Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Getting Jiggy With It" - Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style that wasn't quite the "jiggy" I did yesterday.  Yes, the Damsel went "outside the box" yesterday...and learned something new.  The fly rod was put aside for just a few hours while the spin rod was put into action and placed into the pvc pipe on my float tube.  I know, I know...this is not a usual thing for me to do...but, when frustration happens like I have been feeling with my still water fishing lately, a call for change occurs...and I knew who could make me a believer of jigging with a spin rod.  My friend Craig.  A group of us left at 3:30 AM  yesterday in search of tiger trout, cutthroats, rainbows, and brookies in the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

One of the few roads that doesn't have road construction in Utah!

After 3 hours or so, we made it to our first destination.  Duck Fork Reservoir is located in a meadow near the head of a glacial valley in Ferron Canyon, high on the east side of the Wasatch Plateau...9500 ft high.  You can see the, while those in the Salt Lake Valley had a 90 degree day, we enjoyed the 70 degree temps...

Duck Fork Reservoir
The water was beautiful and clear.  The alpine setting was breathtaking!  I love my mountains.  That's why I live in Utah, truth be told.  So, we unloaded and set up the float tubes and journeyed out on our kicking adventure.  Tiger trout were abundant. My friends were catching awesome numbers.  Me, well, I was still waiting for my fly rod to come to life!!

This is beauty...
There were several lakes in the general area.  We moved on to Ferron Reservoir for a quick lesson in casting jigs.  Now, I wasn't quite sure how this was going to feel with a spin rod in my hand.  But, I was willing to learn, as I was finding that the fish were slow to go after the flies that I was putting out to them.  Jig casting...very easy technique and setup.  Ok...I was good with that!! : )  So then, we moved on to take a look at Willow Lake and Wrigley Springs...weren't quite impressed enough to fish there, so we got back on the road...

The Road To Happy Trout!!

 We arrived at Grassy Lake.  Rainbow, Tigers, and a surprise species!!  I was ready to test out my newly found skills as a spin caster...Ha.  The "jigging" was a success.  Some very "friendly" tigers and one with kind of sharp teeth...Did he really want me to leave the hook in his mouth???

Surprise!!  20 inch brown trout...Sorry, camera went into B/W mode by accident on a few pics!

"Incoming" was starting to be a common word...what great fishing to be had.  "Pop", "Reel"..."Pop", Reel" went through my head for the last part of the day.  I hooked into Tiger Trout and Rainbow Trout.  Then, came the surprise of the day...what in the world???

Holy ALBINO!!!  A nice, healthy 16 incher...My first!

It was hard to decide when it was time to leave...but, as dusk approached, we packed things up and headed home.  Nothing like getting home at almost midnight after a full day of fishing...Tired?  My best day of still water fishing yet.  With a spin rod and a minnow...who would have thought that RD could be "converted" into a lake "spinner" gal!!   We had about 50 fish between (Of course, my coach had the main part of that!) 

Holding the "golden" minnow...
So, my advice today would be to keep your mind open to new methods and ideas that might embellish your fishing knowledge and skills.  Don't think that one way is the best way.  It might be your "preferred" way to fish, but there are other techniques that can provide enjoyment on the water.  I never thought that I would be a Czech nympher on the river and now it looks like I might be holding that spin rod and "getting a little jiggy with it" on the still waters...All is well! As long as you are having fun...(And catching a few fish doesn't hurt either!)


  1. The Spinner Gal. I like it! When are you changing the banner on the site? I can help you with that...I'm thinking a Mepps spinner in red and white.

  2. RD
    Next time try this---7 1/2 ft. miro spinning rod from Bass Pro, you will relate it to a fly rod. You get some kind of play with this rod and reel to match for balance----4 lb test line and you are good to go. Great Post.

  3. Cofisher ~ Now, we don't have to change the banner...I'm still a fly girl on the river!! Just sayin' that I had a lot of fun doing something different.

    Bill ~ I think that is exactly what I was using! 7 1/2 and 4 lb test. It was very light weight...

  4. I grew up a spin fisherman on 4lb and there are a lot of being one of them. Fly fishing is a TOOL, it's not always the best tool. I'm glad you allowed yourself to think outside the Orvis-built box that so much of the fly world lives in.

    I love seeing diehard fly guys pick up a spinning or casting setup, fish it all day, catch fish, and then realize they didn't turn into a pillar of salt because of it.

    Way to go!

    (And amazing photos btw, well done. I'm glad your camera got knocked into B&W...that was a little outta the box too. It worked!)

  5. Way to try something different! The best part is that it paid off. The albino had to be exciting!

  6. Glad you got to do some spin fishing. Like Will, it's how I grew up fishing. There is no right or wrong, just a lot of different ways to have a great time :-)

    Really cool looking fish, I've never caught a tiger trout. Might have to add that to the old list. I like the albino as well! It looks like Silas from the book/movie "The Da Vinci Code"...ha!

    Well done, glad you had a good day on the water.

  7. I've been too busy to get around visiting blogs.
    Was playing catch up on yours today.

    Love the banner. Puts more of the story up top.

    There's an albino catfish and a huge albino carp that hang around in the same area all the time on the Fox. So far they've been camera shy.

    Light line, light rod spinning gear is no different from fly fishing, to me anyway.

  8. Will ~ No, I'm a pillar of something...but not salt! Ha. And thanks for saying that you enjoyed the B/W pics...I was pretty devastated! Beautiful fish in blue tint...lovely!

  9. Brookfield ~ The most exciting part of the day was watching the albino through the water circle the hook...and the next thing you knew, he was mine! (for a few minutes) It was way cool.

    Sanders ~ Yes, the tiger trout have been my nemesis. I have tried for a year now to land one. And Saturday, I caught them in abundance! Put it on your list...they fight and sometimes bite...well...only when I tried to help him with the hook in his mouth! : (

  10. Ken G. ~ Welcome back stranger! I'm glad you approve of the blog header. I appreciate your help and input on the kind of new look! Thanks...

  11. Your adventure is surely fun! Will be returning back if you'll be posting more:-)

  12. Emily.. Just started my blog go to the you will have to show me how to join this network of crazed fisherman like us.

  13. ALFL ~ Please join us again...we do have a bit of fun here most of the time!

    Orvis1 ~ Well, lookie "coach" on this trip has now ventured onto the dark side...blogger world!!! Craig, you have fishing adventures others dream about. Glad you took my advice!

  14. Nice. I guess that means I should pick up a fly rod one of these days.

    Bring your tube to the Midwest and show me how it's done.