Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter White...Or Is It?

But, blink!  And it could very well change...


The OBN has a "Photo Prompt" going on of what winter looks like in our area of the world.  Well, this is what it looks like in the Park City, UT. area on my way to the Provo River.  I wish that I could say that it looks like the picture is what it is.  Last year we had a record snow fall.  800+ inches in the mountains.  I'm still waiting it out for a few more feet.  Hopefully, we will get some storms this month, as Deer Valley is having their annual hosting of the "Freestyle World Championships" which I volunteer each year.  Snow Dance!!!  Even with poor snowfall,  Deer Valley makes lots of snow and there is plenty to ski.  Locals are just spoiled!!


 The black dot in the middle would be me... ; )  The orange safety barrier near the bottom is there to tell me to SLOW DOWN!!  And I do...then.  Wait until the Go Pro Cam gets rolling at fast speed!!  Heehaw!

I LOVE POWDER...Bet you didn't know that I was the "Powder Girl" before I became the "River Damsel"!  Whenever I would give out my old email to people, they would ask me if I sold Mary Kay...duh. 

My Playground...

This is what you call a "good time!  And I had a part in it...I believe that you can see me again...the black dot up there on the left.  I love the new "freshies" first thing in the morning before there are tracks.  Yeah, a few of those squigglies are mine... : )  

C'mon Mother Nature...BRING IT!
(Sometimes, I do a little more than fish!  Sometimes.)


  1. What's the deal with all the posts lately. The two top photos are great. Guess which one I'd take?

  2. "Powder Girl", huh? If I tried doing that, I would become a "Shoosh-Ka-Bob" on one of my ski poles.

  3. just realized where you reside... so you'll be joining the 2012 Tenkara Summit in SLC late July?

  4. Howard ~ I don't know where I got this sudden burst of could have been from the long hiatus that I had in December before the holidays...No worries. It won't happen two weeks in a row! Yeah, I'm sure you are all snuggly with that top picture...

  5. Larry ~ Stay clear of me on the have been warned.

    GoneFF ~ I have no experience with the Tenkara...that's all I get "hooked" into another facet of fly fishing! Erik (of Tenkara Guides) and I have shared some fishing time. He sure knows how to catch the big fish with that rod.

  6. I remember it being like that back in, um, 1998. It wasn't until late January when most places opened, and with only a 20" base.

  7. They are saying some rain, maybe late next week. Keep your fingers crossed.


  8. The Nothing ~ An interesting name...We are skiing on a 24" base at Deer Valley. But, remarkably, it has been decent because of their awesome snow makers. I think that it was 70" at this time last year.

  9. Mark ~ Maybe a Pacific storm will blow through here too... : )