Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 1...RMF At The Poudre

The alarm rings on my phone to get up!!  It's 7 am, Friday, Sept. 30th...the first leg of the Rocky Mountain Frenzy!  I was supposed to meet Sanders, Jen, Larry and Howard in the afternoon on the Poudre.   Or would I???  I had all intentions of going up to the river in the morning and getting a head start.  But, for some reason, my old bones just don't want to get out of bed yet.  Maybe because they get up every day at 4:30 am...Or maybe it's jet lag...haha (1 hr flight)  At any rate,  I am a bit late heading out, so I decide to check out Fort Collins and get some breakfast.  Now it's time to turn on the GPS lady and find the Poudre again...the GPS lady really was my friend on this trip! 

It's 1 pm and I find my blogger friends waiting at the
Ted's place (Shell station) at the base of the canyon.  We find out from Larry, that Howard is in the hospital...not what we want to hear!  (I'm thinking that there is going to be a hospital visit in my trip plans)   We put Sanders in charge of leading us to the lucky spot for lots of fish.   Let's roll!!  The canyon was beautiful and the fall colors and golden aspen against the dark green pines were remarkable.  As we looked down at the first place to throw our lines in, we found out how amazing the beauty of the Poudre really is.  It was like a little bit of heaven on earth.

Sanders and Jen checked out "the nursery"...This was pretty much a pool of fish just stacked on top of each other... Some very nice fish in that little stretch!

Larry found his spot in the river...

My 5'9 always looks tall...ha!

Friday afternoon was was time to meet up with the others at Coopersmith's Bar & Grill.

Suprisingly, there weren't too many "tall" fish stories told...But, plenty of laughs and smiles.
Day 1 ended with a few fish and without any falls, barbs in the fingers or...oh, wait!   

That is next up...Day 2...


  1. Wow, you fish with some really short people.

    I'd fit right in!

  2. UA ~ Yeah, really...what's the deal??? Believe me, you were there in spirit. As you will see in the next two posts... : )

  3. Next year I'm hoping they'll invite guest bloggers... Stranger things have happened, they made golf an Olympic Sport for 2016...

  4. Kirk...I think I was the shorty of the group.

    RD- It was a good day for sure...gotta love the Poudre.

  5. Golf is a sport now!? ;) Seriously, what's the world coming too.

  6. Zorro - Anyone is welcome to these Frenzied occasions! For sure
    ..try to make it out next year!

    Sanders - I am going back to the Poudre ...first thing! I found a spot with my name on it, but ran out of time!

    EMB - I just don't want to hear that chess is a sport...

  7. You really do look super tall! These are great pictures, Emily.


  8. Steph ~ I've got to stop standing on higher ground...haha. Next year, Dustin better be around for pictures...that's all... : )

  9. Hail the Poudre! It has been many, many years since I fished there, but, it is as beautiful as I remember.

  10. I do wish I could have made it over the hill to meet the folks... glad it went alright..

  11. Perhaps if we do this next year we can take the time to schedule a fly tying class by Jay, come up with some door prizes and other fun things as well. Nice job and nice report.