Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"BAT-errr...Up" !!!

                                                            Howards Bats of Colorado

Oh...aren't they cute??? Something to take home to Mother...  : )

So, what are my chances of catching a bat instead of a fish (accidently of course!) when I head out to Colorado in August?  Howard says that there are a few bats out there.  Is it possible that when my fly rod gets cast up into the air, that I could end up with a bat at the end of my line instead of a brown trout??? Hmmm...Are these legends or truths?  I thought that maybe it was time that I check things out...and here is what I found.....

Does it mean anything that this guy has a smile on his face???

Myths and misconceptions aside, bats are astonishing animals. They are the only true flying mammals. Unlike "flying" squirrels and "flying" lemurs, which merely glide, bats are capable of powered flight. And they are remarkably adept at it, surpassing in many ways even the considerable skills of birds. A bat flying at 40 miles per hour can make a right-angle turn in little more than the length of its body.  That means one thing to me...GET THE H...OUT OF THE WAY!!!

MIAMI, FL USA - APR. 22: Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez bats during the ninth inning of the Colorado Rockies vs. Florida Marlins game April 22, 2011 in Miami, FL. Stock Photo - 9386754Now, chances are, that I will more likely find a Colorado "bat" of this sort while I am there... : )   I could easily take in a ballgame one night!!  Go Rockies!!!

What do you think about RD being a college "Batgirl"?? 


                   Ok.  Back to those other bats for a minute.  How do you like my new t-shirt for the trip? 

And for wading in those Colorado rivers...some new neoprenes with boots!...

                                               No...that's just not me...Sorry...Let's try again.

                                       Yep... Watch out Owl Jones!!!  Camo is out...RD fashionware is in!

                Lastly,  here is my favorite role model of them all (j/k) ...the one, the only..."Batgirl" herself!!
                                                               Extra bat points for watching...        


  1. Interesting video. I dislike having bats anywhere near me but they eat mosquitos so I guess they are a necessary evil.

  2. Haven't caught a bat here, but Dustin did catch a bat while night fishing in Missouri last summer. It does happen!


  3. There are stranger things than bats happening in Owl showing up. Hmmm, can you catch an owl on your backcast? Does he eat mosquitoes? I approve the T and definitely on the fashionwear!

  4. Bats are really neat creatures. I am actually working on making a bat set up to attract them to my yard. They are fantastic mosquito control.

  5. Luke ~ Sorry, buddy...I'm sure that video was made before you were born!!

    Steph ~ Tell you what...we won't go lookin' for

    Cofisher ~ I almost caught an Owl on my backcast in NC...just ask him!! LOL.

    Brookfield ~ That adds a whole new meaning to "guess who's coming to dinner?"!!!

  6. I'm not sure that you'll get into any bats out here...but stranger things have happened...ha!

  7. There's plenty of bats here in NC. Sometimes at dusk you'll see them flying around eating insects. I've hit a few with my fly line but never caught one. I guess they eat their weight in mosquitoes so I love them.

  8. RD, Bats will eat Tricos at dusk. Years ago on Bushkill Creek in PA my brother made one last cast to some spinner slurping trout, when he felt a tug on his backcast and then on his forwardcast, something slapped him on the shoulder. He reached back to clear the lump that landed on his shoulder and to his surprise (shock) it was a bat... dazed, bewildered and hooked... kinda like cofisher (his radar is non-functional anyway, so no fear in CO).