Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Oregonian Adventure - Part One

I have had many great adventures during the last ten years or so.  I have seen many beautiful places and met many wonderful people through fly fishing.  This trip took me to see my son, Dan, who lives in Oregon now.  He sure did spoil me!  A doughnut run was in order.  Voodoo is definitely one shop that I had to visit while I was there.  Nothing ordinary about it, that's for sure.   Besides touring the city of Portland and surrounding areas, we got some fishing in too and I got to see some close friends.  A perfect vacation!  

Great dinners out... Tableside guacamole???  YES, PLEASE!!!  This guy did a fantastic job mixing this up!

Besides the amazing food every day, there were some places to play "tourist".
The Portland Intl Rose Test Garden... WOW!!!  Let's put up my favorites in one pic.

Portland is known as the "City of Roses" because the weather is ideal for growing them.  There are 10,000 roses in this garden.  Is that a few more than yours???

The scenery around Multnomah Falls

 Then, there is Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Portland Coast...

What else can we get in on this trip?

Let's meet up with my friends, Alice and John!  They are only two hours away and we wanted to get in a bit of fishing and go crabbing!!!   =)  I met Alice online in a fly fishing group many years ago.  We have kept up our friendship by going on a few adventures through the years.  I have always wanted to visit her neck of the woods in Oregon.  I finally got to do that.

My bestie, Alice.

Showing my son, Dan, the ropes. 
Teaching him to cast.  He was a fast learner, thank goodness!!! 
I wasn't sure if any of my children would ever want to fly fish with me.  
Now, I have both of my sons trying it out.  That makes my heart happy.

Crabbing is not an easy task.  But, Dan put his muscles into it and got it done.

I did my part in holding one for a selfie.

After a patio boil at 8 pm...  We have dinner!  Along with steak and chicken, oh my.
What a great day out with some great people.
We must get some sleep now.  Tomorrow is the long awaited trip to the
Metolius River...  I have waited like 4 or 5 years to experience it.

To be continued...

Sorry... =) But, it is a story unto itself.