Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Last 48 hrs...

Well, I'm here...You're obviously here.  But, I'm supposed to be, I didn't get lost.  I guess you could say I got re-routed.  Isn't that the darndest thing.  Let me go back two days ago.  So, I'm feeling pretty chipper after getting off of work and knowing that I was now on vacation for almost a week!  As I am driving actually to a fly shop downtown, I start getting a little toothy ache.  You know...the kind that you want to brush aside, but they gradually don't get better kind of ache.  After a few errands for the trip, I'm ready!  I'm going to pull the car out of the driveway at 4 am...or am I???  It's now about 4:30 pm the day before and if I want to get some help for this ache, I had better call now!  My dentist is out of the office, but calls me back with an antibiotic prescription to get me by for a few days...hopefully.  I'm thinking that I will have so much fun on the trip, that I won't even be bothered by it.  I mean, I am Superwoman!!  I have a knack of overcoming the obstacles of life...kinda like this guy to the right...!!

I get home and my hubub is sitting with his face in his hands and tells me he is in pain.  After evaluating,  I tell him that I have a few things to pack and I know how ER is...we won't be back for another 3+ hours.  And I still plan on going to the Rocky Mtn. Frenzy at this point.  So, in my head, my thoughts are that it is better to come back, plop into bed and sleep a few hours rather than pack when I get back.  He says that he is ok with that.  It seems more like a needed doctor visit, but too late for an appt.   Twenty minutes later, we are headed out the door to the hospital.  And three hours later (ha, how did I know?),  he is admitted to the hospital.  Ok.  I'm now thinking that the stars are not aligned.  At this point, we don't know how long the stay.  It is an infection that needs to be attended to.  The next day, I figure that my place is here for this week.  I get in to see the Endodontist and have a revamping of a previous root canal yesterday.  Ya, ouch.  And the hubub came home today, but needs the nurse (me) to tend to his back and forth kitchen duties.  Haha.  Oh, you know I'm just kidding. : )  He is doing much better.

So, as I look at it, The Rocky Mtn. Frenzy was actually in a "Pre-Phase" (like in Real Estate) and the "Actual Showing"  will be upcoming...  What should we call it now...Rocky Mtn. Frenzy Part Deux or The Great River Damsel Do-Over (done the right way!)  haha.  My sincere apologies to Stephanie and all the others that were so excited to get together this weekend.  All of those who were on the email list have been very kind and thoughtful of the situation.  Now we get to look forward to it all over again...but, actually do it!!  Let's get together when the weather is actually nicer (10 to 15 degrees cooler) and the fish are biting better (in cooler temps)...sound like a plan?  So, for those who already planned on coming out for a trout fishing weekend in the Fort Collins, Co. area and for those that would still like to join us (Bigerrr...?)  the new date is...Fri., Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd, 2011.   And we will all stay healthy. : )

I'm not monkey'n around this time!!

There are fish to be reckoned with...

From Stephanie's beautiful brookies..

To Midgeman's Rainbows and Browns...



  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah..I was almost out the door, on my way to the Rocky Mt. Frenzy. Just kidding. We'll pull it together next time. Take care of hubbub.

  2. Oh, yeah,yeah, yeah...we expect you to join us for two days now rather than one! : )

  3. Oh no! Glad to hear everyone is healing up!

  4. Brookfield ~ Thanks and we will plan on posting updates on the trip for will be a blast!

    Cofisher ~ Good deal...tune up your glass the next few weeks!

  5. September will be better anyway :-)

    Glad everyone is doing better!

  6. Sanders ~ It's got to be! haha. Yes, the feeding lanes will be filled with hungry fish!