Thursday, October 20, 2011

OBN Is Rockin' - Happy 1st!

Joe and a nice bass!
Wow!  What a week!  As I try to get ready for my next adventure out of town, there is a party going on over at the OUTDOOR BLOGGER NETWORK! (The Hub)  They are having a first year celebration like no other and if you haven't checked it out by now, you had better do it soon!   There are some terrific contests!!  As I look back a year ago, what was my life like back then?  Well, before starting a blog, I definitely had more free time!  So, let me tell you how I found out about the OBN in the first place... 

RG and Mr. Brown Spots
It just so happened that I went on a little fishing trip with Rebecca Garlock up in Idaho last October.  As our group gathered around the campfire, she said to me, "You really should start a fly fishing blog".    And I replied, "You are kidding, right?!"  So, Rebecca went on to tell me about the soon to be OBN that she and Joe were developing.  This network would tie outdoor enthusiasts together like never before!  With the fine tips from Rebecca and others in the network, I was able to "open up shop" and start writing about my adventures that mean so much to me.   It has been a fun and rewarding experience.  So, I thank OBN for the support system that they are and for the fine directory of outdoor bloggers that continue to amaze me with their talents and ambitions!  It is an outstanding community to belong to.  And I have had the opportunity to meet and fish with some awesome fly fishing friends through OBN.  My appreciation for fly fishing is now on a whole different level.  So, you will have to excuse me now,  while I start packing.                                                                                      
FOOTNOTE:  This is why I'm returning!  All in all, it was an awesome couple of days that we had that first trip.  Plenty of fish, good eats, some awesome scenery, mice dancing on rocks (in my tent), and a midge hook caught in the cook's lip (Rebecca is also an excellent emergency surgeon)  She will deny that acclaim... :0  Well...Here's hoping for a little calmer adventure this time around.  Round 3 is about to begin! 


  1. RD, it has been a pleasure of mine to get to know you online also. You will have to pardon me though for not being a fly fisher. I have done that!

    Hope you have a great time when you and Rebecca get together in "Brown Trout Heaven". The OBN is an awesome place.

  2. Mel -. I am going to have to re-word that when I get bad! Still looking forward to "fishing" with you next's only a four hr. trip!!

  3. OBN is a pretty cool place. I'm glad that you were inspired to start your blog, it certainly has been a lot of fun following along!

    Have fun on the trip...I know you will.

  4. Sanders- I'm so glad that I was able to fish with you for a bit in CO.! Now the journey continues to the North... ; )