Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Otter-ly, Stingray Tuesday!

There was no way that I was going to get out of bed after I flipped on my Weather Bug app on my phone this morning.  Heber Valley - Provo River...  -8 degrees.  Burrrr... I have fleece and great gloves, but 15 degrees above is where I draw the line.  Anything less...well, the fish won't be biting anyway.  So, while tossing side to side, I knew that a back up plan had to be in the works...and it had to have something to do with fish. Not laundry!!! I have been wanting to check out my "neighborhood aquarium" just a few miles down the road.  There have been quite the crowds patrons there since it opened and now I know why... The Living Planet Aquarium, is AMAZING!!!  Yes, the stingrays were awesome to touch at the petting pond, but my favorite was actually the...

OTTERS!!!!  They are so much fun to watch!
I have seen a few river otters along the Weber River here in Utah and on my journeys out of state as well.  But, watching them behind the glass today gave me a little more of an idea how silly and humorous these guys are.  They love to play!  We saw quite a show...I found out that the North American River Otter is the only river otter found north of Mexico. Its luscious pelt is waterproof and helps keep it warm.  The river otter will settle in a location with sufficient coverage, usually vegetation or physical structures, such as rock piles.  And that is usually where I have seen them; behind an old tree trunk that has fallen over in the river. 

Next, my friends in tuxedos...I always love the Penguins!!

Then, there was this guy...A Dwarf Caiman (small croc)

 And this guy was up in arms...Mr. Octopus scratching his nose!

Jellyfish are way cool...more so behind glass instead of under your foot!

Beautiful Lion Fish, but you don't want to meet one...very potent venom.

The Four Eyed Fish...it swims along the surface using one set of eyes, each with two sections!!
It can see above and below the water...cool!!

Yep, even some familiar faces...many different species of trout

And a few suckers!!!

All in all, it was a great way to spend a cold day inside with a few friends from the outside.
And shaking petting a stingrays wing... : )

I am so glad that we can patronize these incredible Aquariums.  It is one way that we can learn to respect, observe and understand the complexities and importance of freshwater environments, rain forests and the world´s oceans.  It's an incredible adventure...Check one out if you have one in your area!

Last but, not least...one picture for Jay...
Yes, our lovely King Snake!


  1. I always thought that Owls were your favorites next to brown trout.

  2. Cofisher ~ I think that you are mistaken...I definitely prefer otters, who only cross the road to get to the otter side!! HAHA

  3. I love zoos and aquariums! Being a former zoo professional, I make it a point to visit any zoo or aquarium I can when I travel. At last count, I've been to 28 total- more zoos than aquariums. If you go visit Owl in GA again, you should go see the GA Aquarium in Atl or the TN Aquarium in Chattanooga- they're both equally great, but I kinda like the TN Aquarium because it has a freshwater focus- there's a large portion devoted to "Rivers of the World."

  4. Jay ~ I had to add the snake pic after you came over...now, you feel more at home! Ha. You never know...I might find my way to TN someday, with relatives there. I will be sure to check it out. Thanks!

  5. Damsel is showing some humor... What gives?

  6. Cofisher -. "OTT" you not be working this morning? ; )

  7. Yay! What fun. And Jellyfish ARE way cool!!!

    1. e.m.b. - The fluorescent lighting made them even
      more awesome to look at...

  8. Like Jay, I love zoos and aquariums too. I can handle the humor too. Made me smile.


  9. Mark - We certainly want smiles over here at TRD ...glad you came over to visit!

  10. Kingsnakes are cool. Thanks for sharing.

  11. RD
    Suckers are fun on the fly, only landed a couple----snakes on the hand I have not. Have you got your new High Sticker Fly Rod yet? Your post the other day got me interested, I mentioned your that post in my recent writing. You know you may make me break down and purchase one of those high sticker rods---not the one Kelly was using in the clip--waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooo expensive

  12. Laundry can wait...I think that you made the wise decision :-)

  13. Bill ~ I saw a school of suckers underneath and kept walking...maybe I should have tried that one time! Oh well. Still waiting on the fly rod to arrive...You can be sure that I will do a full review on it. : )

  14. Sanders ~ Dishes too! Yep, a wise choice.