Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When The Call Beckons Me...

I love to fish for Brown Trout.  That is no secret.  Most of Utah's waterways have them...and when I go searching for Mr. Spots, he is usually very accommodating.  He looks up at me and smiles (most of the time), as he knows that he will be carefully and quickly put back to his home.  I have been to many brown trout waters, but undoubtedly, my favorite is River X.  Sorry, most of you are rolling your eyes right now as secret rivers are oh, so tacky!  But, I am sworn to secrecy on this river and I always keep my word.  But here is the road to River X...

And here is some of the scenery...

And here are some of the Brown Beauties...

Oh, what fun I have when I go to River X..."Incoming!!" is on my lips... 

And sometimes I bring my "Coach" with me...

She likes the big "teethy" ones!  Ha.

Yes, many beautiful Brown Trout friends...and I will be seeing them in just a few more months!
You see, the call beckons me once again...so, I have slated my next River X trip for November.  
    I just can't ever get enough of Brown Trout heaven.  So, here's a vid to help me (and you) get through  the next little while until we meet Mr. Spots once again...



  1. The spots on those fish are huge. Beautiful!

  2. looks like a good teacher and a nice hidden stream

  3. Any river named "X" has got to be good...I can see why you won't let the secret out :-)

    Beautiful fish...worth the secret.

  4. Kev - River X Browns have the best spots that I have seen! I love em'!

    Blake - Rebecca is a super person too...and she knows where to find fish...

  5. Very cool RD,looks like you've got some great water out there. That scenery makes me want to take a trip back to Utah. Some day.

  6. Sanders ~ So, when I come out to Colorado...my new friends will share their secret waters...right? haha.

    FR ~ Yes, you should come out in a few years and take a trip through Utah, up through ID and into MT. Ahhh..my favorite stretch!!

  7. Awesome browns on a great looking river. Funny, I don't recognize it, but I'm sure I'll run into (or maybe it will run through me) someday.

    Nice day!

  8. Those browns are in a class of their own, especially in stream X, I have caught very few in my short trout fishing ventures, so I know how much you enjoyed this trip.