Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hold That Housework!

Fly fishing brings so much joy to my life.  Sure, I could stay home and do more laundry and more cooking.  Huh?  Are you serious?  Well, when friends from out of state want to meet up, I drop everything... just temporarily.  = )  You see, my visitor was looking forward to fishing some new water.  I wanted to give her a little taste of some of my favorite riffles that hold some beautiful fish.  We would start the day... well, unloading!!  I brought another buddy of mine along, Joe.   He is one of the most knowledgable flyfishers I know.  Those two hit it off like old buddies.  Heather is on a whirlwind month long trip to visit friends from many western states and fish.  You can imagine what packing for a month looks like... Actually, I was amazed how orderly it was.  There was a system!  Haha

Heather is an seasoned angler.  She started a women's fly fishing group in WA., Spokane Women On The Fly.   She is quite accomplished in catching steelhead.  But, our day would be full of the other kind of rainbow trout.  I love this gal.  She is always full of smiles.  We have fished several times though a facebook group.  I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to share some good times on the water with her.

One catch after another, we hauled 'em in.   Then, watched them swim back to where they thought was a safe place.  = )  

We had a killer day, but we would still have been full of smiles if we hadn't caught as many...  Laughs are worth a million bucks.

Just remember that housework will always be there...

But, the opportunity to spend some fishing time with a visiting friend is now.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Don't Trust Your Memory.... Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Sometimes reminder lists are not so bad.  Whether they be grocery lists, to do lists, or travel lists.  My memory isn't what it was five years ago.  And when I got in a hurry a few days ago to get a few hours of fishing in before a doctor's appt...  Well, I forgot something.  And something that would be very important to a fly fisherman.  The waders!!  Yikes... The cold water from the dam would be felt through my wet wading pants for summer months.  April in Utah is still darn cold.   

But, it was too far for me to go all the way back home, so I suited up with my wet wading pants and boots.  A couple steps into the brisk water would teach me a lesson.  I told myself that I would stay for just one hour.  Catch a fish and call it good!  

Me, thinking that this is going to be a short stint...

So, I start walking down the path of no return (to get my waders) and I come upon this older gentleman, who is just getting ready to cast a fly into the water.  I tell him that I won't be there too long.  After he hears of my predicament, he offers me two "money" flies for that river that should get me that fish quickly, so I don't have to chill too long.  I already have my setup to start off with, so I tuck these flies away for the next fly change.  Well, I was lucky to have at least my sows that I tied the night before.  I had put those in my purse.  But, my clippers, forceps and two containers of the bugs for that day were in the wader pockets, miles away.  No need to fear.  Boom!  And another boom!  Well, he was amused.  I gave him my sows for him to try.  And gave him my spot as it seemed to be the "hot" spot for the time being.  A couple minutes later he had a nice brownie.  I caught a couple more and decided that I would like to feel my toes again.  Haha!  So, I left for the doctor visit.  But, what a great morning with a new friend and a great fishing companion.  Thank you, Don!  My last fish was on the fly that he gave me.

Sunday Tippet ~ So, moral to the story...  You can make the best of a bad situation.  But, it is always better to be prepared so you don't find yourself in that situation!  Right???  =  )

Well, I left you all in suspense about the contest that I was in last month.  You probably forgot about it by now...  I'm slow pokey on this blog sometimes!  = (  I was very fortunate to win among so many great contestants.  So much talent in this group of fly fishermen and gals.  Rob and I were the finalists and both had beautiful rainbows.  I only beat him by a point or two, so it was so close.  Thank you, Rob, for putting me on this bow.  He told me in the boat that it would be cool if I beat him with a fish that he netted for me.  A great guy for sure.  It was a lot of fun to participate in this event.  This was judged by the Castle Rock Middle School fly fishing club.  Thanks to them and their teacher, Nathan Moore, for putting on such great contest!  

This was the meme that I made up, jokingly of course!

As you can see... We both had really awesome fish.  So much fun.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Indicators And All That Jazz ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Those silly, little, bright colored indicators.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  You can love them or hate them.  But, they do help your dead drift and put your fly closer to where the fish is feeding.  I have been lazy and have left that indicator up towards the top of the leader.  And still have caught fish.  But, it does make sense to go with the rule of 1.5 to 2 times the depth of the water to place that indicator.  Otherwise, you could have too much slack and the fish could have a finicky day and say no thanks to your offering.

I use the thingamabobber, a plastic bubble which is very popular.  I don't like tying them on because they make kinks in the line when you adjust the bobber.  So, I bring toothpicks with me and stick a piece of that through the hole.  Works great.  The bobbers with the stopper attached, just don't work for me.  I'm constantly putting the plastic piece back in the hole.  Just doesn't hold.

