Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being Stealthy...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

This looks like the level of water Troutrageous guided in!

Have you ever heard anyone say that you should be as "stealthy" as an elephant when you go fishing?  No, I didn't think so...There's something about being "stealthy" when you are on low, clear water where every fish can see you as you approach.   When I went out to Georgia this past Spring, I met Mark at  He wrote an exceptional article on the subject at hand.  When I fished the Smoky Mountains, it was the first time that I had to really learn what was involved with close-in fishing...Mark and Owl both had experience with this...I did not.

Woah, Nelly!  Practice makes perfect!

First of all, there wasn't as much room to maneuver my fly line and the limited space probably "spooked" me more than the fish!!  Haha.  Many rock formations to stumble across, as I am not the greatest balancer on the river...I kind of feel like these guys to the right sometimes...Like "Oh, do I really have to go over there to get a better view"???  Encouragement always helps...practicing helps even more.

First item of business to prepare for this "stealth" day...the proper flies.  I just happened to get a special package in the mail from B-Fly...(Thanks, Much!!)  Now, Brian knows how to catch W. NY browns!!!  So, I picked up the secret prescription for a successful day and put it away in my pack.  The next item was to purchase some 6X I usually use 4X or 5X... It was going to be a dry fly and dropper kind of day!!  : )

Being "stealthy" hasn't come easily for me, and so I decided that it was time to get over my insecurities yesterday.  I wanted to  head up the Big Cottonwood Canyon, 15 min. from my house.  I usually pass it by for fishing, as I know that the creeks coming down are a little "Troutrageous" errr...treacherous in places.  And that you are a lot closer to fish that can spot you at the same time you spot them!!  So, I put on some of my most greenish/brownish (ugly) clothing like Mark said to do and headed up the canyon.  It was time to "fly" like a NINJA!!!

It was to be a dry fly day...ugh.  Small, clear creek...very beautiful.  But, you see, I have only caught one fish on a dry fly in the three years that I have been fly, my confidence isn't real high there...  I am a full time nympher/czech nympher and higher water beckons me! LOL.  (why do you think I'm going to Colorado next week??  Ha)  Seriously, I knew that it was time to change up...

The Honey Hole is in the sunshine...
 As I got closer to the water, I was amazed at how close the fish would be...and I would be standing pretty much on top of them...Oh boy!  I walked two different stretches and with my super duper polarized lenses, I couldn't see a fish in sight.  I drove down the canyon aways...just had an inkling to stop and get out...looked kind of interesting over there...As I approached, I could see the ground around me was a raised, soft mound of soil that the water had been soaring down a few weeks ago...yes, the water was about two feet higher as I could see the water line.  As I looked below, there were a bunch of branches, kind of an obstruction which I don't like, as I get tangled up pretty easily!  But, a few feet beyond that was MONEY!!!  Not the green stuff (that would be nice), but about 8-10 brown trout just stacked on top of each other in a holding hole...Couldn't believe my eyes.  Now, if I didn't hook into a few of these...well, then I should hang it up! No joke. So, down on my knees (yes, even the one that landed hard over barb wire the other day...)  Don't ask.

A B-Fly creation in the corner of the mouth...
Here was the real to LIGHTLY drop the line in the water without disturbing...I will admit that this is the hardest part of the game for me.  I tend to come down a little hard on the water with my tippet...I knew that this would have to be the best presentation and the lightest if I wasn't going to spook them after the first cast!  Lo, and behold!!!  Incoming!  And another, and another...Ahhh...Life is good.  Even through the trials that we endure...It might sound a little out there...but, dry fly fishing has been a trial of sorts.  And yesterday, I felt a total different level of satisfaction and self-confidence.  As in life, if we persevere and keep going strong in believing that we can accomplish what is before us, it usually works out.  Never give up!!

" Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before. "-James Buckham   If this applies to you...then you are like most of us that learn though trial, how strong we can be!!  It takes mind over matter and a strong will or desire to overcome or achieve what is before us. And then, enjoy the end result...
FOOTNOTE:  A special thanks to B-Fly for the fly of the day which was the trico emerger/adult pattern that he sent out.  About a #20 with white hackle fiber for a tail, black super fine dubbed body and some light dun colored snow shoe rabbit for a wing tied in as a post!! (his description, not mine..ha)  IT ROCKED!! 


  1. Nice read! Cool that you were able to be stealthy and -lightly- drop the tippet into the water.

    My casting technique usually results in the tippet hitting the water like it was shot from a howitzer...though it doesn't usually matter with saltwater fish :)

  2. I agree with Alex , good read.

    Personally , I don't have enough patience to be stealthy and fly fish. I'd much rather take a 12 ft. surf rod and launch an 8 ounce sinker from the beach :)

  3. I need to work on my stealth as well...and pretending to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle might just be the ticket...ha!

    Well done on the browns!

    Great tippet as always :-)

  4. I'm so glad you got into some fish, and on a dry! All you need is a good day like that from time to time to bring things more and more into focus....very nice!

  5. Alex ~ Ahhh, yes. If it had been anything but light, the whole group would have vanished! So, I guess that I finally did it right!! : )

    JM ~ I would like to take a 9 wt and head to the Bahamas and bonefish!! On the bucket list.

  6. Sanders ~ I think the trick of being like the turtle is being lower to the ground!! HAHA

    BFly ~ The "dry" experience was a lot of fun. I just might try it again...soon! : )

  7. Stealth is a good skill to have. Not only is it useful for sneaking up on fish, but it also comes in handy when making late night snack runs.

  8. MM gave me a tip for dry fly presentation, stop your cast high. Don't bring your arm all the way forward like you normally would if you are sending a nymph flying across the river. Just stop right at the top when you come back to front. The fly just trickles down and lands as light as air on the water. It really has worked well for me the last couple of weeks.