Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catch Of The Day!

                       A beautiful morning to head up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City. 

Interesting how I got both flies in the picture...huh?  Owl's fly on the top kinda looks like his new ab-do hairstyle! : ) 

A big picture of a small fish...heehee.  The "Catch of the Day"...almost makes me feel "unaccomplished" like Mr. UA!!!  Mr. Mini Brown Trout looks nice in my new net!!  And the fly didn't get caught in my netting for a change!  Oh...I'm going to like this net.

A friend joined me today...Brian Schiele from mtbbrian.  Brian is an awesome photographer...check it out.    He thought that he was getting a qualified "guide"...I really tried to warn him.  I told him that I knew of some secret holding spots for some nice little brookies and browns up the canyon.  From there, well...he was pretty much on his own...and he did come up with a brookie, which he was happy with.

Here are the magic flies of the day for me...Runner Up goes to Owl Jones (bottom fly in pic) which had about 3 or 4 hits, but I was just a lazy set each time I guess!  The winning fly of a 5 (maybe 6 in) brown trout pictured above goes to Brian over at brianonthefly (top fly in pic)...I hope that I am keeping everyone's flies separated still!!  You were all so wonderful to help me out with replacing my lost fly box.  Thank you!

           The canyon was beautiful as always...I love the pines and the foilage.  And it is so peaceful...

But, look at all of the...ugh entanglements!!  I bet Howard would have a great time with this little creek.  If you can fish this, you can fish in North Carolina...just sayin'!

And the day would not be complete without making a stop at the fly shop and getting my little early birthday present .... I can never wait...!!!  I am just so tired of slipping on ice in the winter with those felts!!  And no more frozen laces!  Ahhh...

Simm's Rivertek BOA's   Thanks, family!
(they get tired of buying Cabela's gift cards, anyway...)

A Very Good Day!

Footnote:  The newest of the T! stickers safely put into shoebox until I affix them to the proper home.


  1. Emily,
    Thanks again for taking me!
    Those are VERY NICE boots!

  2. Great shot of the trout and flies. Looks like a great stream to hunt.

  3. Great little brown! They are so fun...

    Glad you were able to get out and fish with a friend. Always makes the day a little better :-)

  4. Brian ~ Anytime.."These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do"~~~

    Joel ~ Thank you for stopping by! We are just starting to fish small streams and having a lot of fun doing it!

    Sanders ~ How many more weeks until the Frenzy??
    Save some fish for me... : )

  5. Great fish, I've been wanting to get some new boots. Let us know how those are.

  6. Kevin ~ Oh yes, these treads will get some miles! And we will do a product review for sure.

  7. RD
    Great catch --small streams are really rewarding to fish, they can be quite a challenge, because of cover and space. Thanks for sharing

  8. Bill ~ Truth be told, there is nothing like casting to a small fish in clear water. I love a challenge and the small streams have given that to me as I cast in front of the fish and watch every movement until it takes the fly!

  9. YAY small creeks! ;) Nice post!!!!

  10. Very nice! Looks like your getting those fish to cooperate nicely.