Sunday, June 26, 2011

The "Custom" River Glove... Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Do you ever want something that is "Custom"?  Something that will give you that one of a kind, specialized feeling?  I do.  And that is why I have a little too much fun when designing my blog page...Ahhh...Changes...We all have them in life...we all go through them.  After taking some advice from others, I am trying something a little different with my posting today...Hope it will make things a little easier on those who might be experiencing a "change" with their eyesight as I have been going through recently.  If this lighter background in my post helps your reading...then the change was good!  You will have to let me know... : )  Content is the most important part of this blog, of course.  But, I love design and individuality too!  There's just something to say about something that has a "custom" effect.  Which, leads me into my "Spotlight" for today on Sunday Tippets!! (Amazing, how I did that!) 

I met up with Luke Sherman and his "Most Things Custom" blog a few months back.   I found Luke to be a really fun read and something not out of the ordinary...which is something that I look for when reading blogs.  He is from Van, Michigan...I hear that it is somewhere in the "top of the glove" of Michigan, where all the "best" fly fishing is according to Jason @ "Fontinalis Rising"...haha.  These two friends are casting their fly lines in the water on a regular basis up there.  Luke seems to be a kind of a back woodsy type... I mean, any guy with an "Old School" shoulder bag... ; ) Brad Pitt would be jealous!!!

Anyway, Luke is a carpenter, musician, and all around nice guy.  He likes to dabble in making "custom" musical instruments, knives and woodworking.  And I hear that he plays a mean banjo!! : )  A little bit of country and bluegrass in this "Coyote Luke"!!

The Glove of Michigan! 
Plenty of Fishable, Wadable Water!! (Unlike Utah right now)

 Be sure to check out Coyote Luke's last post on a trip that he had last Spring @ South Manitou Island ...

Lastly, a recent video with Mutt and Jeff...errr...FR and Coyote Luke!
(Permission to post by FR)

Sunday Tippet:  If it isn't obvious...It's time to look for something "Custom"!!!...  You can follow Coyote Luke HERE... I am also glad to have him as a Facebook friend...Boy, do I wish that I had all that fishable, wadable water up there in Michigan right now!

When God rested on the seventh day
He laid his work glove down on an inland bay
Soon little lakes and rivers were born
As they seeped thru the holes where the mitten was torn
Then up sprang the forests so lush and green
Bringing forth the apple blossom, robin and wolverine
Cradled by great lakes so blue and fair
God decided to leave it there.
When this water wonderland was found by man
It was given the name of Michigan
So if you seek a pleasant peninsula
There are two that you will love
One is called the upper and the lower is God’s glove
Today they are joined together by
A rainbow made by man
And Mackinac is the title of this
Grand and glorious span!
 2000 Elsie Minor



  1. Well said. Custom and change can be very good. Both Fontinellis Rising and Most Things Custom are great blogs...and just enough "different" to make them two of my favorites.

  2. Awsome post RD! Thanks for the blog love. Keep an eye out for Most Things Custom Face Book page comming soon for you to "like"

    RD....I like the new font and background, easily read.

  3. Great post.
    I'm really looking forward to our trip to MI in the next couple of weeks. I'm looking hoping for better fishing than what I've experienced in my area lately... and I'm sure MI won't disappoint.

  4. The new look is nice...I might have to make a similar change.

    both Jason's and Luke's blogs are fantastic...and both definitely original and custom :-)

  5. Good Post... Cha cha cha changes! I can never leave anything alone for very long either.
    Like you new look though!

  6. I like the new look, and you still incorporated some of the previous design. Good stuff...

  7. Lookin' good over here RD. I enjoyed the post. Luke is a good friend and we fish together quite a bit. He's one of the funniest people you can wet a line with. I pick on him like a little brother, because he's the same age and best friends with my little brother. I hope your rivers are fishable soon! By the way, one of my favorite things is to get Luke and my brother together and listen to them play music. Good times!

  8. It's alright by me. Most thing are I reckon. I'm old and grumpy and blahhhhh. whatever you likes is ok by me. Now, whar's my bengay?