Sunday, July 10, 2016

Man's Best Friend? ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

So many pets.  So many that have been dogs.  Well, it seems that there is a new, upcoming favorite on the horizon... Yes, believe it or not, it's the GOAT!!   Now, before you give the eyeroll and chuckle to yourself...  Read on.

First, the goat has been studied and has shown that it can interact and communicate with humans.  There are even some domesticated goats.  Whether they are kept indoors, I do not know.  Haha.  My guess is that they have a nice, cozy pen and sleep inside a barn or sheltered area.   = )  How do they communicate, you ask?

So, you aren't into a vocal pet.  And don't need your pet screaming for attention.  (It could sound like a haunted house)  Maybe you have a few noisy children in your household already...  Well, then, the goat might not be for you.  = )

But, here is a "tippet" in favor of the goat as your next best friend.

They are excellent "pruners" for your back cast!!!

Goats are considered to be an ecological, cost-effective way to keep weed growth to a minimum.  And in my case, they can take care of those tall bushes and trees that hamper my back cast.   No more flies getting snagged in whatever is behind you.  Just bring your new, best friend.  The goat.  

Disclaimer:  It is best to keep your goat in a fenced yard, so they might not prune your neighbors bushes.  =)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Girls Day Trip

Just when I was thinking of heading out to fly fish, I had a thought to ask one or two friends to join.  It's fun to do a girl's day trip once in awhile.  I decided to ask two Facebook friends that I haven't fished with.  And it would end up being one of my favorite days on the river for this year.  One thing that people need to know about traveling with me, is that I start early.  I have started telling people to show up a half hour earlier than I want to go.  Hey, these two were just 15 min late... I think that I will fish with them again.  Haha.

We were ready for a great day.  All the right flies and all the positive energy needed.  We were chatting on the drive like we had known each other for years.  One common thread (fly fishing) can bond people together from all walks of life.  As I have traveled, I have found this out.   We can share a sport, passion, or hobby, and have friendships that last a lifetime. 

These two rocked it from the start.  Here is Kerry with a nice, big rainbow at the end of her line.  Rebeca is ready with the net just in case...

We had so many fish and we were spot on with our dry flies and nymphs.  The other two did more dry fly fishing, while I put on a tandem nymph with an emerger.  Each time we met another angler, they would ask us how we were doing.  Our answer would be, "GREAT!"   They would look at us with this face of disillusionment.  They obviously didn't have the same catch rate that day.  We would share our findings and flies used.  They would give us a fond farewell in hopes to catch some more fish.  By far, we had the most success that day.   I've known for awhile that women make just as good of fly fishers as men.  And in this day and age, I believe that women are getting more and more of a second look. 

Not just because they are surprised to see us there, but for the knowledge and skills we bring to the water.  I am so grateful to know so many beautiful gals inside and out that work hard in getting better and sharing their talents with those that ask.  Many ladies also give of their time in Trout Unlimited, Casting For Recovery, Project Healing Waters and many more free clinics in their home areas.  

We caught some extraordinary rainbows that day.

We made some absolutely fun and adventurous new friends.

We enjoyed a great Mexican dinner!

Yes, a girls day trip is always a good thing to do...