Damsel 2011/2012

Well, a bucket list is everything that you want to do before...ya, I don't want to think about that!  So, here is my list for things (in no specific order) that I want to do in 2011.

1.  Attend the OBN Convention and meet all of those that I have blogged with.
     Also, fish with a few of my buddies from OBN during that week! Or...because the convention was  cancelled...Create the Rocky Mtn. Frenzy and meet Colorado bloggers!  done
2.  Go Steelhead fishing with my new rod and R.G. in March... ;)  done
3.  Back to River X to catch more MONSTER Brown Trout!!!   done
4.  Fish Montana in the Fall...The Madison and The Gallitin.
5.  Tie flies (including Czech nymphs) with Rod aka:  The Midgeman. Had lunch and a fly casting lesson instead!  It was an incredible meeting. 
6.  Fish Idaho in the early summer...Henry's Fork and Henry's Lake.
7.  Prove to myself that I can have one fishing expedition without "oddities"! Ha.  done, unless you call fishing  with a carboard "Kirk Werner" something unusual...
8.  Fish the South Fork of the Snake with a guide named Mel...??? Still trying!
9.  Catch one Whitefish, just for the H*#! of it!!  It's been awhile, why not? done (Boise)
10.This is for next year...but why not start thinking about it...go fishing in GA!!!! :) DONE!!! Whoohoo!


My 2012 "Fly Fishing Wish List" :

1.   Meet one new fly fishing blogger this year.  Done!  Met Mike Agneta, Mr. "Troutrageous".  Fished the Ham's Fork in Wyoming together.  And caught many, many, many...ugh "little" trout.
2.   Back to River X at least once!  Back to fish with Rebecca Garlock and meet Aileen, Rachel, and Chad too!   Caught my biggest fish ever at the end of the day before coming home.  = )
3.   Fish new water in Yellowstone.  Yes, we can add the Slough Creek and Gallitin to my Yellowstone list.
4.   Get through a year without falls that lead to tears in waders!  Are you kidding?
5.   Fish the Henry's Fork in Idaho.  Done! Several times...  = )
6.   Get to the Green River in Dutch John, Ut. and catch a big brown!  Done!  And maybe my biggest fish since the River X brownie... If it hadn't been so dark...haha 
7.   Learn something new to add to or improve my fishing skills.  Well, does Tenkara count?  Why not...
8.   Fish the Madison and the Gallitin.  Done!  The Maddy was absolutely great again.  
9.   Fish the Beaverhead, Big Hole or the Missouri in MT.  Check off the Beave and BH.  Missouri next...
10. Catch a new species of trout or anything that resembles a fish!  Well, I did good on this one.  I caught my first arctic grayling and first bonified Utah sucker fish!  Yeah...I'm good, aren't I?  You try to catch a sucker.  = )