Sunday, May 2, 2021

Adventures With Friends

Sometimes I wonder how long my body will withstand my fly fishing days.  I work hard when I am out there.  It's never been something that has come easy.  What fun would that be?  Haha.  It's something that I love immensely though.  Being laid up after surgery, I was finally given the doctor release to fish again.  I packed up my bags and headed to Montana to fish the "Three Amigos" trip the second week of April.  Every year, we have this annual trip on the Beaverhead River and surrounding areas.  Last year, I did not attend due to my accident and back injury and the Covid 19.  So, I was more than anxious to see my buddies again and get on the water with them.  Our time together was fun, but catching fish was not like previous years.  Next year might be at a new location. Stay tuned.
  Here are some pics of the trip.

My best catch was the first day.  A beautiful 24" bow.

It's always good to have buddies that carry tools in their truck.  
Wading sticks that "stick"!!!

A couple weeks later, I hit my favorite Wyoming fishery with one of my best buddies.

Back to baking cookies for family and friends.

Then, out to visit my favorite brown trout and colorful cutties in my home state.

And back to Wyoming this past Saturday to fish with an old friend of twenty years...

Adventure in every riffle.  Now to rest up a bit and leave those fishies alone for awhile. 

I have work to do this week.  =)



Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Luck of the Irish?

 Today is St. Patty's Day and I am looking back at this past year.  Wow.  I must have a bit of Irish in me, because I have survived 2020 and the many things that came my way.  Despite the long break from the blog, I am feeling compelled to write yet another post.  You see, an old friend of mine, Mike Agneta, reminded me that there is joy in writing and remembering those adventures in life.  Whether it's good or not so good, you are on a journey.  It is up to you what you do with the hand that is dealt to you.  So, here I am.  Green shoes and all.  Because I did have a bit of Irish luck and God's blessings upon me this past year.  Now, let's get this story rolling..

Through many prayers and support of family, friends and doctors, we have much to be grateful for.  My husband had a heart attack last February and upon finding him falling over the side of the bed, I was able to catch him... sort of... after he hit his head on the night stand.  Sorry, hun.  911 was called again. This was the second visit that night from the paramedics, after the first crew passed him off as being ok.  Obviously, he wasn't!!!  Ughhh... So, a heart stent was put in and a week later he was home.  

I couldn't let him get all of the attention.  He was finally feeling stronger than ever with that new stent.  Then, I call him as I am shaking like a leaf after being hit in an intersection.  Everyone walked away from the car accident, so that is the most important thing.  Someone was watching over me that day.  Many months of chiropractic visits and physical therapy was done.  Oh, February 2020.  All we can say is that we came out of it alive.  We don't want to miss those grandkids hugs and kisses, ya know?

Things happen in threes.  A dog bit me on my upper leg two weeks after the car accident.  Of course, it had to be the same side that was black and blue already.  I was not entering any beauty pageant!  Then, March 2020 brought us the news of COVID 19 and the pandemic began... Get out the masks!!!

Yes, I was finally able to do some limited fishing and my back was finally feeling better by my birthday at the end of August.  It seemed like that I was doing more sitting than fishing the other times out.  I had a banner day to celebrate!  The bottom left pic is that epic day of cutthroats.  It is true, back injuries take time to heal and sometimes they never go away.  It is what it is.  If you need to borrow a heating pad or an ice pack, I've got em!

 By the end of the year, we were feeling very fortunate to have escaped Covid anyway... Oh wait.  Sorry.  Did you ask me what I got for Christmas in 2020?  Hahahaha.  COVID 19!!!  Just a few days before, I tested positive.  I landed in the hospital for a few days.  All of the refrigerator was full of Christmas dinner and no one to share it with.  We were now quarantined.  Then, I gave it to my poor hubby who we had tried to protect all year.  As expected, he got deathly ill with it because of all of his health history and was in the hospital for a week.  Oh, what fun!!! But, again we were blessed and came out of it shaking our heads on how this virus affects people differently.  We now await for our vaccine next Saturday and feel incredibly grateful for our recovery from everything 2020.  =}

2021?  Well it started out like this...

Haha!!!  This was at the end of January.  Arthritis of the thumb. 

Next month, if all goes well...  You will see me back on the water.  I have a lot of making up to do!

So how was your year???  



Thursday, January 30, 2020

The 45th Day Of January...

Let's face it. January never seems to end.  It always feels like the longest month of the year.  Maybe it is due to the Christmas hustle and bustle of December.  Then, boom!  We are in the slow, exhausted pace after the holidays.  We are recovering and moving more slowly.   Boredom sets in as the days are a little darker and colder.   Am I right?  When we are having fun, the time clock seems to speed up.  And let's face it... January usually doesn't provide fun unless you are skiing or snowboarding!  But, I'm not doing that this year.   Fishing?  Sure... I always like to freeze my A off during the winter for a couple of fish.  Hahahahaha

I definitely believe the lack of daylight in the early evenings is a factor in thinking there are 45 days in January instead of 31.  

