Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Clean and Cast"... Together!

I wanted to put this story onto my website, as it was previously posted over at fisherous.com
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The "CLEAN and CAST" ... Collecting over 15 sacks of garbage with a group of fellow conservationists (and friends).Enjoying the rest of the day fishing together!  That is what I experienced the first time that I went to haul in garbage with the UFFC (Utah Fly Fishing Club) last year.  What a great way to get some karma!  There is nothing like doing a good deed.  And when you are a fisherman, it feels really good to give back to the passion that gives you so much enjoyment.  I am a Fly Fisher...plain and simple.  I will always be.  It is not something I do, it is who I am.  Those who knew me before I started fly fishing three years ago, often question me with "Why and How"?  It wasn't to be an escape, but rather somewhere that I felt that I belonged.  And when I came across groups of people like the UFFC, it told me that I had found a very good thing.   

Being involved with an organization such as this, helps you appreciate the rivers and streams that you frequently visit.   Conservation, education and participation...is all part of fly fishing.  At least, I believe that it should be.  You always get more out of something when you put more into it.  Plain and simple... And if you can bring a great group of fishers together to enjoy the experience and build friendships...it's even better!  So, we "Clean and Cast".   We clean the river beds and surrounding areas of debris for a couple of hours in the morning and then take a lunch break and fish in the afternoon.  We pulled out tires to lawn chairs from the banks...then, we took this picture by the dumpster with our great finds!  It makes a great day!  If you don't have something like this in your area...I recommend it highly as something that can be organized with a few determined and conservationalist minded people putting it together.  You will be amazed at what a difference it can make!  (And you will probably catch an extra fish that day too...)


  1. Brk Trt - Ya know...it was a day of interesting finds. Tires, lawn chairs and even a lazy boy chair that had to be left behind! A great group of volunteers and friends.

  2. Did you find my tackle bag? I figure it had to wash down somewhere...might be be in Utah by now! Seriously though, nice job to the Utah Fly Fishing Club and to you for the great effort.

  3. Howard ~ No, afraid not. I did find about 4 or 5 flies...they could have been remnants!

  4. I dig the Clean and Cast concept. Outdoor enthusiasts of all human form should embrace this more to combat refuse discarded by riffraff. This year I am expecting to pick up a lot of trash that has been blown in by the wind. Thank you for sharing this.