Sunday, October 20, 2013

Brookies On The Fly ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

I came across this video, which I had to share with all of you.  If you love the dry fly and fly fishing for brook trout, sit back and enjoy your Sunday Tippets...

Have a great week!  RD

The Way It Began [Fly Fishing in SNP] from TwoFisted Heart Productions on Vimeo.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The "YUK" Adventure

Have you ever fished with a YUK in the YUCK?  Well, I did recently.  And it was pure joy.  I have had success with midges.  And lately, caddis larvae.  Well, now I have a new friend.  The Yuk Bug.  He is a rubber leg attractor and resembles the stonefly and cranefly nymphs.  Fish LOVE him!!!  And so do I.

Sometimes you have to do it...  Wade in Yuck!

(Yes, all wading gear has been disinfected since)

So, let me tell you what makes a fantastic journey in YUCK...

First, you get three crazy fisher ladies to meet up for a weekend in Montana!
Jeri, RD, and Jessie

Then, RD, the leader of the fly fishing junkies, decides that a snowman should be part of the adventure...
(equipped with a bamboo rod.  ha.)  Well, it was one of the highlights up to that point.

We then appoint Jessie, to get out the Go Pro.  You have to have pictures and vid when going on an adventure like this.  Love it.  She's sitting in Yuck.

And then you start fishing.  Right off the bat, I found my favorite rainbow of the trip.  What a gorgeous girl she was... And she came up through the "Yuck".

Ok.  Someone is just having too much fun!  And it is a balmy 25 degrees outside! The wind starts blowing and the wind chill is...  yeah, nevermind.
But, we are having way too much fun to notice... Well ok,. we noticed.

Jessie proves that she is indeed the "Whitefish Queen".

But, this chica knows how to haul in the brown trout too...

Jeri shows us her skills with Mr. Rainbow.  Oh yeah, baby!  She liked this guy.

So much, that I took two pictures!

The next day it is a tad the 40's.  And I'm out to try a new bug.

Can you say "Yuk Bug"?????

Go ahead... say it again, Howard!  "Yuk Bug"!!!
Yes, I even got poor Howard to find his way to "Yuk"ing around too...
Check it out HERE.

What's that in his mouth?  Hahahahaha

By day 3, we had them just grabbing that Yuk and finding their way to the net.  It was so awesome!

Now, to be truthful, I did have my other half of catches on one other fly.  But, that is all I had on my line most of the time.  Two bugs.  The Yuk and the Tailwater Tiny (midgelike with flash) ...  I love this fly too.  I use it everywhere.  Tiny was doing it for me in the rust color.  What a treat it was to see these two just slam it.  The adventure was a success.  Not because we braved the frigid cold and 30 mph winds...  But, because three women set out in the Yuk to share some time on the water.  Thanks, Jeri and Jess, for sharing some Yuk time with me... It was EPIC!


A special thank you to Big Y Fly Co. for sending me the Yuk in time for the trip!