Sunday, August 27, 2023

Adapting... Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

The hardest thing for me to do is adapting to change.  There, I said it.  But, that is a good first step, right?  Admitting your faults.  I am just a creature of habit.  It could be that it has gotten worse with age.  Or maybe with healing from back and knee injuries. I just know that it isn't the same this year with not feeling as good.  My passion to cast a fly into a river or stream has been a slow process in getting back.  I did get out for a few hours the other day and then it was back in my recliner for the next 24 hours. 

 Is it even worth it? Mmmm...maybe.

I know that I can get through this.  The surgeon says that it is a one year rehab for the knee.  I am at 6 mos.  Halfway there!  At least the back is better.  There's a positive!!!  The word is patience.  I know that.  So, how do I adapt to the changes that have been thrown my way?  I probably need to write this more than you need to hear it.  But,  here are a few "tippets" that I have come up with. 

  • Be positive.  Keep an open mind and always remember that you are still in a better place than other people.  Be grateful for what you do have.  When you do face challenges, keep your goals in sight.  Know that your journey is still ongoing.  The best things sometimes take longer to achieve.  
  • Plan alternative choices while you adapt to the changes in your life.  You might find out that by giving yourself extra time to get back to something that you can't do right now, gives you the opportunity to spend more time with other things or helping other people.
  • Be kind to yourself.  Don't beat yourself up because of an unexpected change in your life.  Learn to laugh at yourself and with others.  Laughter can be the best medicine.  
  • Calm your mind.  Fear is our worst enemy.  Try yoga and meditation to relax your body and mind.  Talk to a family member or best friend.  Don't seclude yourself.  Others might have a suggestion or experience that can help you feel better about the situation at hand!

(Sometimes, it is just a balancing act!!!)

 WE can do this!  Especially with a walking stick. =)






  1. Hey RD. Great talking to you last Friday. I always tell people, as I walking with my cane, that I learned from fly fishing a long time ago that 3 points on the river bottom generally keeps you from swimming in the river.

  2. Mark ~ It was nice chatting with you too. We can't afford not to have a walking stick nearby!!! Haha

  3. Emily
    This list is a great motivator. I've saved it on my phone notes amps. March or April will likely be the start of your fishing season next year. I wish I could be there to witness your first trout. Take care, and thanks for sharing

    1. Sorry, computer issues this past week! I hope one of these tips might be helpful. Have a good rest of the month, Bill!