Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miracles Great and Small ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

                                                                       Things Work Out
                                                                       By Edgar A. Guest

Because it rains when we wish it wouldn't,
Because men do what they often shouldn't,
Because crops fail, and plans go wrong
Some of us grumble all day long.
But somehow, in spite of the care and doubt,
It seems at last that things work out.
Because we lose where we hoped to gain,
Because we suffer a little pain,
Because we must work when we'd like to play
Some of us whimper along life's way.
But somehow, as day always follows the night,
Most of our troubles work out all right.
Because we cannot forever smile,
Because we must trudge in the dust awhile,
Because we think that the way is long
Some of us whimper that life's all wrong.
But somehow we live and our sky grows bright,
And everything seems to work out all right.
So bend to your trouble and meet your care,
For the clouds must break, and the sky grow fair.
Let the rain come down, as it must and will,
But keep on working and hoping still.
                                                                    For in spite of the grumblers who stand about,
                                                                       Somehow, it seems, all things work out.

A miracle does not become a “Miracle” without a trial, most of the time...I have seen many miracles in my life...great and small.  Most recently, at Christmas.  People cease to amaze me!  My heart was humbled and a greater love for friends and neighbors was felt.  Yes, all things do work out.

May each of you have......

Enough happiness to keep you sweet,
Enough trials to keep you strong,
Enough sorrow to keep you human,
Enough hope to keep you happy;
Enough failure to keep you humble,
Enough success to keep you eager,
Enough friends to give you comfort,
Enough wealth to meet your needs;
Enough enthusiasm to look forward,
Enough faith to banish depression,
Enough determination to make each day better than yesterday.

Author Unknown

Post inspired by Will King, The Riparian Corridor...His father is miraculously fighting back from a serious stroke.  Best wishes go out to him and his family...The clouds are breaking and the sky is growing brighter!!


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