Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Tiger Adventure

This month has been quite the adventure.  A couple trips to the jungle to find tiger trout.  It has been a fun journey to catch these unusual fish.  The tiger trout is a sterile, intergeneric hybrid of the female brown trout and male brook trout.  Tigers are a beautiful fish and when they mature in lakes, can become very large.  Their contorted stripes like a tiger make them unique.  I have fished a certain lake many times, but have always caught the cutthroats in it instead.  Well, I had a tug on my line that just seemed a bit too strong for a cutthroat.   Hello, Mr. Tiger!!

Oh wait!  I didn't hook that guy!  Hahahahaha
This one...

My friend, Whitney, had the winner of this day.
A 24 in beauty!

And Rebeca had fish after fish...  We lost count.

What a most awesome group of friends to fish with...  
And something new was added to my adventures.

The traveling vise!  Haha.  So, after one of the guys started hooking up on a certain bug, I got out the vise at lunchtime...  


More tigers and more beautiful Colorado cutthroats...

So many fun pictures from this trip...  So, enjoy the vid!