Monday, April 30, 2018

The Mighty Siren Adventure

After a month of recoup from the Three Amigo trip, here we go with the story.  As we always do, the Three Amigos headed up to Montana for a few fishy days at the end of March.  This one ended one day shy of April Fools Day.  (I kind of thought that I should not be on the river with these jokers on that day!)  We had the usual rivers to fish, but there definitely has been a decline in the quanity and quality of a certain river at this time of the year.  As you see in the photo above, Ernie had time for a nap even.  It is what it is.  So, we kind of tossed around the idea of maybe going somewhere "warmer" for our winter trip next year.  We've had enough of the frigid temps in March. 
19 degrees on our last day...

Salt Water 2019???

Our reuniting and just hanging out together for a few days, ranks higher than the actual fishing part of the trip anyway.  I think that it has now been 6 years for our get togethers every month of March.  

Beauty still surrounded us and nothing is more relaxing than seeing this kind of water.

My favorite fish of the trip came after the guys wanted to head downstream and I went up...  Well, what can I say???  Follow, follow, me!!!  =)

Easter landed on April Fools Day this year.  That was kind of weird.  But, we all decided to go home for Easter and head out a day early.   Yes, I made these good sports hold Easter egg doughnuts...  Haha

Montana is a quiet and breathtaking type of place.  "Big Sky Country" they call it.  You can appreciate the big open spaces of beautiful sky throughout most of the state.  I love it.

Maynard didn't find it so quiet in his hotel room with the other amigos...  Can you say "earplugs"???  Heehee

And at 10 pm, Dillon's finest decided to turn on the blaring town fire alarm... Maybe we should call it more of a "Mighty Siren" for the volunteer fire dept.!!!  You could hear it for 30 miles I bet!

And of course, I had fallen asleep for like thirty minutes and when the siren went off, I found myself falling out of bed and onto the floor.  Whoa, what is that siren???  I looked out the window and it didn't seem to be the hotel on fire.  So, back to bed I went.  =)  

And that was about the most exciting part of the trip... Hahahahahahaha

There were enough fish for everyone and enough laughs about the meals we had in town to make it another memorable adventure.  These guys are more than friends, they are my brothers...  I would trust them with my life, in fact.  
Enjoy the video.  Till 2019... 3,4,5 Amigos, out!