Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Patty Girl Adventure

Here they come, the Patty Girls!  With their Patagonia puffy jackets and their "Pat Rubberlegs" stonefly meal for some hungry trout! They search out every river and stream, even the ones that are a bit high and murky from the Wyoming runoff this year.  What will they find???

Trout with appetites for an imitation of a stonefly that guide, Pat Bennett of Hyde Outfitters in Island Park, ID. created.  Similar to the girdle bug, this tasty treat is very popular out here in the West.

As easy as the pattern looks, it can be frustrating to tie because the rubber legs can be hard to handle while you are placing them.  But, after a few, you learn a few tricks to make it easier.

So, my friend Clairey and I set out for a few days to explore the beautiful country surrounding Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  What trip could have more beautiful mountains to look at, right?  Oh, how I love the Grand Tetons and there majestic presence.  The highest peak reaches  to over 13,000 feet.  The Grand Teton Natl. Park is neighbors with Yellowstone Natl. Park.  So, there is not a shortage of breathtaking views! 

My video will tell the rest.  Many hours of driving back country roads and laughing all the way.  My "sassy mama on the fly" is a great friend and hostess that has a huge heart.  She also rowed me down one of her home waters and cooked up some great grub.  And she knows the way to an awesome taco bus!!!  
Thank you, Clairey. =) 

So, without further adieu...  Enjoy the video of the Patty Girls...