Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Pothole Adventure ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

It isn't very difficult not to make my last adventure part of a Sunday Tippets post.  You see, I have an important lesson about POTHOLES.  Avoid them!!!  And if you can't, well... here are a few suggestions if you must take that rocky, pitted, somewhat graded country road to that "so worth the drive" fishing hole:

1.  Ride with friends in THEIR car or better yet, truck.
2.  Take a bush plane or helicopter into your destination.
3.  Rent a car and let them take care of the suspension later.

And if you have to drive YOUR car:

1.  Buckle up.  Drive slow... almost to a crawl.  Sometimes potholes are all the way across the road.  You can't avoid them.  (Despite what others might think)
2.  Prepare for a hole filled with water.  It might deeper than expected.  The visual effects of a car wash would have been great when I hit the mother of all holes.  Alas, it was dry.
3.  Have a solid grip on the steering wheel with both hands to prevent loss of control from a sudden jerk of the car.  And just smile when a comment is made inside the car when you do hit a hole.
4.  Don't brake at the last minute.  This can cause more damage to your car in the long run.  Did I tell you how much a new muffler costs?  Or an alignment?
5.  Be sure to inflate your tires before the journey.  Don't start low.
6.  And of course, don't go on any dirt road journey with old tires.  No need to weaken the old and have a blow out in the middle of nowhere!   Well, at least I got a point for this one.

So, the journey begins.  You forget the little road trip out and all the fillings in your teeth are in place.  It's time to fish!!!!  

A special thank you to my special friends up in Yellowstone Country...  They put up with me let me stay and fish for five days in the most beautiful place on Earth...

Enjoy the slideshow...  And remember to buckle up...  = )

And the best advice on this Sunday Tippet...

Don't ask me to drive!!!

(In my defense, I really didn't do all that badly... Really, Mr. Mechanic)