Ok, ok.  Enough complaining.  So... next time someone talks about how long a month this has been, just ask them how their day is going!!! Haha.

Here are a few things that I have tied up this month...

And from the oven this month...

Alright!  Bring on February!!!  Warmer days?  More fish?

ORDER UP!!!  =)

Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Rear View Mirror of 2019

I learned more.  I grew in many ways.  2019 was not one of my easiest years.  But, I don't think that I signed up for what was easy...  What fun would that be?  Right?  The joy of success comes from hard work, dedication, and maybe a bit of pain. 

Looking back on a year gives you perspective.  It gives you perspective on things that you did. And things that you wanted to achieve, but didn't.  Did you get the things done that were the most important?  And if you didn't, will they be on your list of New Years resolutions?   Well, for me, it all depended on priorities.  And unfortunately, this blog has suffered this past year because of being so busy with the "other" things.  So, for those who still come over and read when I do post a new story, thank you.  I must admit, that when "Windknots and Tangled Lines" pulled their plug, I lost a bit of interest in my own blog.  I have talked to Howard from time to time over Facebook.  I am glad that I still have the connection with him, as he is a very dear friend after all of these years of blogging.  

I traveled many miles in 2019.  Tied many new patterns of flies.  Fished with many good friends.  Caught many beautiful fish.  Layed on the couch the day after fishing because it took everything out of me.  It was a rewarding year on the water and also an exhausting one.  Would I do it over again?  Probably.  But, maybe with a smarter head and pace myself a bit better.  Hahahaha.  This great past time called flyfishing just catches me in its web sometimes.  The dusty roads often lead me to a great adventure.  The water stares at me with all of its beauty of life underneath.  The mountains surround me with 
the ringing of music.  (You know, the hills are alive...
with the "Sound of Music".)  

  • Can you blame me???

My biggest accomplishment this year on the water was getting my youngest son, Ryan, to join me.  And he caught his first fish on the fly.   Nothing could beat that...  He even stuck with me and fished in a rainstorm.   I love my kids so much!  =)

So, I invite you now, to see the beautiful places that I journeyed to in 2019.  May the new year of 2020 give you much joy and happiness. And here's to good health for all of us!  Maybe less cookies.  Ha!   I am indeed grateful to have the fly fishing blogging friends that I have as part of my adventure.  XO 


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Loyalty Goes A Long Way

Sometimes you get lucky enough to rub shoulders with someone who is exceptional in what they do.  Definitition of an OG:  They are authentic.  Sometimes they are "Old school".  They are one of a kind.  I have been extrememly blessed to have fished with many of these OG's during my 10+ yrs in the flyfishing world.  I surround myself with good people.  Kind people. Fun people.  Honest people.  "Fish smart" people.  Most importantly, LOYAL people.  Those are just a few traits I look for when I make fishing buddies along my journey.  Let me introduce you to two of them.

Meet John.  He hails from the great state of Wyoming.  The guy is a fantastic fly tyer and a true friend.  One of those guys that you love to be around because of his kind and genuine disposition.  He would give you the shirt off of his back.  Always willing to help out another angler.  He is the fish whisperer.  John knows how to hop around faster than I can turn my head to find him!  

Meet Greg from Utah.  He loves the simple life.  He is good with a cup of coffee and a River Damsel cookie.  He is a true "major league" troutbum.  Early on the water and late getting off of it.  Sometimes he breaks for lunch.  But, not usually.  Mainly because he loves breakfast so much!  Haha.  You can find him at his fly tying desk creating new versions of his crayfish or crawdad imitations.  A wealth of knowledge about anything flyfishing.  He usually has the answer to my questions.  I have learned a lot from this guy and he has become a great friend who is loyal to the max.

So, the last year has been a great one with these two OG's in my hip pocket.  We have hit the western waters and caught and released a ton of fish.  New techniques in catching fish and tying up flies has upped my game.  I owe them a lot.  It's been a fun year.  

This last month, The Fading Angler came through Wyoming during a business trip.  We were able to fish one day with John.  Chris had never caught a kokanee salmon, so we were able to get that done.  =)  He was way excited as he has had to slow down with his fishing because of a shoulder problem.  So it was good to get him out on the water.

River Damsel Cookies seemed to help with the pain.  =)

  Good job, Chris!!!

And a few rainbows for Betty Crocker to finish the day off...

It's always good to fish with my flyfishing blogger friends too...
If you haven't been out to see me, what are you waiting for???

 I had one more outing in October, but more about that later!  Stay warm out there.  Feels like winter is here in Utah already.