Tuesday, November 30, 2021


With not feeling my best, now it's time to rest.  Nice rhyme.  I have a hard time giving up my fall fishing days.  So, now we go to doctor #3 this week and see if we can get some answers.  I've had bicep pain in both arms for eight weeks.  It's just not getting any better.  Something tells me it is not related to fishing.
The gym eight week ago, possibly?  Haven't been back.

I met up with Holly and Jared this past week.  We had a great fishing day on the Snake River in Idaho.  The fish were feisty and several runs delivered for me.  I wasn't feeling a lot of energy within me that day, so I found some nice big rocks to sit on in between catches.   Rainbows and more rainbows graced our nets.  

As Holly and Jared bounced around from spot to spot, I finally settled into a comfortable run that delivered for several hours.  I  don't usually stay put that long, but it was hard to say goodbye to fish that were sipping emergers in front of me!
  Do you blame me?

I threw on a size 20 midge emerger.  I had been streamer fishing until then.  But, when the midge hatch is going and you see dark bodies of fish a foot under the water, you switch.  And they gave me enough bends in my rod to make me happy.

You thought that this was going to be a Thanksgiving recap on our Butterball turkey, didn't you?  Hahahaha.  Nope, Snake River Butterballs.  =)

Holly gave me her favorite bread recipe years ago.  She also makes amazing jam.  Got to keep her around.  Wink wink.  She is a trooper to put up with my shenanigans.  As I was almost laying on the water getting a video of a fish release, she started reeling up her line to run down the river and help me as she thought that I had fallen.  Lol. 
 No, Holly, not this time!  =)

As my last fish gave me a wave goodbye, I counted my blessings this day.  I am truly blessed with a great family, amazing friends, a wonderful job, and so many tremendous days on the water this year.

"The Wave"