Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Changing Direction, Planned or Unplanned

Have you ever changed direction at the last minute on a well planned trip?  Like a summer trip, for instance...You have all your maps in place and hotels/campgrounds picked out.  Now there is a change of plans and you basically have to start all over.  (Who do I know that recently did that?  Ha)      Ok...check it out.  My first leg of the Rocky Mountain Frenzy...a six hour leg of the trip from Salt Lake City to Basalt, Co.  I like big eyes can't see the small stuff anymore...ha!  I stayed in Snowmass 20 years ago and loved every minute of it!  The mountains and aspens are so gorgeous!!  But, this time around, I will be searching for water...river water!  And big fish...The Roaring Fork and The Frying Pan River should do the trick!

Mid Week Tippet: (How about that?)  Changing direction...have you had a time in your life where you decided that maybe a change would be beneficial to your everyday life?  ie:  Change of educational goals, change of job or work schedule, change of spending budget...  Sometimes, we just have to jump a little off course to see if there is something out there that might be better for us.  Make life a little easier...A few years ago, I changed my career as a small business owner to an accountant... At the time, I didn't realize how important that move would be...until this past year.  I now have a more flexible schedule and 
less stress when I get home...don't have to think about my job 24/7 like I did before...It actually was good planning for the unplanned surprises that have occurred this past year and month with health issues in the family!!

I have come to the realization that things in life don't always stay the same... If they did, how boring would that be?  Haha.   I am making the most of this Rocky Mtn. Frenzy trip and getting some R&R because when I get is open heart surgery time for my hubby.  And those take awhile to recover from.  (I'm an awful nurse...)  A little more home time instead of running all over the countryside with my fly rod!  So, I guess that I just want to life to the fullest and enjoy your family, friends and passions for life.  And try to be prepared physically, mentally, or even spiritually for what may lie ahead.  Our courses aren't always planned.  You can get a hop, skip, and a jump at the very last moment!! : )    It's just part of life's journey! 


  1. Coming back from the Deschutes Steelhead trip, at the last minute we decided to go around and through the National Forest rather than back the way we came. It was spectacular. Elk on the side of the road and beautiful fall color (as opposed to flat, barren land). A wonderful diversion.


  2. Mark - That's exactly what I'm talking about! Glad you found some different roads to enjoy...

  3. Great midweek tippet!

    I think that changing your trip plans a few times would be okay....might want to give the old Owl a call :-)

    Looking forward to next week! It's going to be a lot of fun. I think you're going to like these waters...

    I'll be thinking about you and your husband, I know those surgeries are a tough thing to go through (both my mom and dad had similar surgeries)...and if my mom can handle the nursing duties, you are going to be just fine :-)

  4. Sanders - unlike plans are only changing once! Ha. Thx for the comments ... maybe your mom didn't have an honery patient! : )

  5. Famous last words. :) Have a blast and be careful out there with the bears and wolves and that Sanders dude. ;)

  6. Plans are made to be broken. That seems to be my motto, especially lately. Hang tough, you'll have a great time. I'll be keeping you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Owl ~ Sanders is the least of my about Howard? Ooops...there he is!! Haha. Seriously, it will be a great bunch of people.

    Howard ~ were in my thoughts when posting this. Hope your plans are shaping up a bit better, my friend!

  8. Enjoy your trip and best wishes to you and your husband throughout the surgery and healing process.

  9. Yeah, buddy! You can't go wrong with that detour - and you'll agree the first time you bite into one of those large, football-like fish on the Pan. (we'll be expecting some pictures, too).

    Just do me one favor: don't use a mysis pattern - too cliche'...hit up Rod for some really great suggestions for flies on that stretch.