Monday, August 29, 2011

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Once upon a time...a flyfishing crazy kind of girl...
Today was an exciting day, here on The River Damsel...You see, I found myself reading an email that I was picked to join two other bloggers and be featured as a "Blogger of the Week" on the Outdoor Blogger Network!!    Now, this is really an honor.  So many talented bloggers out there.  And it got me thinking... Did I think that I would still be writing on this blog after 9 mos?  Mmmm...Not sure.  I honestly didn't know if this would take off at all...I knew that I had some interesting adventures in the past, but what would I write about after those were posted?  Well, after 125 posts and 1400 comments...I guess that I'm still on my feet!  (Which is good, considering my sense of balance these days!) new boots are WONDERFUL! 
Turned into a flyfishing-blogger crazy kind of girl...
(My last blog header was a creation by Owl Jones and Cofisher!)
Well, it's a funny thing...this blogger network of outdoor enthusiasts.  You see, we find all sorts of things to write about...although our blogs are still  centered on our favorite outdoor pastime... With fly fishing twice a week, it isn't hard to find something to post after my adventure out.  But, what about the rest of the time?  That's what I had to think about...What would interest readers other than that?

That's when Sunday Tippets came to play.  I wanted to write about something that meant something to me personally or something that I had been thinking about that might get others to think and ponder.  Some kind of topic that would be an uplift and a positive experience.  A post that would start off the week right!  I hope that it has been that.  I sure do enjoy sharing random, but serious thoughts besides funny ones!

(The Flower is the River Damsel)
Now, it seems that everything is happening all at once!  You see, The River Damsel is going to make a few changes around here pretty soon.  Maybe by the weekend.  It could get interesting... Hopefully everyone will be re-directed straight to my new website starting tomorrow...   We are expanding and going to have some fun in the very near future!  There will be a couple of extra tabs up at the top that will link you to a new and exciting format...that is, well...a secret for now.  Rebecca and Owl are both worried that I might get the "Swamp Thing" when OBN bestowed the "Blogger of the Week" honors to Owl at the same time that he was changing his website address awhile back.  So, let's hope that "Swampy" will stay away!

In closing, I would like to thank a few of those that have helped me thus far to make this whole blog work...and who have had faith in me along the way.  I know that it wouldn't have been the same without you...

My internet advisors:  You know who they are!  When I have technical questions...they have the answers! : )
(There's only ONE Owl!)

My Comic Relief:  The Ones that keep me laughing and realizing that life is just too short to worry too long!

My Inspiration to become a better writer...                  My Inspiration to become a better fly fisher...        

So, what will tomorrow bring?  Hopefully, more laughs, amazing stories, and more sharing of my love for fly fishing... (Oh yeah, tomorrow is Fish Tuesday!)   Thanks Rebecca, for starting all of this. : )  Thanks to all of those who provide enjoyable reading for me each day.  You are all an inspiration and are so very talented in your own special way.   

Cardboard Kirk "tries" to hang with us...haha


  1. Well. Congratulations are certainly in order here! Being a newby in the blawgworld, I'm asking myself many of the same questions that you asked yourself in the beginning. Mostly, I do this for my own sanity. It seems to be working. Great job, and I look forward to reading your stuff for some time to come!

  2. Justin - Thanks for the kind words...If it wasn't a whole lot of fun, I wouldn't still be doing this! I enjoy your blog as well...

  3. Congrats! About the award, and also blogging for 9 months (it may be fun, but is still a commitment)...Like Justin said, I'm looking forward to many more posts from you!

  4. What, do I look like a clown? Do I amuse you?

  5. EMB - That is such a compliment coming from such a wonderful writer like yourself! Thanks...

    Clif- Thanks for making me laugh once again! I sit here with a barb deep beneath my skin...I kid you not. Just waiting for the good doctor! are funny, not funny looking!

  6. I disagree wholeheartedly...Clif is funny looking...Just sayin'. So Clif, be quiet and make us laugh!

    I had a barb once, then her dad told me to knock it off. I told him that I was trying. Anyway, congrats on the deserved honor.

  7. Hey RD. Congratulations, certainly well deserved. BTW.Might have happened a while back (dont get much time these days on the internet) but that is a stunning header pic.

    Go forth and fish young lady....

  8. Cofisher - Thanks for your support and today I have a sore finger, but a smile on my face...because I went back and the fish did not win! ; )

    AFA - Glad to hear from you again! Thanks for the kind words...

  9. Geez, RD, thanks for the mention, I feel honored. Glad things are going so well for you. Now I feel like I'd better write something to live up to the hype. You're too kind.

  10. congrats to you on being featured on OBN! came over from their page to say hello. have seen you around on G+ too so wanted to come by and say congrats! sorry about the fish hook incident, though! :)

  11. Tex Wis- Thanks for stopping by! Safer journeys this weekend... : )

  12. Hey, congrats on the OBN thing. Glad there were no technical difficulties with the URL change. Although considering the fact that I'm evidently one of your "I.T." guys, I probably would have already heard about it! :)

  13. T! - And its never by appt...thanks for your time!