Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Loyalty Goes A Long Way

Sometimes you get lucky enough to rub shoulders with someone who is exceptional in what they do.  Definitition of an OG:  They are authentic.  Sometimes they are "Old school".  They are one of a kind.  I have been extrememly blessed to have fished with many of these OG's during my 10+ yrs in the flyfishing world.  I surround myself with good people.  Kind people. Fun people.  Honest people.  "Fish smart" people.  Most importantly, LOYAL people.  Those are just a few traits I look for when I make fishing buddies along my journey.  Let me introduce you to two of them.

Meet John.  He hails from the great state of Wyoming.  The guy is a fantastic fly tyer and a true friend.  One of those guys that you love to be around because of his kind and genuine disposition.  He would give you the shirt off of his back.  Always willing to help out another angler.  He is the fish whisperer.  John knows how to hop around faster than I can turn my head to find him!  

Meet Greg from Utah.  He loves the simple life.  He is good with a cup of coffee and a River Damsel cookie.  He is a true "major league" troutbum.  Early on the water and late getting off of it.  Sometimes he breaks for lunch.  But, not usually.  Mainly because he loves breakfast so much!  Haha.  You can find him at his fly tying desk creating new versions of his crayfish or crawdad imitations.  A wealth of knowledge about anything flyfishing.  He usually has the answer to my questions.  I have learned a lot from this guy and he has become a great friend who is loyal to the max.

So, the last year has been a great one with these two OG's in my hip pocket.  We have hit the western waters and caught and released a ton of fish.  New techniques in catching fish and tying up flies has upped my game.  I owe them a lot.  It's been a fun year.  

This last month, The Fading Angler came through Wyoming during a business trip.  We were able to fish one day with John.  Chris had never caught a kokanee salmon, so we were able to get that done.  =)  He was way excited as he has had to slow down with his fishing because of a shoulder problem.  So it was good to get him out on the water.

River Damsel Cookies seemed to help with the pain.  =)

  Good job, Chris!!!

And a few rainbows for Betty Crocker to finish the day off...

It's always good to fish with my flyfishing blogger friends too...
If you haven't been out to see me, what are you waiting for???

 I had one more outing in October, but more about that later!  Stay warm out there.  Feels like winter is here in Utah already. 

Monday, September 30, 2019

The Birthday Adventure

I have a habit of running away from... errr.... for my birthday.  Getting older sucks, let's face it.   But, fishing on my birthday has become a tradition because then I enjoy it!  Haha.  Heading down the highway towards some good trout water makes me happy.  So, that is what I do!   I headed north about 5 hrs away this year.  My special friends were there to greet me and fish with for a couple of days.  I feel very fortunate to have such great people in my life.  I love the Almond family.  Always so hospitable.  Julie and Kerry have always been such great friends.  Fortunately, Garth was also there and "The Three Amigos" ended up celebrating this birthday in great fashion.  Kerry rowed Garth and I to many great fish.  The morning was especially active.  Lots of hungry rainbows.  Kerry got a few casts in too.  When it was all said and done, we left with tired arms and thankfulness for our friendships of many years now.

Nothing like eating dinner on the shoreline of Henry's Lake at sundown.  Bring on the bbq ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans and a yummy salad and you are set!

And no adventure would be complete without the damsel...

One of the many for Garth...

Thank you, Kerry, for the fun day and helping me
 with this birthday fish...

I also got to meet up with another fishing buddy, Lonnie.  We hit the Park and he took a fantastic picture with that beautiful landscape only Yellowstone can give.

Thanks, Londo.

Where will I end up next year?  =)  Who knows... Canada was last year and Island Park/Yellowstone was this year.  
Two great trips!

But, one thing's for sure...  No one can beat Julie's birthday cheesecakes!!   Yes, fresh peaches on top were a special treat!  

Much love felt.

Goodbye August.  Oh, and September!  Haha
 Bring on Christmas shopping...
Oh, did I really say that?

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Miles Upon Miles...

Upon miles...  That about sums up my last couple of months.  It's been a crazy time of traveling down the highway. I am truly a road warrior!  About the only way to quickly tell you about where I have been would be for me to throw out a few pictures.  Hope you all have been well since I wrote on here last!  Sooo, Here we go... 

IDAHO BASS with my friend, David!   First bass ever!

UTAH BROWN & RAINBOW TROUT with my friend Zach!!!

THE MISSOURI RIVER, MONTANA w/ a bunch of friends!

WYOMING YELLOW SALLY AND PMD HATCHES with John and Greg!!!  Easy decision on what to cast out... Haha




I think that pretty much covers it.  Never a dull moment.  A few new places to scout out and some revisted water that I love so much.  Good friends to help me sharpen up my skills on the water.  You can never know enough!  Keep learning and growing.  That is what this life is about.  =)

Hopefully, it won't be such a long time away from the blog next time...  Have a great week, all!