited to get together this weekend.  All of those who were on the email list have been very kind and thoughtful of the situation.  Now we get to look forward to it all over again...but, actually do it!!  Let's get together when the weather is actually nicer (10 to 15 degrees cooler) and the fish are biting better (in cooler temps)...sound like a plan?  So, for those who already planned on coming out for a trout fishing weekend in the Fort Collins, Co. area and for those that would still like to join us (Bigerrr...?)  the new date is...Fri., Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd, 2011.   And we will all stay healthy. : )

I'm not monkey'n around this time!!

There are fish to be reckoned with...

From Stephanie's beautiful brookies..

To Midgeman's Rainbows and Browns...


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Light and Fluffy...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

When is a fly presentation supposed to be "light and fluffy"???  Well, when you are standing in a place that a fish can see you a couple feet away...This is where I had to stand to get to the hole where a caddis hatch had just started... the soil on top of this pile of tree limbs was unstable to say the least.  But, slowly, I approached the close as I could get.  I kind of felt like I was on a beaver dam or something!! (It wasn't)

The special spot where fish love hiding out...pulled out a couple of Brown trout, but that is not what I came in search of...I had heard that this canyon has Brook trout.  And I was really hoping to see one...

The first two Browns were caught on a midge...but, now I had a caddis hatch all around, I headed back to the car to see what else I could throw out there.  As I looked in my magical bag of tricks, I came upon an interesting was time to go with Sander's BWO parachute creation on the left.  There weren't any BWO's out that I could see, but, I sure had success last week on that nice, white, fluffy top, dry fly!!

I needed to have the lightest presentation for the dry fly, which I am finally starting to get the hang of.  But, sometimes, the end of my line just ends up feeling like a cannonball hit the water!!!  No kidding.  I looked at my was doing fine for the nymphing, but, I needed something that would be "light and fluffy" for the dry fly presentation.  Out came the new rod...ohhhh.  I was going to save it for the Frying Pan in Colorado in a few days...kind of an iniation type of thing.  But, I knew what I must do.  I opened the case and pulled it out.  Yep, it was time...I never was very good at waiting to open presents at Christmas either!!  Haha.

Ok...we were ready...back to the action at hand.  First cast with my rod named "Blue" (original, huh) BINGO!!!  Now, that wasn't so hard!  Haha.  Really...beginners luck?  I have fished for almost three years now with average rods.  We have had a good time to say the least with Cabelas and TFO... But, I have to be brutally honest here..."Blue" put down the most beautiful cast on top of that water of spooky fish and out came my elusive friend, the one, the only..."Party" fish!  My first Utah Brookie!!  Whoohoo!

Ok...I love to put up one more... : )

I'm good's just when you catch something new, well, it is pretty dang exciting!  And those confetti spots, just have me wanting a few more brookies!!

So, what would my "Tippet" be for you this week?  Go explore new waters for something new to rattle your chain.  I have loved my Brown trout...but, there comes a time to venture out and add some "spice" to life.  It might be a challenge to get that different species of fish, but I promise you that if you do, it will be most rewarding.  What surprised me the most, was that this 8 to 10 in brookie was just as exciting to catch as a 20 in rainbow on the Madison River!  No kidding.  (Ok, I'm easy to please)    Just try it.  You will be glad you did.  If you want to go Bonefishing on Christmas Island, just be sure to mail me my plane ticket!!  Haha.