Sunday, January 29, 2012

Take A Lift...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

10,000 Ft. Up!
What comes up, must come down. Yes, this is a true statement...especially in snow skiing.  I have skied now over 20 years...And I can tell you that there is this thing called gravity.  If you didn't have gravity, skiing would be a carefree activity!  No big effort!  You could hover around for awhile... But, there is this gravity problem.  In fact, there are huge amounts of it.  And for most people, it takes many years of practice to skillfully tackle the gravity dilemma.  Your ski areas are located smack dab on the top of giant piles called "mountains".  Most ski resorts use snow makers, blowing the white stuff...errr...gravity at night!  In fact, they are full steam ahead this winter since Mother Nature hasn't been too cooperative.

 After the gravity is put into place, silly people like myself head up the canyons looking for fun in the sun...or clouds.  We tackle powerful forces that are always trying to suck us into large fixed objects!  We learn that the One Rule of Skiing Safety is: ``Never go up the mountain without knowing how to come down".  And take lessons from a professional!  I speak from experience on that one.  For some of us, falling down in the parking lot and sliding off the chairlift at the top is the natural thing to do! Haha.

Relatives and friends always have the best intentions on teaching how to combat gravity.  But, it truly is best to have a trained instructor to teach a skill that requires the upmost safety rules to do it properly.  Back when I first learned to ski, four friends had good intentions...but, I got going a little too fast and out of control.  The only way to stop was to find one of those large fixed objects!  No, not a tree or another skiier (fortunately), but a large mound of gravity (snow embankment) that stopped me in my tracks...ugh.  The pain.  The embarrassment.  Day over.  Doctor visit.  Knee out. Crutches.  My first experience with gravity and this is the white stuff that they call fun? 

Sunday TippetFor those not so brave, here is the best tactic for you... Never go DOWN the mountain. Always go SIDEWAYS, which involves less gravity. You will want to creep laterally along the slope, like a giant parka-wearing crab, until you reach a safe place, such as Orlando. This can take months but it is better than going straight down the mountain like I do most of the time!!  Nah...that wouldn't be any fun!  Just ski the "fall line" (going downhill) with me.  But a warning!  If you stay behind me too closely, you just might enjoy the spray of powder in your face!! : )

I did a short video of my day at Alta yesterday...pretty boring stuff.  But, of course...technical glitch, so I bring you the following ski vid to give you just a little taste of powder.  Just imagine this is me until I get that funny, little cam on my helmet going! (Ok...who's kidding who...I'm not this good!)


  1. Coming from one of the "best" skiing states in the country, my experiences have been less than stellar. Going too fast, hit someone (not on purpose)broken ankle. Adjust skis wrong, ride back down the lift. One more try...break an ankle. Gravity hurts. The ride on the toboggan with an entourage of ski patrol...thrilling. No thanks, I don't heal as quickly as I used to.

  2. I need to get back into that Gravity! Unfortunately I have discovered winter fishing...what's a guy to do?

  3. Howard ~ You just don't do well in the winter, do you? I'm starting to believe that you are better off inside.

    Sanders ~ That is why there is a two day weekend, my friend! (And yesterday, I actually skied and had time to throw a line in also!) Planning... : )

  4. That is a cruel video to show, it was 75 degrees here today, and my neighbor just left for Park City to Ski. That is one of the few things I really miss about Utah, the fantiastic skiing. Actually great post thanks. :)

  5. Marc - You don't live that far away...Maybe a visit is in your future! Think "Best snow on Earth" ...