Monday, March 20, 2017

Saturday's Warrior, Damsel Style

There are times that I learn lessons the hard way.  I guess that it could be a bit of stubbornness.  All I know is that there is a thing called a hemostat.  It is designed to take out that hook out of your fish's mouth.  Not your fingers!  One of my catches yesterday, didn't like me trying to help him at all.  I'm laughing in the picture, simply because he also just gave me the hardest fish slap that I have ever felt !   A free puffy lip look without the cost of injections!   

That was after the initial toothy rips to the skin...

Sportsman's Warehouse... $2.99

So, ask me how my day was...
This cutbow made his way to my net after taunting me for twenty minutes...  Buddy, I'm not getting any younger!  =)

And a few fatty bows with rosy cheeks.

All in all, a spectacular day with the warm sunshine softening the snow at the end of the day just enough for my next step to fall through the 20 in and try to get out again!  I finally decided that it was easier to crawl out slowly across the next 100 ft.  Lol.  The things I do.  Someone should have had that on video.  =)   Remember my new exercise plan???  Don't think this was a part of it...

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Shredding It ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

What have I been up to lately, you ask?  Well, here I am!  Do you like my new gym attire?  There has to be something to be said for Facebook acquaintances.  They can really influence you, if you let them.  For the most part, I am cautious to the wind on who I connect with on Facebook.  A lot of my FB friends are family, childhood friends or neighbors.  Then, I have a lot of fishing friends. 

Just recently, I have connected with a gal, the Relentlessmomma, who is a fitness coach, trainer and nutritionist.  She came up on my Instagram social media with a fish photo with her and her darling son.  

I have to admit, that she intimidated me at first.  Very beautiful, very fit, and very young.  Traits that any woman would like to have...  Haha.  But, I know who I am.  A mature, grandmotherly, fly fishing woman with a thing for baking in the kitchen every once in awhile!   Well, with my health not doing so well as of late, due to a little extra weight and lack of exercise...  I decided that it was time to get serious about eating better and making a commitment to working out on a more consistent basis.   I've always enjoyed shredding the slopes of Utah!  Now, it is time to do a little shredding in the gym.    

A Kirkland Protein Power Bar for mid day snack...

Enter Jordan Jones.  An inspiration to anyone who wants to start a workout and a better way to eat each day...  She has me being consistent, which I have not been able to do before.  I am part of her private Facebook "SHRED" group, consisting of people who want to achieve similar goals and stay true to them.  It's been a great support system.  So, enter a new way to eat, exercise and feel better than I have in years... My treadmill does have an "ON" switch!  Ha!  Joining a local gym was my next step.  With Jordan's direction, I am focused again.  Thank you, thank you!  This is not a New Years Resolution.  This is a lifestyle change that I am making and I am happy to say that the rest of the family is doing it too!  It's so much easier when you are on the same page with those that you have to buy groceries and cook for... = )  

Don't worry about me... I have upped my calories to 1500 now.  = )

Yes, there has been some fishing as of late.  We had so much cold weather in February with piles and piles of snow.  But, we have gotten out during the past few weeks.  Jordan joined me one day.  Along with our mutual friend, Spencer Higa, of Tacky Fly Box fame and Falcon's Ledge.  We had a fun morning on the Provo...

Jordan with a beauty of a bow!   

Spencer had to run with this one... 

Thor...He's my friend now... Haha

I had a shy one for the camera.  = )

So, a little bit of fishing.  And a lot of relearning on how to eat properly and in smarter portions.  And every time that I go by a fast food place, I say... "YUCK"!!  Hey, it works!  So, here's to lifting a few weights and walking and cycling a few miles... Oh yeah, and hydrating your body with plenty of H20!

Sunday Tippet ~ You can shed while you shred!  The term "shredding exercise" refers to a workout that helps you burn fat and make your muscles appear more defined.  Now, I don't want to be a bodybuilder or anything like that, but having toned and strengthened arms to bring in those fish will be a plus!  = )  I've had some pretty weaksauce retrieves on the water...  All you need to have is the right combination of diet, cardio, and some weightlifting exercises to live a healthier lifestyle.  Start slow and work up...  In the long run, your heart and your body will thank you!   And I'm not ready to kick the bucket yet...