When I am in slower or more clear water... I like to use a white yarn indicator.  It's great for that lighter touch that you might need when the trout seem to be quite finicky to your bright indicator that does make a little bit of a noise when landing.

So, there's my two cents on indicators and what works for me.

On the fishing front, I was involved with a flyfishing weekend with some great flyfishers from all over the U.S.  One of my favorite things as you all know, is that I love to meet up with people from different states.  This was an annual retreat for the Facebook group, TPWLB.  We are full of shenanigans as a group and have a lot of fun.  It really is amazing how so many different personalities mesh when you have flyfishing as a common denominator.  

Here are a few of the gals that I have fished with before.  They are top notch anglers and we have a great time when we neet up.  The Mexican food doesn't even have to be all that great.  Lol.   

I caught this beauty of a rainbow on the group trip.  Such great catches by all throughout the event.

One of my boat mates on the float, was Charlie.  He is an amazing angler and taught me a lot during those couple of days.  He is hearing impaired and where I have an awful habit of mumbling, I had to talk loud and clear!  It was good for me.  He was delightful to fish with.  Glad to have him as a new flyfishing friend.  =)

In all, I think that there were around 60 of us on the river.  Yeah, the locals were rolling their eyes for sure.   I don't know where the other dozen girls went in this pic... haha.

I was also part of a competition on the side during this gathering.  There was a code word that was used as a "control item" to prove the date of the picture.  I have been in this contest for a couple of months.  It started with 20 people.  A girls division and a boys division.  And in the final pairing...  

Yes, it was Rob and me.

To be continued...


Enjoy your week and remember that most days are better when you start with a smile.  =)  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Skating Rink Adventure

As many fly fishermen wait for the Spring, I am out fishing in the coldest of temperatures.  Give me three or four hand warmers.  One for each glove and one or two under my hat.  You see, winter is a special time of the year.  No crowds for the most part and big fish that eat streamers.  I love it all, but there is always a chance that there could be a slip and fall.  So, you have to be careful on that skating rink!

And I am sure grateful that I have my Patagonia Foot Trackers this winter... 

They have definitely been my most favorite pair of wading boots.  Yes, they are on the high end in price.  But, I believe that I will get every dollar spent out of them.  I will have the improved balance that I need on rocky river beds and on big boulders to hike over.  I've already tested them on some of the most difficult rivers to walk and climb around. 

I'm sure glad that I had them in toe the last two weekends.  It was time for a little bit of streamer fishing.  Something that I haven't done a lot of.  But, I was going with some friends and felt a bit more comfortable tossing these hooks with fur and feathers attached to them.

  It was the first time that I have gone non-stop with streamers on my line the whole day.  And it was fun!  When the fish take that piece of meat at the end of the hook... There is little chance of them coming off of it.  But, if your knot isn't quite tight enough... yeah, you might as well say goodbye.  Fortunately, none of that happened.  I was given some good fights and netted some beautiful rainbows and one cutthroat.  I was way pleased about the cuttie, as I don't catch that species very often.

A cutthroat that wants to look like a steelhead.  Ha!

But, I loved the rainbows too.  Nice and fat.  Healthy fish.

My new buddy, Gerald, and one of his prizes... This guy can fish!  He walks the river faster than anyone that I have seen...  He catches a few, and off he goes to harrass some more fish in the next hole.  Lol.

And Cody's hook jaw rainbow took a big meal!  Cody has fished with me before 
and is a great river buddy.

We all had some great fish.  But, as always... 
The trip is better when you have friends to tag along.

Thanks guys, for a great outing...

When you catch fish... You don't remember how frozen you were.  Ha! 
 I will go skating for fish anytime!  

Friday, January 1, 2016

Out With The Old And In With The New

Here we are again... New Years Day.  Resolutions? Oh, those things.  Well, this year, I am just going a day at a time and will be grateful for everything I have.  My biggest resolution if I had one, would be to remain positive and cheerful.  We have enough negativity in the world.  And forget about those senseless grudges.  There isn't time for that!  It just drains the person who has the grudge.  Let it roll off your back and move forward.  Be the one who takes the high road.  Make every day count.  And treat those around you like you would want to be treated. These are the things that I want to do better this year.  Yes, I will work hard at my job and help bring food to the table.  Hey, it's part of the American dream, isn't it?  Honestly, if I see that my children are happy, my grandchildren are giving me hugs, the household bills are being paid, and I'm getting in a fishing day every now and then, nothing else matters.  These are the things that make me happy.  I hope that you have a great  2016.  May you and yours experience peace and happiness and pass these on to those around you.

I put together a little wrap up of the fishing adventures that I had in 2015.  There were so many good times on the water last year.  New friendships were made.  And old friends were revisited.  It was a very good year.  Enjoy this two minute vid.  And thanks for stopping by!