Sunday, August 7, 2011

Light and Fluffy...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

When is a fly presentation supposed to be "light and fluffy"???  Well, when you are standing in a place that a fish can see you a couple feet away...This is where I had to stand to get to the hole where a caddis hatch had just started... the soil on top of this pile of tree limbs was unstable to say the least.  But, slowly, I approached the close as I could get.  I kind of felt like I was on a beaver dam or something!! (It wasn't)

The special spot where fish love hiding out...pulled out a couple of Brown trout, but that is not what I came in search of...I had heard that this canyon has Brook trout.  And I was really hoping to see one...

The first two Browns were caught on a midge...but, now I had a caddis hatch all around, I headed back to the car to see what else I could throw out there.  As I looked in my magical bag of tricks, I came upon an interesting was time to go with Sander's BWO parachute creation on the left.  There weren't any BWO's out that I could see, but, I sure had success last week on that nice, white, fluffy top, dry fly!!

I needed to have the lightest presentation for the dry fly, which I am finally starting to get the hang of.  But, sometimes, the end of my line just ends up feeling like a cannonball hit the water!!!  No kidding.  I looked at my was doing fine for the nymphing, but, I needed something that would be "light and fluffy" for the dry fly presentation.  Out came the new rod...ohhhh.  I was going to save it for the Frying Pan in Colorado in a few days...kind of an iniation type of thing.  But, I knew what I must do.  I opened the case and pulled it out.  Yep, it was time...I never was very good at waiting to open presents at Christmas either!!  Haha.

Ok...we were ready...back to the action at hand.  First cast with my rod named "Blue" (original, huh) BINGO!!!  Now, that wasn't so hard!  Haha.  Really...beginners luck?  I have fished for almost three years now with average rods.  We have had a good time to say the least with Cabelas and TFO... But, I have to be brutally honest here..."Blue" put down the most beautiful cast on top of that water of spooky fish and out came my elusive friend, the one, the only..."Party" fish!  My first Utah Brookie!!  Whoohoo!

Ok...I love to put up one more... : )

I'm good's just when you catch something new, well, it is pretty dang exciting!  And those confetti spots, just have me wanting a few more brookies!!

So, what would my "Tippet" be for you this week?  Go explore new waters for something new to rattle your chain.  I have loved my Brown trout...but, there comes a time to venture out and add some "spice" to life.  It might be a challenge to get that different species of fish, but I promise you that if you do, it will be most rewarding.  What surprised me the most, was that this 8 to 10 in brookie was just as exciting to catch as a 20 in rainbow on the Madison River!  No kidding.  (Ok, I'm easy to please)    Just try it.  You will be glad you did.  If you want to go Bonefishing on Christmas Island, just be sure to mail me my plane ticket!!  Haha.


  1. Listen now, it wasn't "Blue" that made that cast is was YOU! :) "Blue" just helped you do it a little easier and a little better, perhaps. That's a very nice little brookie! As you know, I love the things and I wasn't a bit disappointed that my best day out west was catching handfuls of these little guys in a creek I doubt many of Yellowstone's anglers ever stop to fish. That rod of yours - it's already got the skunky skunk off of it and now it's ready for CO. I think you made the right move breaking it in good before your trip. Magical post, as always. :)

  2. RD,

    Awesome job. Wild brookies on the dry.
    It's nice of you to give credit to the Sage, but the angler deserves most of the credit.

  3. Very nice! Brookies caught in small streams is probably one of the best parts of fly fishing, and excellent warm up for CO.

  4. Owl ~ It was so sweet! After seeing the Brookie in was like I had to find a long lost friend!

    Brk Trt ~ Thanks, I can now see why you love this species of fish...

    Bfly ~ Small streams is now going to be in the mix for sure! I'm such a big water fan, but this new element of fly fishing is a lot of fun!

    T! ~ Three Cheers for "Blue"!!!

  5. You're my boy, Blue! You're my boy.

  6. The ole brook trout suckers another one in. Nice fish. I reached the conclusion a few years ago that the higher end rods really are nicer. You still have to have the skills to maximize their potential tho. Nice job! Now you just need a 2wt.

  7. I guess "feeling blue" has a new meaning now! : D congratulations on a beautiful brookie!

  8. With "Blue" warmed up, Colorado will never be the same...just save some for the rest of us :-)

    Well done on the brookie, and I will agree with everyone else, the rod (as pretty as it is), had nothing to do with catching that fish. It was all you!

    Looking forward to meeting both you and blue...ha!

  9. Nice brookie! You should have bought a new glass rod at half the price and twice the gentle. Nice rod also by the way.

  10. Clif ~ And Blue knows quite the tricks!!

    Mark ~ Everyone is saying it is me, not the rod. That is nice. But, it's both. It just felt different from the get go...And yes, a 3 wt is in my future...I'm in on the small streams now!

    Ulf ~ Thanks and I am afraid that I will be feeling this way for a long time! : )

    Sanders ~ We are on the downside of the long wait to come out to Colorado! Three days! Has anyone checked the weather report??? I'm just hoping to stay dry this trip! Haha.

  11. Cofisher ~ I'm anxious to watch a glass rod demonstration...soon!

  12. I'm with does what glass does better than anything else. Try some.

    Great story and another wonderful example of your persistence out there...and the rewards. I'm super jealous!

  13. Nice Post, now you'r ready for the frying Pan. If your in for a little adventure ask the guys at Frying Pan Angles in Basalt about fishing the South Fork of the Pan. A mile or 2 hike in but the Cutthroats and the views are worth in.