Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Bon Voyage!

You might think that this is goodbye.  Well, I know that I haven't posted much this year.  But, I am still here.  Taking a breath here and there.  Some days it feels as if I can't get off the crazy train.  So much to do each day.  So, I am finally taking a long vacation!  I have never left work more than 3 or 4 days at a time.  This time, it is 10 days!  Will I still worry about the office?  Well, yeah.  Cause that is who I am.  But, things will still get done in my absence and I have very competent co-workers.  So, let's have some fun!  

I am off to Madeira, Portugal today!  My son lived in Portugal for 2 years as a church missionary years ago.  He still goes back every year or two.  So, I am in good hands.  No problemo with the language thing.  We are covered.  And he is quite the tour guide.  So, it should be a blast.  We start on the island of Madeira and stay there for a few days.  I get off the plane after 20 hrs and sleep for 8 (hopefully) and get up the next morning and fish the salt.  I have never fished the ocean before.  So, I am pretty excited.  I will try my hand at the fly rod first.  If my efforts don't pan out, we might switch over to the spin rod.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  I think that we are going to really have good results!  

From Madeira, we go to Porto, Portuagal on the mainland.  See the sights and hopefully not the smoke of the wildfires that are going on around that region.  I am anxious to see where my son was for 2 years.  He absolutely loved it there.  He just got married a few months ago and his new wife, Aurelia, will be there too.  So nice of them to invite old mom to join them on their second honeymoon!  Hahahaha.

I might keel over from hiking.  I think that I can do it.  But, the gym is different than actual hiking.  Dan promised me that he will put me on the easier trails first.  =)

Take care of yourselves until I get back Aug. 1st.  Here I go on another adventure!