Thursday, October 6, 2011

RMF Day 2 - Boulders and Sourcakes!

When I woke up on Saturday morning, it was with great anticipation to see how the Frenzy would unfold.  The true test of putting out a rather large group of people fishing the same water...I was thinking that we would break in small groups and try to stay a 1/2 mile apart.  The plan was to meet at the Rocky Mountain Anglers (RMA) in Boulder at 9 am.  From there, we would carpool up to Boulder Creek and fish until 1 pm...take a lunch break and drive towards the Big Thompson near Estes Park. Well, it kind of went as planned...

My GPS lady was ready for me early that day.  When I got to Boulder, I simply said, "Breakfast"...and five options came up on my phone.  When I go on a vacation, I have to find a new breakfast place.  It's my favorite meal when going out of town... (Because I often skip lunch)  The Original Pancake House was my pick and what a great choice I made!!  Sourdough is my fave...that reminds me that I need to make some more starter pretty soon.  And the apple cinnamon syrup was to die for.  Next year, we are going to have to add a breakfast to the agenda before one of the fishing days... : )  Sorry guys!  Hindsight...

Then, it was time to meet the group at the RMA fly shop.  I was pleased to meet Jay Z...(Zimmerman), who took good care of the group of bloggers at the Rocky Mountain Anglers.  What a great fly shop...if you are ever close to Boulder, you need to check it out!  Top notch service I will tell you about later!  : )  How do you like RMA's mural outside of the shop???  Here's the Saturday group, ready to head out...

Kyle, Erin, Andy, Sean, Gary, Jen, David, Emily, Larry

To some, the Frenzy was about FISH.  To others, the Frenzy was about FRIENDS.  But, by the time it was all over with, I think that most would have to say that it was BOTH!!  We had a really good time.  After the introductions and getting into carpools, we headed up to the Boulder Creek.  There is a reason why it is named this...

I asked Erin if I could join her for awhile and with the big ol' Erin Block smile, she said "sure"!!  So, we discussed our options and decided that we would try the creek in town before heading up to the canyon. 

Erin and I geared up at the shop and headed down the street...Heck, I have heard that this is a pretty liberal town.  So, why not walk through town with waders on??  Haha.  So, "When in Boulder!!"

What I didn't expect, was walking through the tailgater's parking lot before the Colorado Buffalo's football game!! Lol.

Hi!  We are fisher girls...pardon us! eh...

As we approached the water, I was pleased to see a lovely part of the Boulder Creek.  It was time to put some flies on the water...

Erin, deciding what will be pulled from the fly box!
Oh, I forgot to mention that we brought a "special guest" with us...we were presented the famous "CUA" (Cardboard Unaccomplished Angler) (Kirk Werner's look-alike) by Kyle Perkins back at the RMA fly shop.  It had been awhile since I saw CUA the truck with Rebecca to catch steelhead...He was in safe keeping with Kyle and I was now supposed to bring him back to Boise to the "Outdooress" Rebecca Garlock of the OBN...when we meet up in a few weeks on another adventure.

This was where my "Frenzy" began.  Somehow, there is an unlucky phenomenon that happens when CUA is around!  Rebecca caught a "white fish", FR caught "smelt" ok...that was his choosing!, and well...frankly, I would have taken either of those over "catching" a barb in the thumb!  Ahhhh...

Back to the RMA we went.  Erin couldn't get it out and neither could I.  As we walked into the shop, Jay Z. just stared at me like..."Yeah, so it's a fly in the finger!"  Before I could wince or count to three, he grabbed my hand and ripped it right out.  Done.  Thank you very much!   
Erin and Jay
 From there, Erin and I headed up to the Boulder Creek Canyon to join up with the others...Here is David, The Back Country Fish Nerd...who is nothing close to a nerd with the fly rod!

Then, it was time to head back to the shop and for the group to head out to the Big Thompson by Estes Park in the RMNP.  Most of the bloggers went on up in their carpools.  I lagged behind as the heat wasn't agreeing with me and Erin decided to go get some lunch for us.  Then, the news came that Howard was out of the hospital and on his way to to RMA to visit us...and that was a real treat!

Howard, Emily, Erin, and Kyle

Way to avoid the skunk, Howard! j/k. There are easier ways than landing in the hospital!... : )   Seriously, we are glad to have him back with us, sharing his wit and charm... The bond of on-line bloggers is real.  I can attest to that fact, now that it has turned into off-line friendships.    

To Be Continued...Day 3...RMNP.  


  1. *I* appear to have weathered the Colorado summer fairly well despite the altitude and sun, which we're not accumstomed to here in the Pacific Northerwet. I do regret bringing my virtual dark cloud of angling despair along with us, Emily. Ironically I was sitting at home watching the Washington State Cougars beat Colorado while *I* was out fishing with you, near the stadium where that very game was being played.

  2. Kirk- I figured that is where "you" would be... : )

  3. Looks like a great trip. That breakfast looks delicious. I'm glad I made my way over here. Nice blog I look forward to reading more.

  4. What fun this all was! And next year, I hope hooks and all manner of illness eludes our frenzied group. ;-) Although, it didn't make for a great story though, eh?

  5. G Lech ~ Glad you stopped by! We try to have a little bit of fun around here, one way or the other... : )

    EMB ~ If it is possible to have more fishing and less comedy and hospital stays..I'm all in!! Maybe the "Frenzy" should be renamed.

  6. Well, I certainly look healthy enough in that photos and I did avoid the skunk...

  7. RD, BARBLESS!!!!!.....
    and Tight Lines------<*))))>< work best. Nice nails, BTW. ;-p
    I missed CUA at RMA... thanks for sharing the pic! And Kirk, if you hadn't jumped up yelling and scaring RD when Washington State scored, she may not have impailed herself.

  8. I agree - breakfast should make it into the next years plans ;)

  9. Howard ~ You looked great for someone just getting out of the hospital, actually! Enjoyed the visit very much!!

    FFC ~ It is always Kirk's fault. Always.

    Jen ~ It's a done deal. RMA and the pancakes were at the top of the highlight list for me!

  10. How did I miss this little gathering? I must not be one of the cool kids... ;)

  11. RD,
    Wonderful, Rocky Mountain Fly Fishers= A Rocky Mountain High.

    What no sausage, gravy and biscuits.

  12. Chris - You just need to come by more often to see what's happening around here! Heehee

    Brk Trt -- I love biscuits and gravy, but when you have twenty types of pancakes on the menu...